Following the old dried mom, after the milk tea ran in the United States, another Chinese manufacturing caused a wave of fashion trend (AN Accidental Trend-Starter).

That is this domestic down jacket.


According to the US media, China’s down jacket brand is in Amazon in the US e-commerce website, called “Amazon Coat”, New York Street, the people who wearing this down jacket everywhere.

There is less than $ 140, often did not go to the frame, the pre-sale phase has been sold, and it is hot than the Canada Goose.

According to “The Strategist), this dress can be seen everywhere in the modern New York.

IT’s Sold On Amazon for $ 100. And it’s the most………………..

This dress is priced at $ 100 in Amazon. It is the most popular coat of winter this year, at least in the fashionable Shangdong District women’s circle.

▌ How is this dress?

According to the introduction, this dress was first noticed in the Shangdong District, and later gradually became popular in many social celebrities and fashionists.


In Chinatown, the styling teacher Lawman Epstein heard this jacket from the friends who lived in Shangdong. Her friend said that the first time I saw this dress was dressed in the kindergarten teacher of her daughter.

Ana Maria Pimentel, the Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus, told the “Strategic”:

“I First Saw It ON Amazon Coat. … She SAID, OH I’I, I WEENT TOOR, I WEENT TO A Soulcycle On 83rd and I Was One of Four People Wearing It. And I Think One of Them WAS (SocialITA) Lauren DuPont. “

“I saw this dress on my mother’s friend ……. that friend said, oh, this dress is bought on Amazon. I also bought. Two weeks later, I went to the soul flywheel fitness center, and three people were also wearing this dress. One of them (social celebrity and creative consultants) Lauren DuPont. “

“Seven of My Super-Close Friends Have Bought It Since,” She Says. “A Woman AT A Department Store Literally Bought It On Her Phone, Right In Front of Me.

“Later, the 7 girlfriends bought it,” she said, “in a department store, I saw a woman in the spot in the spot.”

This dress is later fired to other urban areas of New York, and many people in the east side of the Central Park.


The Coat Has Spread Downtown, And Of Course, HAS Become Near Ubiquitous East of the Park.

Of course, this coat now has been well known, all are fired to other urban areas of New York. Of course, this dress is now almost everywhere in the east of Central Park.

▌ What is this popular New York’s down jacket?

US media reports that this Amazon’s explosion is from the down jacket brand OROLAY in Zhejiang, China, and has been sold for two years.


THE ViRAL Jacket Is Made by a Chinese Company Called Orolay – AND ITS Jackets Contain 90% Duck-Down Filling, Which Is The Same Amount You’d Find In Canada Goose’s $ 800 Parkas.

This popular jacket is produced by Chinese companies named OROLAY, 90% of the fillers in jackets are rolline clothes, which is the same as the Pike Coats in the Pike Coat of Canada.

▌ Sales, praise, Canada Goose

This price of $ 99.99-139.99 women’s thickened down jacket has more than 6,000 evaluations on the Amazon website, of which more than 80% are 4 stars or 5 star evaluation. The Canadian goose price is $ 921-945, and customers comment 185.

Business Insider suggested what the the Affordable Cost of the ViRal Down Parka by Orolay Should Terrify Canada Goose.

Business insider network believes that OROLAY’s explosive down jacket’s price is affordable, pose a threat to Canada Goose.

Business insider network: There is money to buy Amazon price of $ 90 top – this dress threatens Canada Goose


Parka: wind snow jacket; Parker coat; down jacket

Amazon’s buyer is also praised, just picking a netizen comment:

“I love this jacket Got it at XS and it fit perfectly -.! No tightness, no wind getting from under the jacket and no fabric stretching I like the pockets, which can store my phone, purse, gloves, camera and every other necessity For an outdoor trip. “


I especially like this dress. I bought XS code, very fit – not leg, not wind, cloth is also very strong! I like the pockets on clothes, can put mobile phones, wallets, gloves, cameras and other entry necessities.

“And it’s warm super. I wore it with only a t-shirt and leggings and went outdoors when there was moderate snow and temperature was -3 Celsius or 27 Fahrenheit outdoors. The surface is water-resistant and the snow glides away on the surface “

And this dress is super warm. I only wear a T-shirt and a leggings, I can go out of the snow, the temperature is 3 degrees Celsius or 27 Fahrenheit. The surface of the clothes is waterproof, and the snow will slip down from the clothes.


Buyers show


▌ Founder: Every January this year is more than 2017

Although this domestic down jacket is now selling well, but the founder Qiu Jiawei never thought of his down jacket, and even became the strong competitors of Canada.

According to Reuters report, Qiu Jiawei’s career is unintentional.


In 2012, when Qiu Jiawei wanted to touch the luck, when he opened an online clothing company in a prefecture-level city in China, he mainly considers more time to accompany his wife and just born children.

Apparel / ə’pær (ə) l /: clothing

At the beginning of the entrepreneurship, Qiu Jiawei wanted to be a domestic brand, named Europe, which means a down jacket of a styles of Europe and the United States, and later translated it directly into orola.

According to the “Urban Express” report, Qiu Jiawei found that many down jackets and coats in North America were positioned as outdoor products, emphasized the waterproofiveness of fabrics, and the diversity of functions, etc., lack of fashion atmosphere. Therefore, they deliberately add fashion elements based on quality and warmth.

March last year, OROLAY has been reported to be reported by the US media. At the end of last year, the cold wave of the United States was so much contrasting the demand for down jackets, so that OROLAY was completely selling.

In addition to the price of competitiveness, in design, in design, the success of Qiu Jiawei is closely related to the sales environment, and Reuters said:

CHIU IS AMONG A WAVE OF CHINESE MERCHANTS That Have Benefited from Measures Introduces by Amazon in Recent Years That Have Made It..

In recent years, Amazon launched the initiative of the Overseas manufacturers easier to sell goods on their websites. This will benefit a group of Chinese merchants, and Qiu Jiawei is one of them.

At present, OROLAY Down Jackets are almost all of the Amazon website in the United States, accounting for 70% of the company’s total income.

The 32-year-old Qiu Jiawei told Reuters, “We have more money earned in January 2019” in 2017. “

Qiu Jiawei expects his company to create 30 million US dollars to $ 40 million this year.

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