The camera is too attractive to female friends, but can’t stop, please pay attention to continuous supply of photo paper. Since the inventive inventions in the 1940s, an imaging camera has been favored by consumers. Today, in the film camera, an imaging camera still stands. Its structure is simple, the manufacturing cost is low, the price is cheaper, but the consumables are expensive, and the unit price of the phase paper is usually one of several yuan. Lightweight, compact, and stylish Fuji Instax Mini 7S cameras are very easy to carry. As long as you simply confirm the LED exposure indicator and press the shutter, you can shoot a beautiful credit card size to take a color photo, bright and clear. Compared with the old model, the improved version of MINI 7S adds 4 file exposure options and improves the backlight effect. The lens is a telescopic fixed focus, 2 tablets of 60mm F12, 2 groups, the focus range is 0.6 ~ infinity, support for 10 second Selfie, use 4 8th batteries, supplies for INSTAX MINI phase paper.

华北无货:FUJIFILM 富士 mini7s 一次成像相机 咖啡色 299元包邮

Jingdong current brown price 299 yuan, limited purchase, North China goods, MINI7S within 300 does not say, need to start.

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