The children go to the kindergarten or school, just a starting from the warm harbor to a unknown opening, they are destined to meet many strangers, especially those with the house. Children who have just been small class may be crying, but in the past, many children can build basic social capabilities.

But a few moms in the live broadcast have gave us a message to us, saying that their 6-year-old daughter is really a good friend, and the little girl in the class is not willing to play with her. After knowing the child’s teacher, I know that my daughter will always be cried because some things are cried, and other children are not dare to play with her.


In fact, socializing is one of the scenes of the most testists. And in order to make your own children better


How to socialize in social, eat less social processes, church, their multivariate thinking is the weight.

Why is multiple thinking to lifting a light weight in an emotional system?

Emotionally sounds high, in fact, its core problem is nothing more than four: first

Learn to identify your own ideas and feelings



Learn to identify the ideas and feelings of others

After that

Strive to develop things what they think in their hearts,



Learn to affect the feelings of others and create a good atmosphere.

These four verses are surrounded by their psychological feelings, and is a very sensible measure. Therefore, in our daily interpersonal interactions, it will often find, one thing, one point of view, one relationship, we can think so, can be so thinking, then we can do this, you can do it. This is the interpersonal relationship in dynamic changes, and the contained is a pluralistic thinking.

The core meaning of diverse thinking is that it is used to use this thinking person.

More angles and possibilities


,go with

Decomposition a fixed idea, greatly avoid contradictions and conflicts, enhance the understanding and inclusion between people and people

. These results and the high-profile business that we have pursued at the beginning are not well.

Just like the 6-year-old little girl in the previous example, she is often cried, it is very likely to be because of her own ideas, the mild contact of others has become a kind of offense, it is difficult to expand their own relationship with interpersonal relationships. Finally, interpersonal relationships become a vicious circle. This is certain that every parent is not willing to see, so it is correct from now on, it is not late.

The use of these two points in family education, multi-varying speed increase

Parents should use the home advantage of their family education, and use two simple aspects to improve their own cultivation of multivariate thinking. Like all other qualities, multivariate thinking must be built, the better, if there is any shortcomings of thinking, it has become more corrected from cultivation, and the challenge is even more huge.

The first part is to

Guarantee your home’s children have fun

. This is good, saying that it is a luxurious toy to your child at the price level, nor does it say that the child has been doing a game. In fact, it is good to play.

Insert some multi-thin elements in a game time to help children inspire the brain.

In addition to the commonly used multi-oriented teaching aids, some forms such as jigsaw puzzles, maze, geometric blocks, etc., can let the children continue to think in their minds, can you be like this? Can you like that? If you can repeatedly stimulate such a choice and extension in the daily game, the child’s multivariate thinking will be improved.

The second aspect should be reflected

In the parent-child dialogue, the multivariate thinking is infiltrated into every little thing.


middle. Parents should consciously ask for children on small things that live. For example, I will go to see a aunt immediately, I can teach the child several ways to greet. Is a simple “Hello”, but also praised the aunt “dress is really good”, or the intimate “Aunt I miss you”. These discourse transformations look small, but their different situations, moods, etc. are easy to deliver a variety of choices for children.

After learning this two points, you may wish to make amendment from the details of your education now, helping children in a multi-potent home environment.

Help each of the lifetime of diversity

As a basic life, it is the same, which will affect every stage of the child’s future growth. Its efforts are far beyond our imagination.


For a simple example, I said that there is a couple going to go shopping. The wife saw a very much-style dress, went to pick up the sign, and nearly 2000 yuan, too expensive, so I didn’t buy it. Husband said with her, seeing her like it, try it. Diligent wife chooses to choose, husband has been persuading.

Suppose that this wife is a one-dimensional person, she may turn over every word of her husband, every expression change, I feel that my husband’s repetition is actually perfunctory, I feel that he doesn’t want to buy her. Then, this wife will immerse in the negative situation created by himself, even with his husband quarreled out.


But this wife is a multicultural person, she takes the entanglement and uncomfortable, diffracted to her husband’s conflict, and feels that her husband also has the same emotions, understanding her, then the wife will feel between each other. As a husband and wife. I will even be reasonable, buy less a skirt, and save money for common families. After avoiding the horns, it will find that both sides have reduced painful feelings.

Therefore, people who have a multivariate thinking are often the most open-minded, and they are also least suffering. In the face of one or two choices, it may not be satisfactory, whether it is eager to shake his head. But if you can do more angles, five, ten or even more, maybe we can

Find a more appropriate understanding of the different details in a thing, and those who are suffocating can solve themselves.

Just like the 6-year-old girl, perhaps when integrated into the collective, the first method can be prepared, the first one can change the second, and the second kind is not allowed to change the third kind. The way is always more than difficult, but can take the initiative to find a way, it is already a higher emotional business.

So, no matter how the baby’s emotional level is, you must pay attention to their diverse thinking, which will help them become a more distant, more open-minded person, let them win more smoothly in the future life. happiness!

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