The gospel of migraine! The analgesic switch is here!

Migraphy has the highest incidence in all headaches and is one of the most common diseases in neurology clinics, especially the most young and young people. Most typical patients with migraine occur in adolescence, and most of them have family history, which shows cyclical attacks. The pain in migraine is manifested from the back of the orbital on the side, gradually intensified and expanded to the semi -side or even the entire head. Pain is usually pulse jumping pain. Most of the pain positions are in the back pillow and neck, sometimes the forehead pain, which is dull pain. The head may also be accompanied by a tightness and severe pressure. Generally, the headache will start after getting up. Overwhelming or maintaining pain for a long time.

Generally speaking, friends with migraine can achieve the purpose of alleviating headaches or reducing headache frequency by rubbing some acupoints that have the effect of migraine. However, it is necessary to explain that at least it is necessary to stick to the rules and rub it for 6 weeks to achieve the purpose of relieving headaches.

Points that treat biased headache

Wind pond


In the Xiang Department, under the pillow bone, it is flat with the windfur, and the depression between the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the upper end of the trapezius muscle.

Press the method: Straighten your hands and middle fingers, rub the left and right acupoints with your fingertips, and press for 1-3 minutes at the same time at each left and right acupoints. The patient’s headache has significantly reduced the degree.


The temple is in front of the auricle, on both sides of the forehead, and the extended line of the outer corner of the eyes. During the depression behind the two eyebrows.

Press method:

Hegu acupoint

First use the inner side of the right thumb (the first finger joint) horizontal line, and align the left -hand tiger’s mouth (the finger edge between the finger between the thumb’s index finger).

When pressing and kneading, you can massage both hands, press the thumb to flexate vertically on the Hegu acupoint, make a tight and loose press, the frequency is once every 2 seconds, that is, about 30 times per minute. The patient’s headache has a significant reduction. The power of pressing requires a certain strength, and the feeling of sourness, numbness, and swelling under the acupuncture point, that is, the phenomenon of “getting qi” is better, so as to play a role in preventing and cure diseases. However, it should be noted that patients with poor constitution should not be given strong stimuli. Pregnant women generally do not massage Hegu acupoints.


Located on the head, the tip of the ear is 1.5 inches.

After finding the acupuncture point, press the acupuncture point with the fingers of both hands and press the acupuncture point for 10-15 minutes, and the patient’s headache has significantly reduced the degree.

Baihui acupoint

Baihui acupoint is located on the head of the human body, and the center of the head can be directly connected to the mid -point point through the ears.

Patients with migraine headache generally adopt the method of hitting Baihui. It is advisable to hit the Baihui acupoint in the right hand. 10 times each time, you can keep your mood comfortable, relieve your troubles, and relieve migraine.

Other methods to relieve partial headache

Keep your mood comfortable

The seizure of migraine has a lot to do with adverse emotions such as depression, high tension, and irritability. Therefore, maintaining good emotions can effectively reduce the number of migraine and reduce the symptoms of headache.

Keep the correct sitting position and stretch the neck and shoulder muscles appropriately

Improper heads, necks, and scapular positions can also cause migraine. So keep a good sitting position, don’t sit down like a pool of mud. When sitting, keep your body stable, open, but don’t tighten your shoulder and straighten your spine. Be careful not to sit for a long time, which will help to prevent migraine. In addition, proper heads to look at the left and right, look up at the sky, shrugging should also help stretching the neck and shoulder muscles.

Maintain a good eating habit

Prevent headaches should also be avoided, such as nitrate, nitrite and monosodium glutamate in the meat, such as nitrate, nitrite and monosodium glutamate in the meat. Some heart disease drugs also contain nitrate. In addition, for some people, caffeine, alcohol, and some artificial sweeteners are also the cause of headache and should be avoided as much as possible.

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Press the method: Straighten your hands and middle fingers, rub the left and right acupoints with your fingertips, and press for 1-3 minutes at the same time at each left and right acupoints. The patient’s headache has significantly reduced the degree.

Press method:

Press method:

Press method:

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