Four super good facial cleansers recommended! Effectively removes blackheads, closes pores and deeply purifies the skin

Lingzhi Radiant Cleanser

For this cleanser of Yuemuyuan, it and soy cleansing gel are generally super gentle, and the foam is relatively small, which may not be very accustomed to babies who like foam. The cleaning ability is also very good, although it always feels like it is not cleaned but it is actually clean. Even if you don’t get used to it at first, you will get used to it slowly, which is very suitable for spring use now, but it is not suitable for summer use.

Thai Milk Q10 Facial Cleanser

It is said that this facial cleanser is already a must-buy for every friend who goes to Thailand. Thailand’s local star product, the main feature is that the facial cleanser is rich in amino acids and does not contain additives, and the milk fragrance is very sufficient!

A little bit can make a lot of bubbles, the upper face feels mild and washed quite clean, after washing the face will remain the taste of milk, the taste is really comfortable, cost-effective is also good, but the problem is that the texture is too strong, foaming takes a long time, it is recommended to cooperate with foaming net.

Eucerin gentle and hydrating cleansing

Originating from Germany, 237MLEucerin was the founder of the First World War to provide the German army with an ointment with miraculous moisturizing and healing chapped skin, which was the predecessor of the brand’s best-selling all-purpose balm, Aquaphor. Eucerin is currently the number one brand in the US medical skin care field. This gentle hydra cleanser is one of its best-selling products, and even the always picky Paula Begoun (the one above, best-selling author, cosmetics expert, and known as the “cosmetics policeman” by the global media) chose this cleanser as the best cleanser in the book “Take Me to the Cosmetics Counter”, giving the evaluation that it is soap-free, fragrance-free, quite gentle, effective in removing makeup, and there is no residue. Eucerin’s price point is perfect.

Huayu amino acid facial cleanser

Efficacy of Huayu amino acid facial cleanser: hydrating, deep cleansing, refreshing, brightening skin tone, improving acne skin

This Huayu amino acid facial cleanser, by the majority of netizens rated as the light of domestic products, as a cleansing and makeup removal two-in-one facial cleanser, its small molecule amino acids can penetrate deep into the pores, absorb impurities in the pores, thoroughly clean the pores, the cleaning power is enough without damaging the skin, can prevent acne. Rich in goat’s milk and nano pearl powder, it not only cleanses well, but also balances water and oil, cleanses acne and mites, astringent pores, removes blackheads and closed acne, whitens and rejuvenates skin! Gentle and non-irritating sensitive skin available for pregnant women!

This facial cleanser, squeezed out a little bit, creates a rich and dense lather, it not only removes dead keratin but also balances water and oil, leaving the skin moisturized and smooth after washing. Another thing I like very much is that it can be used directly to remove light makeup, and I am quite friendly to office workers. The pure amino acid formula does not contain a little soap base, about a month or so, the pores are clean and delicate, the blackheads are significantly less, and the skin is getting fairer and fairer, allowing me to easily have watery skin.

Four super good facial cleansers recommended! Effectively removes blackheads, closes pores and deeply purifies the skin

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