This year, the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the birth of Puma Classic Suede shoes continued to heat up. After cooperation with many street brands and artists, I finally ushered in the landmark street tidal card Staple Pigeon from New York, and the two parties cooperated to create a SuEDE 50 PUMA X Staple joint name series.

The joint shoe has a gray shoe with a gray shoe with a gray suede shoe, and is decorated with a horses.

球鞋圈无人不知的鸽子!Staple x PUMA 联名系列现已发售

Glavored runway stripes and peach pink elements with metal texture can make people think of pigeons, with a pink shoe band, which can be easily achieved.

In addition to shoes, the joint series also launched a variety of clothing items, including a slightly laminated gray Puma X Staple T-shirt, which is decorated with Super Puma Pigeon pattern at the chest. The cartoon pattern is the theme of PUMA’s cougar and Staple’s pigeon image, meaning that two major brands continue to work together for many years.

Thick gray puma x staple hooded shirts have a comfortable and design, and the sleeves use iconic T7 striped decorations, and in the hem tag, simple classic. The front of the hoodie is decorated with the embossed SUPER PUMA PIGEON pattern logo of the colored system, and the low-key refreshing.

The PUMA X Staple T7 windbreaker has a waterproof function, so that the wearer maintains a fashionable style regardless of weather transformation. This black zip-chain hooded jacket uses a row of rowing, and there is a puma x stable fabric sign, and the back is decorated with the super puma Pigeon pattern sign with reflective effect, and the front is in a small PUMA symbol, sparkling around the clock.

Suede 50 Puma X Staple joint series

November 8th

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球鞋圈无人不知的鸽子!Staple x PUMA 联名系列现已发售

Suede 50 Puma X Staple Shoes

Item No .: 366334-01

球鞋圈无人不知的鸽子!Staple x PUMA 联名系列现已发售

Offer price: ¥ 969

Suede 50 Puma X StAPLE Short Sleeve T-Shirt

球鞋圈无人不知的鸽子!Staple x PUMA 联名系列现已发售

Item No .: 577484-85

Offering price: ¥ 469

Suede 50 Puma X StAPLE knit sweater

球鞋圈无人不知的鸽子!Staple x PUMA 联名系列现已发售

Item No .: 577485-85

Offering price: ¥ 899 yuan

Suede 50 Puma X Staple Succover

Item No .: 577483 16

球鞋圈无人不知的鸽子!Staple x PUMA 联名系列现已发售

Offering price: ¥ 1699