The favorite linen fabric home bedding finally becomes explosive

In recent years, home bedding, mainly linen fabrics, suddenly burst into fire. Why? Let’s find out below: As people’s living standards continue to improve, they pay more and more attention to quality in terms of clothing, food, housing and transportation. , But in the aspect of “living”, the variety and type of products are relatively single, which has therefore produced a situation where material life is difficult to meet consumer needs. At the same time, Lanan Home Furnishing Company has gone through several years of precipitation and continuously conduct market research and product research and development design. finally! Soft -fledged beds, mainly linen fabrics, were born in the air, and finally broke this situation.

(Minimalian linen bedding)

The linen is known as the “fiber queen in natural fibers”. The reason is that it not only has strong fiber, softness, but also has natural bacteriostatic anti -mites and waterproof functions. In addition, it also has the excellent characteristics of friction resistance, high temperature resistance, humidity and scattering, warm and cold in winter; effectively relieves skin temperature, stimulates skin blood flow, promotes relaxation and fast sleep, and improves sleep quality.

(Nordic style series linen beds)

(Liney fabric)

Because of the versatility of linen fabrics, the first batch of soft bedding with linen fabrics was sold out for sales; it was snapped up and won the love of consumers. In particular, the following groups of people are the most prominent: 1. Eckles of insomnia, 2. High -quality people, 3. Children, 4. Sensitive skin people, 5. Mild cleanliness people, 6. Fortunately, people with weak resistance, 7. Youth love consumption consumption consumption consumption consumption consumption By. Some products are as shown below:

Pillow series:

Four -piece series:

The above is the introduction and description of Wholesale New special design wholesale pure linen fabric with nylon spandex fabric, I hope it can be helpful to you.