Every explorer, backpackers, and outdoor operators, there should be a trusted lighter.

This is one of the most important equipment outdoors, you should put it in your outdoor toolkit or backpack.

In the wilderness, fire is your best friend, it can protect your safety, boil your food, warm for you, which may mean the difference between life and death.

1. Matters to consider when choosing a lighter:

The preparation of outdoor equipment has a principle:

Priority carrying essentials, followed by a wide range of equipment, then considering the use list according to weight.

The lighter is undoubtedly a necessity.

Not all lighters are the same, the daily lighter does not experience the harsh test of the outdoor environment.

Here is a question you should carefully think about. What kind of lighter can be suitable for the environment you want to explore, which features that need to have this specific environment can be dealt.

1, easy to use:

Before you start looking for a lighter, you need to consider whether the lighter is easy to use.

A good lighter can quickly generate flames in the most time, and it is necessary to operate in almost all harsh environments.


But you need to take into account an unexpected situation in emergency. You need to make sure your life-saving lighter can afford to hit and work under different conditions.


2, durability:


Survival lighter should be enough, if it is possible to fall on the ground, such a lighter is absolutely not suitable for outdoor use.

You should choose a rugged lighter that can withstand weight and impact.

The lighter made of stainless steel can achieve this because they are durable, even after long-term use.

3, reliability:

Every start, weather and climate conditions are not the same, including storms, rainfall and floods.

Your survival lighter must be able to use it smoothly under these harsh weather, and don’t worry about rain or wind.

Of course, there are many lighters, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, for example, fuel lighter is very suitable for fire in cold temperatures, but with the aging of the lighter, fuel tends to leak.

So, you must understand the advantages and disadvantages of various survival lighters, it is best to choose or simply prepare one according to where you want to go.

4, water resistance:

The wilderness is very easy to be wet, it can be said that matches are not the best outdoor fire tools.


A waterproof, moisture-proof lighter is an indispensable tool for field survival.

Some survival lighters have a waterproof case that can effectively prevent moisture and water from entering, which is one of the most important features.

You can’t expect the environment to be warm and dry, some brands of outdoor lighters, even if they drown in the water, they can still be able to fire.

5, wind resistance:

In the case of harsh weather, especially in the mountainous area or in a storm (snow), it is difficult for ordinary lighters.

In this case, the windproof lighter may be the only choice.

Don’t forget to bring a lighter that can be used in any weather.

6, portability:

The lighter itself is a portable fire tool.

Under the premise of ensuring reliability, you should check the weight of the lighter.


Compact design, small size, the greater the weight,


Because, when you plan your life-saving bag, every gram is important.

Second, the type of survival lighter:

1, fuel lighter:


Zippo brand lighters are the most model representative of fuel lighters, known for their durability and reliability.

Zippo lighter is simple, but it is very useful in many emergency situations.


The Zippo lighter can still ignite in the case of cold weather and the smart of the finger (pulley and your pants).

The lighter fuel is distilled in rhythmic oil. The main component is hydrocarbon. The authentic Zippo oil is high, anti-volatile, more durable, and put the oil on white paper, the volatile is slow, and there is no impurities after drying.

In theory, gasoline and diesel can be used on Zippo lighters, but do not recommend this unless it is not recommended unless it is in a harsh environment.


You can also get ZIPPO warranty when you choose a Zippo lighter. The company will replace the lighter for free, you only need to pay the freight. If you should know, the motto is “it works, or we will repair it for free!”.

2, butane lighter:

Butane lighters are the most common lighters in our daily lives.

When you are in extremely cold, butane lighters are likely to not work, and some butane lighters may not ignite in the plateau.

In addition, the barteneling hole of the butane lighter is easily blocked.

However, the butane lighter is light and convenient to make it the first choice for short-distance travel and camping, put it in your emergency backpack and pocket for everyday use.

There is also point to pay attention to it.


Choosing butane lighters must be selected with rock to generate sparks to ignite the type of gas, if you are in a real emergency, even if you can’t ignite the gas, the resulting spark can still ignite a fireworks such as leaf brown.

3, windproof lighter:

If you live in a high altitude and multi-wind, the windproof lighter is the best choice.


You only need to press the button, which can ignite even at 80 km / h.


In addition, the best windproof lighter can generate flames by manually controlling the height of up to 20,000 meters.

These outdoor windproof lighters can be floated on the water, if you accidentally fall into the water, they will not sink.


Choose a colorful, so you are also easy to find it in the dark.

Piezoelectric ignition makes it easier to generate flames, even in a humid environment.

At last,

Windproof lighters can generally be re-filled with fuel, so you need to purchase air pins.

4, plasma lighter:

The plasma lighter does not produce flames, but charging to a certain extent, the arc is generated, and the arc is used to ignite.

The inside of the lighter is a simple circuit that opens the switch to the connection state, and an arc is generated between the positive and negative poles.

This lighter is not fired but is electrically, and when the arc contacts the combustible material, the heat is rapidly generated and the combustible object is ignited.

Plasma lighters are able to wind and waterproof, even in harsh environments such as wind, heavy rain, no open flames, ignition is safe, and can be recycled.

This lighter is easy to operate, and the temperature capable of producing is higher than the ordinary lighter.

One of the benefits of using a plasma lighter is that it does not need a fuel, and it is only necessary to charge for one or two hours.

Choosing a plasma lighter should pay attention: If it is not a very regular manufacturer’s lighter, afraid of security issues, it is relatively, the battery is not durable.

The role of the fire is not more to say, in order to make you better adapt to the environment in the wild, remember to bring light weight, easy to use the lighter, you can bring more lighters, which will survive Guaranteed.


Of course, outdoor is not just a lighter as simple, including: as many matches and a candle as possible.

Because, the more complicated things are easier, the fire can not be angry.


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