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2014, and later film stars Jianbin endorsement contract termination, 72-year-old Peimeng clothing into the slow menopause. Growth peaked turnaround fatigue.

One afternoon of the same year, 37-year-old middle-aged character Yue Hao knocked on the door Peimeng chairman’s office. The Henan area, the agency said, want to take over the national dish, Peimeng revive the glory. After settled, the word Yue Hao 17 Provincial agencies will gather in Shanghai headquarters for three days and two nights to discuss Peimeng future path.

The following year, old men’s brand of the reform movement began.

Yue Hao, general manager of apparel Peimeng word

Peimeng ushered in 73 years of 38-year-old new Trader

Founded in 1942, Nanjing West Road in Shanghai fortune Peimeng clothing, after gains of more than 350 million yuan in annual revenue, in the second decade of the 21st century, ushered in a change in the situation.

The “Transformation” is the 73-year-old Peimeng ushered in a new 38-year-old owner – Yue Hao word. Yue Hao word to Peimeng clothing, general manager and national distributor of identity, the official White Peimeng in 2015, took over the whole line of products, including men’s formal, casual, including, trader its operations in the country. This year is the fifth year.

Few people would have thought, in recent years in the public eye for a long time of silence Peimeng such a move would be to recapture the attention of public opinion. Since met with film stars Ho Jin, Zhang Hao Zhe, Chen Jianbin endorsement contract expires, Peimeng almost disappeared in the state.

Public information, 1942, by the Zhou Fengkui Peimeng clothing was founded in Shanghai, Nanjing West Road. 2017, the company has more than 1,000 employees, fixed assets of 260 million yuan, an annual output of over 70 million sets of clothing (pieces), annual sales income over 350 million yuan.

In recent years, the domestic first-line clothing giant table revenue frequently raised the alarm. Younger revenue in 2012 – 2017 has been fluctuating, the average annual compound growth rate of -1.35%, down 33.94 percent year on year in 2017 revenue, net profit fell 91.95%; Semir clothing 2017, although revenue growth, but net profit It fell 21.63%; domestic brand of men Chinour from 2012 years of continuous losses, non-deduction Chinour 2014 net loss of 50.54 million yuan, down 182.60 percent year on year, to 2017, non-deduction loss 25.75 million yuan net profit again .

Peimeng also not spared. The industry said that in the apparel industry entered a new normal pattern, Peimeng future will decisively heading to a new helmsman, intended to break the doldrums brands, to highlight the innovation and change intentions.

After the baton, which emerged from the war home to the Shanghai old national brand, can usher in a new era?

Kenny Ho, Jianbin endorsement of the high light moment

Once, Peimeng ultra 350 million in revenue and Ho Jin, Chen Jianbin and other endorsements, full name of the country. It is this national brand of high light moment.

At that time, men in order to have a full set of Peimeng suit proud. In 1996, the word guy Yue Hao bought a Peimeng suit, home for Spring Festival, spent one thousand yuan. This is the most expensive set of clothes he was, at that time a lot of men also Peimeng elusive national brand.

Gene nation from 1942 Nanjing West Road in Shanghai, opened its first store took hold. Founder Zhou Fengkui choose to start here, the reason is very simple – Nanjing Road is the first after the opening of Shanghai established a commercial street, known as the China Business First Street, known as the “ten Nanjing Road, a pedestrian street” reputation, roadside dotted with a variety of old Shanghai store and mall.

1942 China precarious, the fledgling Chinese industry suffered Japanese aggression against, and Zhou Fengkui Peimeng taken up the banner of industrial salvation, with superb technology and high prices, has become synonymous with fine suits.

2000 is a critical year for the development Peimeng strides. This year, Peimeng invested heavily in state-level economic and technological development zone in Shanghai’s Songjiang Industrial Park, the new 20,000 square meter plant modernization, and has introduced Germany, Japan, Italy and other international super-class production lines and a full set of CAD clothing design system. This makes Peimeng among the domestic first-line with capital accumulation.

Then in 2001, a year later, Peimeng open road by means of star endorsements increase traffic. That year, Peimeng brand invited the famous Hong Kong film star Kenny Ho served as ambassador, and the implementation of international, quality, brand-oriented network monopoly business strategy.

