The family is 10,000, just three meals a day; Guangxia is 10,000, the night sleep is only three feet. For the people, a few meals a day, eat well, can have a comfortable house life, is the greatest happiness. A six-mouth life in Henan, the old man picks up children to go to school every day, arrange three meals a day, we can eat ready-made meals to go home, and have a day after life. The elderly don’t pay attention to it. I don’t want to see it. I only care about whether my family loves to eat, whether it is affordable, there is nutrients and easy to digest, color, and the swing can not consider, whether it is to raise a child or earn a dog, and finally the fat Dudu is very gratifying.

Recently, this time, the flesh price is quapped, although the old two often says “life is good, don’t save it, you have to eat well”, but the food in the family is much more than a few meats. Also “luxury”, or cheaper, the food grade can be greatly improved. The people have lived in a day, and the recent lunch.

[Stewed elbow]

Two big elbows, the mother stewed a pot, because there is too much, there is a portable firewood pot in the yard, and the firewood is stewed for two or three, the meat is not fat, the thick bone oil A layer of “oil skin”, proper hard meals.


[Egg fried tomatoes]


This dish is different every time, sometimes it is sugar, sometimes put the salt, this mensted soy sauce, the child must eat rice must have this dish, which is also a bad problem.


[Pepper fried pig liver]

The rough knife also covers the taste of delicious, the mother fried pig liver is always as tender, and the smell is still very small, I am very like to eat.

[Eggplant fried greens]


The eggplant after the autumn is not very delicious, and the eggplant is clearly dealt with, and it is not done. The fried eggplant needs to be marinated with salt and then stir fry.


[Kelp fried leeks]

It is a green leaves. Many families in the north are not worth having green leaves. Eggplants are plain vegetables, and the leeks are also a green vegetable, and they can be greasy with meat.

【土 鸡】

A few days ago, the remaining half of the chicken, the mother was also gave, the mother was finished, and the meals were finished on the table. There were sweet potatoes and potatoes. After the fried, the taste was really delicious, but unfortunately The current chicken quality is far less than before.

– old wells –


The fire of the flood season, the waves of the treasures of the times are not surprising, and eventually, they don’t have traces to shoot a flat day on three meals. Every people who carefully taste will feel their feelings, and the aftertaste is endless. This is the Henan people. The lunch, no fidelity, but people feel very practical, flat, interpretation is the authentic flavor.

I am a city well to eat, and I have been playing with the world for many years. It is still the same, I am happy! Daily update gourmet recipes and city life, pay attention to me, enjoy the comfortable life.