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Packaging is both the end of production and the beginning of the logistics. Various packaging equipment such as packaging, boxing, and bundling are closely related to logistics operations. Like logistics equipment such as forklifts, shelves, shuttle, etc., logistics packaging equipment with different functions also needs to follow certain principles when selecting and configuration.

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The packaging link can be regarded as a bridge connecting production and logistics. As the end of production, the last process of product production process is packaging, marking the completion of production. As the beginning of the logistics, after the packaging is completed, the product has the ability to logistics. Throughout the logistics process, packaging can play a role in protecting product protection and the role of logistics, and finally achieve sales. It can be seen that packaging in the logistics system has a very important position.

Various machines and equipment applied during the packaging process are collectively referred to as “packaging equipment”, which mainly helps artificially complete the main processes such as filling, wrapped, sealing, and related front and rear processes. In addition, it also includes cover and labels on the packaging parts.

Packaging equipment can reduce labor intensity and improve productivity and logistics efficiency. According to different standards, it can be divided into multiple types. If functional is the standard, it can be divided into filling machinery, filling machinery, packaging machinery, sealing machinery, labeling labels Machinery, stagnation machinery, container machinery, disassembly machinery, multi -functional packaging machinery, and auxiliary packaging machinery that completes other packaging operations. Among them, irrigation, filling, etc. are obviously closer to the production link, while wrapped, sealing, and binding are related to the logistics link. Therefore, we might as well sort out the packaging equipment that is closely related to logistics.

1. Logistics -related packaging equipment

1. Seal machine

The sealing machine refers to the machine that seal the container after the product is installed in the packaging container. Among them, the sacks, cloth bags, and woven bags are mostly sealing in a suture. Box containers are mostly seal or tape. According to the different sealing method, the sealing machine can be divided into the following types:

Hot pressure sealing machine. Cover the container with heating pressure. Common heating elements include heating plates, heating rings, heating rollers, etc., which are mainly used for sealing of various plastic bags.

Welding welding sealing machine. Machines that are closed by melting the packaging container seal and closed the packaging container. Common heating methods include ultrasonic, electromagnetic induction and thermal radiation. It is mainly used for thick packaging materials.

Sewing sealing machine. Machines using stitching packaging containers are mostly used for sealing of sacks, cloth bags, and composite woven bags. The automatic suture machine is mainly composed of components such as head, wire pick, head bracket, backup bracket, conveyor belt, pedal switch and other components.

2. Wrap machine

用薄型挠性包装材料进行全部或局部套包产品的包装设备统称为裹包机械,其共同特点是用薄形挠性包装材料(如玻璃纸、塑料膜、黏膜及各类复合膜、拉伸膜、 Shin membranes, etc.) wrap one or more solid -state items, which are widely used in foods, tobacco, drugs, daily chemicals, audiovisual products and other fields.

There are many types of wrapped machinery and different functions. It mainly includes folding wrap machines, seam -type wrap machines, wrapped wrap machines, stretching wrap machines, hot contraction wrap machines, body -type wrap machines, and so on. The commonly used wrap machines include:

The folding packaging machine is a package product for the deflection packaging material, and the packaging material extended from the end is closed and closed according to a certain process. It is usually a packet for rectangular items. The appearance is regular after packaging, and the visual effect is good.

The seam -type wrapping machine is a package product with an abundant packaging material. The bag material extended from the end is heated and cut and cut into division according to the same side adhesion. The seam -type wrap machines are usually uninterrupted continuous movements, and the work efficiency is high. It is mainly used in single or multiple continuous packaging of various types of fixed -shaped items. Generally, it can automatically complete bag making, filling, sealing, cutting off and finished product discharge. The procedures are the most widely used packaging machinery with the most widely used, the highest degree of automation, and the most complete series of varieties. In addition, the seam -type wrap machine is suitable for packaging of general block and cylindrical rules and irregular alien items, which is almost unlimited to the volume and weight of the packaging objects.

The coverage of the wrap machine is covered with two scratch packaging materials on the two counterparts of the product, and the heat seal or adhesive method is used to seal.