The end of 2011, “Zhen Huan Chuan” was released, who plays the emperor Jianbin fire. Taking advantage, Peimeng in 2012 signed a film star as a spokesperson Jianbin. With Jianbin steady mature and restrained image Peimeng once again attract the attention of public opinion.

During Peimeng also signed a singer Zhang Hao Zhe endorsement. The latter has made use of a “good man” popular in the north and south. Looking down, these spokesmen are masculine, steady temperament, which happens to fit the Peimeng always emphasized simplicity gentleman temperament.

Women cut, then a single product disc jacket Peimeng

Peimeng running speed, suddenly stalled for three years. Until 2015, a former agents in Henan Hao Yue word, jumped out, took revive Peimeng burden.

Why would he? What is the origin Peimeng new Trader?

Yue Hao word in 1994 to enter the apparel industry, has not been out here before this circle. His coronation road called inspirational, 2005. The first single product to win Peimeng agency Henan region, after four years of a single product to incorporate, step by step Peimeng was promoted to a full range of Henan total generation, until the last to take the crown as Peimeng Quanguozongdai.

In 1996, the upcoming Spring Festival, Yue Hao word Peimeng entered a store, pulled out a thousand yuan bought a suit, which was his first contact with the Peimeng. Maybe even he himself did not expect, 18 years after the transition from the brand of consumer helm.

The money is to buy a suit together with their parents to do wholesale clothing she saved, at that time his desire is very simple, “just want to make some money to support their families buy a car.”

In 1997, he Chuaizhuo only pocket $ 18, choose to go out an independent career. Until 2003, it was his experience that wanders out of six years, during which he was to take a stroll in Zhengzhou all the temple selling clothes.

He used the money accumulated catch the early city, just in 1999, rented a shop in Silver City-based business, start a clothing retail. And the next few years, gradually expand the clothing store, a shop increased from 3, the largest one area of ​​200 square feet.

The second half of 2002, he was all the way across Jinrong Supermarket shop do wholesale women. Women’s wholesale business is getting better, he opened four o’clock, seven goods to sell clean, peak one day to sell two thousand goods.


However, he does not like women’s heart, bones can always retains someday return to men’s enthusiasm. This time, the parents called and said there was a brand called Peimeng, consulting whether he has the intention to join.

At this point it is the peak of his women’s business. He decisively stopped women’s clothing store, quickly won Peimeng, the Friendship Road, a street re-opened a men’s store. However, he took only Peimeng market in Zhengzhou jacket single product agent, and after the discovery operation, Zhengzhou There is also a Peimeng agents.

He felt something, to find this agent negotiations, to persuade the other to give power of attorney. The tradeoff is that he must be the original price of the goods taken away all the agents.

This goods worth a total of over 60 million, and some models have only one color a number. He completely and pay a $ 200,000 a year to pay for the rest.

The price is extremely expensive. Operations to end of the year, a loss of more than 20 million, the equivalent of two years of profit income Kuidiao family.

This time, the word Yue Hao took a step risky move. He simply let customers getting goods, not money, which led to his need to take a very high risk, but it also captured the massive customers. This bold and delicate personality traits, so that only three customers jacket single product from the beginning, and slowly grow. First half of 2005, Yue Hao word earn a loss of money.

Acting from a single product area to ten years of Quanguozongdai

After the tie steady pace, the full expansion of the corresponding arrival.

In 2005-2009, he was at every step, a step in the Henan region will Peimeng several other single product agents collected in the bag. Methods consistent – how many agents have stock, Yue Hao word overall reception. Among them, the right of recovery agents pants, as well as inventory even found the late nineties.

This is the middle in order to win on behalf of Hubei Province, he went to Chu, one by one traveled 80% of the county, a year down the harvest of fifteen and sixteen customers, build up the Wuhan market.

In 2010, he re-exhumation Zhengzhou, the Henan spent a year to consolidate the market digested the region, stroke along. Then, in 2011, he opened the first orders.

Restless character Yue Hao, in the second half of 2013 Peimeng knocked on the door of the chairman, to discuss the national market proxy. On the middle three or four times in 2014, Yue Hao word began hosting the national market.

