“The roller skating is very good, and the children like it, but there are many varieties of the sleepers. How to choose a very worrying …” A few days ago, Ms. Zhang spent a spending concern about his consumption. The reporter learned in an interview that now, in the park, the street garden or the community, you can often see the movement of the puller. However, in the face of the related items of the five flowers, how can consumers buy? To this end, the reporter conducted a visit.

Citizens choose more to watch “cool cool”

The reporter learned from the online market that the wheel slippers are basically divided into adults and children, and the price difference is large, some of the hundred yuan, some of which are higher than thousands. The brand, style, and species of this type of goods are a lot. An industry insiders who have managed this type of goods told reporters that the wheel slippers are divided into single row, double-row slippers in the pulley, and can be divided into fixed, disassemble; according to functionality. Use, leisure with wheel skates. The reporter saw in the shopping website, the sleek shoe is also divided into speed roller skates, flat pattern rings skating shoes, ultimate wheel skates and wheel props special shoes, etc. One merchant said that customers buy more is the price of one or two hundred yuan.

“I like that kind of slender slippery shoes, color, and style drift is not beautiful.” The citizen Xiao Zhao, who is going to college, said. The reporter visited the market to understand that many consumers especially when they purchased wheel skates, there was a similar idea. Some parents who have purchased this type of commodity gave children that they care about the safety of the sleepers, but they don’t know how to pick it.

The Consumers Association reminds to buy only beautiful pictures

In the face of the five-flowers of the roller skate goods, how do people choose to buy? To this end, the reporter visited the Consumers Department. Consumers will remind the general public that the purchase of roller skates should try to choose a regular channel, for the product name information, no brand model, no warned product, and the use of people who have not specified the use of crowds and function classification, should avoid buying . When you purchase, you should choose according to your actual needs, and consult a professional sales personnel. If the wheel skating belt has a brake, there should be a defensive device. Children’s wheel skating shoes must be essential, the brake should be firm and it is not easy to deform when it is twisted. The tight buckle device (such as a lace, buckle) has a good strength, and it is not easy to slide or fall off after trying on the tightening. Good quality roller skates sponge, lining, and flexible wheels, no cardiosity.

Consumers reminded that the slide shoes will be smelling, and if the odor may be used in recycling plastic, it is best to discard. In addition, no matter what type of sleek shoe, it should be guaranteed, and the same part of the same part is identical. All parts are well processed, no damage, deformed. The surface of the plastic parts should not have obvious uneven, cracks and obvious gate trimmed; the edge transition is smooth, should not have cracks, burrs; metal parts should be preserved, no burr, riveting.

Our reporter Wang Shaofang