Wind -wrapped wrap machine, that is, use a roll -making inspiration packaging material to make a multi -circle winding membrane bag on the product, which is generally used in wrap packages for single items or container items.

The stretching machine, even if the stretch film is used, wrap the product under a certain tension. Commonly used for the reinforcement packaging of large -scale goods and pallets, that is, wrap the product together with the tray.

The body -type wrap machine is to be placed on the bottom plate, and the plastic sheet covers the product is close to the product under heating and vacuum, and wrapped machines sealed with the bottom plate. The body -type wrap machine can wrap the packaging products tightly between the body membrane and the bottom plate, so that the product can prevent moisture and shockproof, and make the packaging items a strong cubic sense. Components, decorations, toys and food industries.

Thermal contraction packaging machine is wrapped in the product with a thermal contraction film, and then heated it to make the film tighten the product after shrinking the film. The contracted packaging machine can be divided into a variety of bakers, oven, cabinets, and gun types. Thermal contraction wrap machines are often used for bottle items such as beer, beverages, and collective packaging of other small items.

3. Packing machine

Packing machinery refers to a packaging machinery in the packaging box (carton or plastic box) in a certain way (carton or plastic box) in the packaging box (carton or plastic box). In order to transport and circulate.

The packaging machine is generally composed of mechanical grasping mechanism, power device and control device. It can accurately and reliably grab the group products, and then put them in the box. At the same time, according to the requirements of the packing operation, it generally has a carton forming forming. (Or open), product column, product measurement and other functions, some also have a box or strain function. In addition, the packing machine can be used for stand -alone, and it can also be used for automatic packaging production lines to complete the final box packing operation.

The packing machine can be divided into bottle packing machines, box packing machines and bag loading machines according to the different types of product types; the different ways of loading the product can be divided into top loading and side push into the side. There are two types of formula; according to the different degree of automation, it can be divided into a semi -automatic packing machine for automatic boxing machine box; according to the different forms of boxing operations, it can be divided into continuous packing machines and intermittent packing machines. Among them, the continuous box loading machine refers to the continuous movement of the cargo during the entire packing process, and is divided into horizontal rotation and vertical rotation type. The horizontal rotating rotating machine is composed of synchronous conveyor belt, synchronous box belt, horizontal circular orbit, and vertical liter. Put it in the box accurately and reliably. As a continuous packing machine, the vertical rotating box loading machine reduces the frequent start and stop of the driver motor, reducing the testing time of the box location calibration and the shortage of the box, so the efficiency is high, the noise is low, the movements are accurate, safe and reliable; because Vertical rotation, so the area is small.

4. Tie mechanical

Binding machinery is a machine that tighten one or more packages together using a strap or rope -shaped tie material, which is an outer packaging equipment. At present, the bundle machine produced in my country basically uses plastic bands as a bundle material. The method of hot -melt overlap to make the plastic belt on the surface of the packaging part of the plastic band pressed and sticky, so as to achieve the purpose of tight bags. Among them, the mechanical automatic bundle machine is combined with mechanical transmission and electrical control. It does not need to be manually worn, and can automatically complete the bundle packaging parts in a row or single. Binding of packages.

Binding machinery is widely used in the logistics process, which can play a role in reducing the volume of cargo and reinforced unit packaging, thereby facilitating cargo loading, transportation, and storage. There are many types of bundle machinery. According to different degrees of automation, they can be divided into automatic, semi -automatic and manual staggers; different types of linter can be divided into plastic belts, steel bands, polyester bands and plastic rope bundles. At present, most of the bundlers produced in my country use polypropylene plastic as a bundle material, and the method of hot melt connection is used to compress the two ends of the material belt.

