A few days ago, the Xiji car won a set of new Audi A6L road test spy photos from the relevant channels. The new car has a fine adjustment in the appearance, and the Audi A6L is the best-selling model in the BBA in the same case. The new Audi A6L is also in configuration. Upgrade.

From the exposed spy photos, the new Audi A6L has been partially adjusted in front of the front, and the head is still using the family-style hexagonal air-fit grille, and in Audi, the new Audi is A6L uses a new Audi A3 design style and visually visually visually. In addition, there is a rumor that the new car is very likely to standardize the five-fold larger lamps of the current high-cost model.

In addition, the new Audi A6L still provides two sets of appearance kits to meet the individual needs of consumers.


The new Audi A6L is not changed on the side of the body, but the taillight group and the tail will be adjusted. In addition, the new Audi A6L is expected to continue to use hidden exhaust layouts and with exhaust ornaments.


The interior section, there is currently no specific information flow, but the author’s prediction and the current model change is not large, the main changes are concentrated on the configuration and interior materials, and it is expected to be partially configured.

The power part, the new car is expected to continue along the power assembly of the cash type, including 2.0T low power, 2.0T high-power, and 3.0T + 48V light mixing system three sets of different power models, the gearbox still matches 7-speed wet double clutch, while Provide a four-wheel drive system.