Landmark event, which in the second half, Hao Yue word convened a meeting in Peimeng agents around the Shanghai headquarters, 17 provincial agents gathered. The meeting for three days and two nights, the main topic is to discuss how Peimeng take the next step.

Agents had to make an equal footing oath of allegiance, is not an easy thing, these ups and downs all the way to the sea in battles rage out agents are not used to easily bow.

After the meeting, part of the agency changes, there are still some choose to wait and see. In this regard, the word Yue Hao policy of appeasement, “to support what are nodding, so long as a value.”

Four years Restoration

Broader system-wide strategic adjustments to begin full. He first stopped a variety of endorsement ads, instead concentrating on the company’s internal strength practice, because he believes that the key to success depends on the product and operations.

He turned the company uniform mode of operation, it will be unified into a standard around the store, a voice, a vision, forcing the original mom and pop into brand management, operation of the company. “Originally agents various conflicts, operation, management is not a standard,” This initiative involves a wide range, take some time to complete.

Management, he proposed a single store “23581 Project.” That annual turnover of 200 million single store, and strive to break through …… and so on to three million yuan turnover, issued index layers.

Under this policy transmission, it is located in Nanyang Fangcheng of a single store in 2015 a turnover of around 60 million, to the 2018 turnover increased to 280 million.

On the forms mode, he proposed a new term “family marketing”, this mode is similar to a collection of shops, children and senior citizens that is a one-stop shop for all the clothes can be bought in stores in this.

The team building talents, he will be the platform of the company, the internal use of the group system, in accordance with the characteristics of the members of each person, let it become a team leader, play their respective advantages.

Yue Hao word once again pick up discarded electricity supplier, the vibrato, and other platform resources deft grafting, the initial authority to create a 5-8 home Internet shop. November 2018, he specifically come up with a shirt, try to live with a cargo of 10 minutes to sell more than 670 pieces, the return rate of less than 5%. This result is still fairly brisk for a new electricity supplier Peimeng.

Yue Hao word appears in the series of reforms have paid off. From 2009 to take over the full range of products Peimeng 2018, Peimeng retail sales have doubled year earnings growth of 30%, the number of inter-provincial agency from 16 to 21 (inclusive single product agent), the national market shop reached more than 900 (excluding Henan market).

This is the word Yue Hao hand over the transcripts, but also an advanced into the Quanguozongdai transcripts from a single product area agents.

At every step, multi-brand operation

There are more than Peimeng, more ambitious territory of clothing started slowly in the word Yue Hao carefully designed.

Yue Hao word Wing office building located in Zhengzhou City Department of International office in Zijingshan road. By 2015, he bought the whole story office building, totaling more than 1,800 square feet, the official escape from Zhengzhou Railway Station, clothing wholesale market.

This is his charge Auchan Trading Co., Ltd. of Henan Province stronghold. The company in addition to agents Peimeng brand, also owns men’s brand, “Golden Shield” Deputy District Henan and “stack.”

Golden Shield apparel is headquartered in Shenzhen, on the qualifications than seven wolves, nine animal husbandry, Wang is older. Golden Shield trademark in 2000 by the assessment agencies to assess intangible assets of 20 billion yuan.

Yue Hao word in 2013 won the Golden Shield agency official in Henan area. When he took over, Henan Golden Shield agent market to do as many as 98 wholesalers, the market was disorderly and chaotic.

After taking over, Yue Hao word has been sorted out a year and a half, the last only three agents.

Flue brand positioning is a stylish new brand, the word Yue Hao bought the right to use the brand for life.

For both brands, Yue Hao to take the word slow and steady strategy, “in no hurry to sell, once open must survive, to open a a. Base hit, expansion is go with the flow of things.”

Yue Hao word time can be controlled like the feeling of playing pool and reading a book just to meet the requirements, and this is one of the few of his two hobbies.

In recent years, he has been playing running time chasing people – from the initial wholesale brand to do, and then established brands, up to do retail management company. Every step, he stepped on the outlet of the transition era.

20 years of experience make him accustomed to looking for calm in a crisis, “Only a stable basis, to find a breakthrough point, to complete the iterative upgrade.”


This is his honor business philosophy. Also blindfolded businessman running easily ignore the law of conservation.

(Editing Dai Chenxi Huali Juan)