There are diverse types of mechanical types, and two aspects should be paid attention to when choosing:

(1) Package batch. In order to increase the utilization rate of the machine as much as possible and reduce the cost of use, the degree of automation of the selection of the machine should be determined according to the number of packages and the number of packaged packets bundled by the package. The bundle speed of the automatic bundle machine is much faster than the semi -automatic bundle machine. For small -batch product bundles, it is advisable to use a semi -automatic bundle machine. It can make full use of the machine and reduce the cost of use. In the case of large and medium -sized mass production, automatic bundlers should be selected. When the package is produced in the form of an assembly line, in order to adapt to the production of production festivals, a fully automatic bundle machine, including automatic packaging, should be selected.

(2) Package size. In addition to the difference in the stagnation speed, the bundle machine also has a large difference in structure. You need to choose the bundle machine according to the minimum and maximum bundle size of the goods.

5. Auxiliary equipment

Logistics packaging equipment not only helps artificially complete the main processes such as wrap and sealing, but also involves the front and rear processes such as weighing, measurement, and labeling. Due to the widespread application of information technology, the relevant operations can basically achieve automated operation. For example, an automated labeling machine is a device that can automatically paste the non -dry gum paper label (paper or metal foil) that can be rolled into the product or prescribed packaging. As an indispensable part of modern packaging, the automated labeling machine makes the label easier. It can reach thousands or even tens of thousands of labels per hour.

Second, the selection and configuration of logistics packaging equipment

Although the logistics packaging links occupy an important position in production and logistics systems, there are also a large number of related equipment vendors at home and abroad, but due to the different industry characteristics, the selected equipment is also very different, so the industry concentration is low, small and medium -sized equipment enterprises occupy occupying the occupies of small and medium -sized equipment enterprises. The mainstream of the market has become a typical status quo in China. According to Zhou Xiangnong, director of the Logistics System Division of Okamra (China) Co., Ltd., the logistics system integrators generally adopt out -purchase equipment in the packaging link, and rarely develop and produce packaging equipment by themselves. When choosing a logistics packaging equipment dealer, the “nearby principle” is an important one. On the one hand, because the technical strength and equipment level of domestic manufacturers are close, there are good suppliers in various places; on the other hand, because of the after -sales tracking service It is an indispensable main link, because if the equipment fails to solve the problem in time, it has a great impact on the interests of the enterprise, and the supplier will be selected nearby, which will be more convenient and timely in the later maintenance.

In fact, like the logistics equipment such as forklifts, shelves, shuttle, etc., the choice of logistics packaging equipment must also follow certain principles. For companies that are preparing to purchase and update logistics packaging equipment, they can follow the following processes when selecting and configuration.

1. Formulate equipment planning

For application companies, first formulate equipment planning based on its own business development planning, the characteristics of the industry, the existing equipment structure, etc., thereby reducing the blindness of the purchase of equipment, the key needs of the company’s limited investment guarantee, thereby improving investment income. The preparation of equipment planning is mainly based on the needs of enterprise operating development, the technical conditions of existing equipment, the requirements of safety, environmental protection, energy saving and other aspects, the development of new equipment at home and abroad and technological information can be raised for equipment investment for equipment investment Funds, etc.

2. Collect relevant information

(1) Economic information

The types and characteristics of the cargo, the amount of freight, the operation capacity, and the flow of cargo are the most important economic materials, which directly affects the configuration and selection of logistics packaging equipment. Therefore, relevant information must be collected more channels and correctly. When collecting relevant economic data, we must not only grasp the current and recent situations, but also need to find out the development or change of the long view. The data obtained by the survey should be necessary to organize, review, verify, and analyze the research, and make relevant statistical analysis forms.

(2) Technical information

Technical materials include the current status and development trends of logistics packaging equipment, as well as market supply intelligence, various technical performance parameters, quality indicators, operation capabilities and efficiency of logistics equipment, service quality and reputation of manufacturers, reflection of the unit’s reflection of its equipment’s equipment And evaluation, supply and supply time, ordering channels, prices, random attachments, and after -sales service.

(3) Natural condition information

Natural condition information mainly includes information such as the conditions of the cargo yard warehouse, the capacity of the foundation, the foundation foundation, and the work space.

