Indoor lighting is not to be sloppy! Dare to install down the downlight and the spotlight before you distinguish it, this heart is too big

Decoration is a technical work. If you want to live comfortably in the future, you must take care of all aspects when decorating. Even inconspicuous lights cannot be ignored. Now many people are biased towards the design of the lamps. Essence

1. Introduction to downlights and shooting lights

Because of this, the downlights and shooting lights have become the most popular, but the shapes of the downlight and the spotlight are similar. It is not difficult to distinguish between pedestrians. So what is a downlight and what is a spotlight? Let’s take a look together.

1. What is downlight

Before, whether it was a downlight or a spotlight, it was used for commercial lighting. However, in recent years, it has been slowly entering home lighting. The time distance of the lamp lamp is very important, because the light source emitted from it is generally softer. , And generally inlaid in the ceiling.

2. What is a shooting light

The firearm and downlight are just the opposite. The installation of the spotlight is generally exposed to the outside. The light intensity is relatively high. You can use clear light spots, which are generally used to highlight more important items.

Second, the difference between down lights and fire lights

If the lamp is not installed well, it is just the difference between the simultaneous watching and the spotlight, which is very difficult to distinguish, so it becomes the distress of many friends who choose the lamps. Essence

1. See if it can be adjusted

When distinguishing the downlights and shooting lights, the details are the most indispensable. The easiest thing is to see if it can adjust the angle. The adjustable angle is generally a spotlight.

2. Look at the installation method

Then there is a look at the installation method. Although the appearance of the two lamps is similar, the installation is very different. The downlights are generally embedded in installation, which saves space and is beautiful. Essence

3. Look at light

If in the lamp city, you can power the lamps, and you can also distinguish it by looking at the light. The light source range emitted from the downlight is relatively wide. It can be used as basic lighting. The light of the spotlight is more concentrated, which is more suitable for key lighting.

4. Look at the beam angle

If you want to be more professional, you can also look at the beam corner. The lighting angle of the downlight is generally about 60 ° ~ 120 °, and the shooting lights are generally about 10 ° ~ 38 °. The gap between the two is still obvious. of.

Third, select skills

After learning to distinguish down the downlights and shooting lights, it depends on how to choose. Whether it is purchasing down lights or shooting lights, although the selection principles are similar, they cannot be ignored.

1. Look at the light source

Whether it is a downlight or a spotlight, most of the incandescent light bulbs or energy -saving lamps are installed inside, so when choosing a lamp, you can see the color of the light emitted by the light bulb, and then choose the one that suits you.

2. Look at the installation location

Then there is to choose to buy down lights or shooting lights according to the installation location. Generally, the downlights are suitable for any location, but the shooting lights are different. For example, the bedroom or study room is not suitable for shooting lights.

3. Look at the price of the price

In addition to choosing according to needs, the budget also needs to be considered. If it is a lamp of the same quality, the spotlight is generally higher than the price of the pooker, and the friends choose carefully.

Fourth, installation area

Then there is the installation area. Although the two lights are similar, but the effect is still very different in different areas. Let’s take a look at the area for both lamps.

1. The porch area

The porch can be said to be the facade of each household. If the porch is high, the shooting light is a very good choice, especially those who like to hang decorative paintings in the porch, or put decorations, and install the lights can be more prominent.

2. The living room area

Then there is the living room area. If there is no main light in the living room, it is best to install the downlight and the spotlight together. This is not only conducive to lighting, but also a tall atmosphere.

3. Restaurant area

The lighting of the restaurant area is also very important. The light directly affects the appetite of people. In addition to installing the ceiling above the table, it is recommended to add some downlights around the restaurant ceiling, which will be better.

4. The bedroom area

If the design of the non -main lamp in the bedroom is a very wise choice for installing the downlight. As long as the lamp is professional, the light is generally no problem. Here, you should remind everyone that the bedroom must not be installed, which will not be practical to affect sleep.

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The above is the introduction and description of DOWNLIGHT, I hope it can be helpful to you.