How long does 4GB can still persist?

If you say which mobile phone manufacturers can make users really forget the parameters, Apple may be the only one. Counting Apple Contributions You will find that Apple will never deliberately emphasize the parameters of the product. Introduce the A-series chip, it will only be compared with the previous generation. Top more tells you how much increased increase.

iPhone 12运行内存只有4GB,再过3年真的会淘汰吗?深度解析

As for the battery capacity, running memory, camera models, Apple lifting is not mentioned, basically can only be understood by third-party disassembly. In fact, many fruit powder have ignored a detail: although the fluency difference is not big, the run is almost, but the iPhone 12 runs only 4GB, only the professional version is standard to run memory.

Running the memory refers to the temporary memory occupied by the app runtime. If the memory capacity is not large enough, the less the APP can run at the same time. This is critical. If the background cannot reside multiple App, when we switch the app, it will often encounter the “reload” issue of the app “reload”, which ultimately leads to low mobile phone fluency.

iPhone 12运行内存只有4GB,再过3年真的会淘汰吗?深度解析

The Android flagship phone basically popularizes 8GB of memory, and iPhone 12 runs only 4GB. Even if IOS is optimized, it is impossible to ignore the most essential gap on the hardware. The problem is here, IPHONE 12 is really eliminated for three years? To explain this question, you must first explain a phenomenon: “Domestic Android flagship is universally 8GB running memory start.

iPhone 12运行内存只有4GB,再过3年真的会淘汰吗?深度解析

The reason for the domestic Android flagship generally used 8GB

Don’t think that “8GB memory” is the standard of this year’s Android flagship, this is only characteristic of domestic mobile phone market. For the simplest example, the national bank Xiaomi 11 is starting at 8GB + 128GB, up to 12GB + 256GB version. The international version of Xiaomi 11 is 6GB + 128GB start, and does not provide a 12GB running memory.

Xiaomi President Wang Xiang publicly admitted that overseas markets accounted for half of the total number of Xiaomi. Since it is an important market, why do Xiaomi 11 want to take a difference in configuration? The reason is actually very simple: there is no need. The reason why domestic mobile phones requires greater storage, the root cause is the lack of unified message push mechanism, and the app can only “long-term retention” threads in the backstage of the mobile phone to ensure that the message can be pushed at any time.

This has led to a phenomenon: When the Android phone does not open any app, running the memory has been secretly eaten. If it is not taken up in the background, the app has no way to notify it. In this infusion, the more APPs you installed in your Android phone, the more threads that need to be retained, the greater the demand for running memory.

This is a very simple arithmetic question. If an app needs 20MB running memory in the background of the service process, the 50 App will need 1GB running memory, and 100 App will require 2GB running memory. Calculate the occupation of the Android operating system and maintain the shipping required for the front desk application / game / camera, and finally have to leave a part of the space.

It is not exaggerated that 6GB shipping is only barely useful for domestic Android phones, and 8GB can guarantee smooth use. And the larger the storage space, the more you need to run memory. So you will see, 128GB of storage, at least 8GB of storage. As for 256GB, 512GB, saying that the practicality of 12GB is not overexplicable – the incomplete disabilities can only be made by hardware.

iPhone 12运行内存只有4GB,再过3年真的会淘汰吗?深度解析

Why is IOS device to use 4GB?

In addition to the iPhone 12 PRO, iPhone 12, iPad Air4, iPhone 11 is equipped with 4GB running memory, iPhone SE2 is still shipped with 3GB. Why do domestic Android flagships have been transported in 8GB, while IOS devices are enough?

The difference is that the domestic Android phone is in hardware crazy stacks, to make up for the ecological fault; and Apple has achieved a half-mean effect. The application push of the iOS system is system-level, all unified hanging on the Apple server, does not need Apps you have retained background.

The running memory size of the iOS device is sufficient to ensure smooth use when the system occupies storage + a few front desk applications can be satisfied. From this point of view, Apple is indeed “environmentally friendly pioneer”, 4GB-stored iOS devices, and can use Android mobile phone 6GB-shipping effect.

I did measure, in a system environment upgraded to iOS14.7.1, while opening 15 common App, switching does not need to be reloaded. And after a period of lock screen, 4 left APPs from the front desk do not need to be reloaded. Even the app that has been frozen by the tombstone mechanism, the time to reload is only around 3 seconds.

It is believed that 4GB running memory does not affect the fluency of the iPhone 12, completely enough in 2021.

Can IPHONE12 stick to 3 years?

iPhone 12运行内存只有4GB,再过3年真的会淘汰吗?深度解析

We all know that running the memory size directly determines the normal service life of the iOS device. Many people feel unexpectedly for iPhone 6s to upgrade iOS15, I feel that Apple is too conscience, I don’t think so.

The performance of A9 is about to be equal to the Snapdragon 710, which has not been eliminated. When performance is not a bottleneck, running memory is the only bottleneck. At the same time, IPHONE 6S, IPHONE 7, IPHONE 8 running memory is 2GB starting, and their life cycle will not be too much.

However, the iPhone 6S has been out of time, and can only be used as an old man, a backup machine. At present, when the A9 chip is glorized by the king, it can only realize the full frame under the medium and low image quality. The frame rate fluctuation will fluctuate, and the fever is large.

Similarly, if your goal is only able to upgrade to the latest system, you can brush the video, send information, and the daily application is smooth, iPhone 12 is not a problem for 3 years. However, if you are in accordance with the standard of “Can play the mainstream game”, the answer is not necessarily.

Typical case is the original god. The minimum requirement for IOS devices is the start of iPhone 8 Plus. Even iPhone 8 is not in – the same A11 chip, which is only 2GB iPhone 8 eliminated, but iPhone 8 Plus has not disuse.

iPhone 12运行内存只有4GB,再过3年真的会淘汰吗?深度解析

I still remember that some people have said: “IPHONE 8 PLUS is more than 1GB, it is prepared for double-time, actually uses no difference.” This sentence is now there is a letter? “

After the former gods, the success case of “3A-level open world mobile game” was fully verified. After eating configuration, the mobile game to eat memory will only be more and more, it is likely to suddenly break out at a time point, 4GB running memory It’s hard to say how long you can persist. Moreover, the iPhone 12 is serious when playing in the original, and if you can’t reduce it in 5 minutes, you can turn your full low quality to stabilize 60 frames.

To be honest, I feel pessimistic about the game performance of the iPhone 12, only 4GB of running memory is second, and there is a heat dissipation problem brought by a double-layer motherboard, and the performance is not completely released.