3. Develop a preliminary plan

For the same type of cargo, the same job line, and the same logistics process, you can choose different logistics packaging equipment, and then propose several configuration solutions with more advantages and disadvantages. Next, determine the main performance of the configuration logistics packaging equipment in accordance with the configuration principle and operating requirements, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each preliminary plan, and make preliminary choices. Finally For their investment, calculate the productivity or operating capacity of logistics packaging equipment and the initial needs.

4. The determination of technical and economic evaluation and scheme

In order to compare various configuration schemes, relevant enterprise departments conduct feasibility demonstrations and technical economic evaluations, and select the best models and manufacturers as the first solution. The case was approved by the supervisor and the department.

Generally speaking, configuration and selection of logistics packaging equipment should follow a variety of principles, including systemicity, applicability, technical advancedness, etc., as follows:

Systemic principle

Systematic is to systematically analyze the logistics packaging equipment configuration and method of using the system of system, and conduct system analysis of all aspects involved in the operation of logistics packaging equipment. The packaging equipment and operators, logistics packaging equipment and logistics operating tasks are organically combined and strictly combined to improve the functions of all links, the best choice for logistics machinery and equipment configuration, and enable logistics machinery equipment to play a maximum role.

Applicability principles

Applicability is the ability to meet the requirements of the logistics packaging equipment. It should be fully noticed that the actual needs of the logistics operation should be compatible with the characteristics of the development plan. It should meet the characteristics of the goods, meet the needs of the freight, and meet the needs of different working conditions and various operating performance. Requires, the operation is flexible and convenient. In addition, Xu Lei, deputy general manager of Hefei Jingsong Automation Technology Co., Ltd., also reminded that the pharmaceutical and food industries have very strict health requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to when buying logistics packaging equipment. The rust stainless steel and aluminum alloy material, the machine needs to be equipped with anti -static and explosion -proof measures. In addition, the higher the performance and price of the logistics packaging equipment, but to correctly choose the type, quantity and product performance of the logistics packaging equipment when considering the space of its own product upgrade.

Technical Advanced Principles

The advanced nature of technology refers to the preparation and selected logistics machinery and equipment that can reflect the advanced achievements of the current science and technology. It has technical advanced in terms of major technical performance, automation, structure optimization, environmental protection, operating conditions, and application of modern new technologies. And can meet technical development requirements in terms of timeliness. When buying packaging equipment, it is necessary to prevent the purchase technology from backward and eliminated models.

Low cost principle

Low cost refers to the low cost of the life cycle of logistics packaging equipment. It is not only a low purchase cost, but also the low use cost. In most cases, the advancement and low cost of logistics packaging equipment and technology may have contradictions, but under the premise of satisfying use, we should comprehensively consider and weigh the advanced technology consumption and make a reasonable judgment. You need to do a good job of cost analysis.

Reliability and security principles

Reliability refers to the ability to complete the specified function of logistics packaging equipment under the prescribed time and conditions. It is a basic performance indicator of logistics equipment, which mainly refers to the stability and maintenance of logistics packaging equipment. Safety refers to the ability to ensure personal and cargo safety and environmental exemption during use. It mainly includes the automatic control performance of the device, self -protection performance, and protective and warning devices for misunderstanding. With the improvement of the modernization level of logistics operations, reliability and safety have become an important cause of measuring equipment. When configuration and selection of logistics packaging equipment, they should fully consider their reliability and security to improve the utilization rate of logistics machinery and equipment, prevent personal accidents, and ensure smooth development of logistics operations.

One machine multi -purpose principle

One machine multiple refers to the ability of logistics packaging equipment to adapt to multiple operations. Configured use of a single logistics packaging equipment is neither convenient to use nor management. Therefore, a multi -purpose logistics machinery and equipment should be developed, so that one of the equipment can also be suitable for continuous operations of a variety of operating environments, thereby reducing the operation link, improving operating efficiency, and reducing the number of logistics packaging equipment, which is convenient for logistics equipment management.

Environmental protection principles

When selecting logistics packaging equipment, you should choose green and energy -saving products with small environmental pollution.

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