Tesla launched “Super Large Energy Storage Products” Megapack to relieve power plant power generation pressure

In the field of industrial energy storage, Tesla is now well done.

Tesla has gone further and further on his own on the way.

After PowerWall and PowerPack, Megapack, which came out at the end of last year, was officially launched. According to reports, Tesla announced today the launch of another enterprise -level ultra -large battery energy storage system MEGAPACK, claiming that when the local power grid appears overload overload, it can temporarily act as a “power plant that runs full power” to cope with a short time Internal electricity volume rises and changes, alleviating the pressure of power plants.

According to Tesla, Pacific Natural Gas and Electrical Corporation (PG & E) have now deployed several Megapack in MOSS LANDING, Montre, California, USA. Energy storage solution for benefits.

In this regard, Tesla officially explained that each Megapack can store 3MWh energy at a time and can connect enough Megapack to generate super energy storage equipment with more than 1GWH. Tesla said it would be enough to think that “each family in San Francisco provides 6 hours of electricity.”

It is reported that MEGAPACK can be fully assembled at the time of delivery, including “battery module, two -way inverter, thermal management system, exchange main circuit breaker and controller”.

It occupies 40%less space than traditional batteries, only one -tenth of its components, and the assembly speed is also 10 times that of other alternative energy storage solutions.

Undoubtedly, Megapack’s launch has further enriched Tesla’s independent battery product line. Previously, it also had two products: PowerWall and PowerPack. Among them, PowerWall’s field of household use, this product is aimed at the US domestic energy storage market. The main advantage is combined with the roof photovoltaic and the other is the peak power consumption. PowerPack aims at the energy storage needs of commercial and public facilities with its modularity and large -scale expansion characteristics.

It is worth mentioning that Tesla’s solar panel business seems to be in trouble, but the industrial energy storage product field is now better and better, and its market layout in the direction of battery energy storage will also be created for the development of electric vehicles A good ecological environment.

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