Today, I will share a sweater practice, I will do one.

Simple basic paragraph, good workmanship is definitely temperament. I can do a good time to buy a block. . .

Each favorite color is coming

Today, share M Code Scissor Today


Take a plate with 16cm loose amount in the bust of the purifier.

Cuff Cable Calculation Formula: Bust: / 4-1CM

The size of the thread is: length 47cm wide 2.8cm

Crop chart

Require additional number of the following size table can be used for push plate

Want to learn more women’s clothing and push plates, you can click on the circle card below to enter the circle from the most basic prototype plate.


(Add a circle card here, please see the headline client today)


Sewing process and sewing process

The selection of fabrics, knitted, cotton or cashmere can

After the top criteria and its own size, the crimped is made according to different sewing processes.

Knitting fabrics are generally shrunk, so they should be treated before cutting, and they can be washed and dry.

Knitting fabrics typically cropped, so you can cut a slight wet point. Dry the roll, it is not good to cut.

Sewing process: sewing front and rear shoulders after stitching


Sewing sleeves and front and rear side seams, suture collar. I have already released video, I will go see it.

Cuffs and lower places can be sewed

Ok, the finished product is completed.


Is it especially simple, I like it, try it.


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