Platinum is more precious, more precious. There are only a few places in a few places such as South Africa and Russia, and Russia.

Platinum is only 5% of gold per year! ! ! ! !


The ore of tonnes, after 150 steps, time consuming month, the refined platinum can only be made, a plus simple ring! Platinum is so rare,

Let everyone who have it precious,


Famous designer Louiska,

Platinum is “king of precious metals”!



Platinum does you know which characteristics do you know in addition to the king of precious metals?

a) pure

The purity of platinum jewelery is usually as high as 90% -95%, and the common platinum jewelry purity has PT900, PT950. Platinum jewelery has a high purity, so it will not cause skin allergies and can be worn. And the platinum is naturally pure, even if we wear every day, it can always be kept.


b) Rare


The reason why platinum is rare, on the one hand, because platinum production is very rare, only in a very small number of places worldwide is minimized. On the other hand, 1 ton of platinum ore can only refine about 3 grams of platinum, 3 g is equivalent to the weight of a smaller platinum ring, and the extraction of these platinum needs to spend a lot of energy and time.

c) eternal

The properties of platinum are very stable and will not deteriorate or fade because of daily wearing. Even if you are in contact with the common acid substances in your life, it will not be affected. Whether it is worn, it can always maintain its natural pure luster, and never fade.

Platinum jewelry usually with PT900, PT950, PT990 or PT999 purity sign, what characteristics are there in these various platinum jewelery?

1, PT900

Refers to a platinum ornament of 90% of the platinum and is printed as a PT900. Because of it contains 10% palladium, rhodium, ruthenium makes its gloss, hardness and durability, suitable for inlaid other jewels, such as diamonds, etc., are generally used for 托. Although its inlay fastness is not as good as 18K, it is more rare, more expensive, tough, more durable, and does not discolor.

2, PT950

Refers to jewelry containing 95% of platinum ingredients, and the remaining 5% is other precious metals, which are printed as PT950. Its platinum content is higher than PT900, which has gradually become the main user of the quitter.

(PT950 female diamond ring, picture from jeweler app)

3, PT990

Refers to a platinum jewelry containing a platinum volume and is printed as a PT990. Not suitable in hardness is not suitable for inlaid other substances, mainly used in platinum jewelry. Its prominent advantages are distinguished, rare, due to their non-discoloration, chemical stability, so it symbolizes pure.

4, pt999

The amount of platinum is 999 ‰ is the highest and most pure, so it is also very soft, it is not easy to do, only for the top chain, such as necklace, vegetarian ring.