Noble, glamorous, strong gas field is the impression that Xiong Yulin has left through the screen. But in the process of interview, you will find that she is a soft and delicate woman.

She smiles, gentle gentle and everyone share the little bit of life, careful, and the staff who come to the distance should pay attention to safety in the road, and also personally check the staff. Return. And “good, no problem” is the maximum reply given in work. The natural sound of the sound is angry, and a laugh is pleasing to the eye.

Black letter pattern shirt: Max Mara

Gray letters splicing dress: lanvin

Earrings: APM Monaco


Deep red high heels: Malone Souliers

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This is exquisite, and her skin long, she can easily control any style, which is envious. The camera is naturally skilled, elegant and simple, and the gas field is full. But in Xiong Yulin’s view, there are a lot of ways, not only the appearance, but more importantly, it is self-confidence, you must live your self-confidence, don’t forget to pursue, love life. So the real beauty is distributed from the inside.

Is an actor, a mother

In 2008, Xiong Yulin showed his head angle because of the angle of his wife Zhang Yongcheng in the movie “Ye Q”. Then in “Ye Qiu 2: The Legend of the Master” won quite popular. Then provoke the girlfriend in the movie “My Barbarous Girlfriend 2” and “Liu Fu Xi”, got the recognition of the audience.

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Black and white color matching dress: marni

Midnight Opera House

Tie high heels: Malone Souliers

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Starting from the industry that just step into the actor, Xiong Yulin is not eager to try to challenge different roles, but will choose some roles similar to their own personality, which integrates the role and more mind, and you can get better precipitation, for later performance Career makes the pad.

Today, after trying a lot of characters similar to their own character, I have to challenge the role that is bigger with my own character. In her opinion, I want to be a good actor, I need constantly learning progress, constantly try, she wants to have a new breakthrough, bring a new role to the audience, get the audience’s recognition for her It is the most important thing.

Floral pattern suit jacket: etro

White shirt: Max Mara

White high collar decoration: chicco mao

Ear decoration: angs


High heels: Sheme

Compared to weakness, it is easy to pity, and now Xiong Yulin is more willing to try to have a bigger role in the actor, so that more breakthroughs can be achieved on the road of actors.

In addition to the actor, the current Xiong Yulin has a lot of identity, which is a mother. For her, become a mother, the happiest is to enter the baby room every morning, you can hear a tender voice called “mother”. The time to accompany your child is the warmer and happiest. In order to give your child more love and companionship, she will try to take the time to get along with the children. If there is an activity that is not open, it will take the balance.

Black dress: Annakiki

Black high heels: Stella Luna

Love, starting with the outside, loyal to the heart

From the past and the husband can have a trip to go, but now more time is to accompany the child. More envious than the mother’s love, it is more envious of her husband to her love. Even if there is a baby, her husband still has not decreased for her, so a sugar mode, I am afraid that I am going to die.

Pink coat: n.more

Black sweater, craft embroidered half dress: Badina

Diamond Tread Glasses: Yein · Phantom

Earrings: angs

Black and white color high heels: DISSONA

Talking about the importance of each member in the family, Xiong Yulin believes that although the husband is a home pillar, his wife also needs to be a good example, and it is possible to understand the hard work of her husband and do a good job in children. Because in her beautiful appearance, there is such a kind body, we see Xiong Yulin’s favorite, because she is worth it!

Those things about Xiong Yulin

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small star

In addition to the actor, what kind of occupation is there?

Xiong Yulin

If you don’t do actors, I hope to do something related to the baby, so I can accompany them when I work, I can learn more about my baby, let them happier.

How do you face and disclose in front of network violence and untrust?

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Don’t look at it, sometimes I don’t care, I am still not very happy, but I have to breathe, I have forgotten it.

How do you quickly restore your body after pregnancy?

I just forced myself that I can’t wear big one. If you indulge it, you will be the big one.

What do you think is the most important thing that is not easy to go wrong?

A white t-shirt, a jeans, a pair of shoes.

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