Creative jet fabrics increase orders increase

Recently, the local spot subscription and orders of the traditional market in the spring and summer clothing in China Textile City have increased, and many women’s clothing fabrics have been favored in spring and summer. Among the multi -type polyester, cotton, and polyester -cotton flower littering fabrics, the local spot transactions and orders are relatively large in spring and summer.

There are light FDY, semi -light FDY densely small flower blooming layout department, selling well, with bleaching, pink, rose red and other thick flowers and dense craftsmanship. 21S pure cotton yarn and polyester 150ddty color weaving flower layout department will be sold well. They are shipped in the local part of the local black bottom and dense colorful peony flower type and the dense colorful colorful banana flower type. This series of fabrics are mainly made of spring fashion for fashion women. They are welcomed by counterpart merchants. Some clothing manufacturers buyers are more enthusiastic about placing such fabrics and smooth order acceptance.

Polyester no -light FDY, light FDY, semi -light FDY, light -free FDY -categorian fashion fabric parts are partially selling, 30S cotton yarn, light FDY, semi -light FDY flower fashion fabric, new style color, colorful fabric, partially sold, black and white two -color color The jacquard squares, black and white double -colored jets, bleaching bottom black tirled geometric fabrics such as newly wins, and some large -scale operating stores have increased shipments. Increased goods.

In the spring and summer, the littering fabrics are lit with polyester FDY, light FDY, semi -light FDY thin jet flower, large jet flower, two -color jets, multi -color jets, and positioning blooming fabrics. It is also incremental for local transactions such as cationic littering fabrics in spring and summer, FDY with light -filaments, and FDY Half -Light Flower Flower. Some large and medium -sized mixes in some large and medium -sized business stores are also available.

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