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[Original] Hand in hand, Easy Special/Kesta/State Grid Ningde Times Q1 energy storage trend

On April 10, Energy Storage Integration Solutions Merchant Yi Shi special (300376) issued an announcement saying that it was planned to establish a joint venture with Ningde Times (300750). Cooperate development, production and sales of energy storage PACK products and related supporting services.

The announcement shows that Xinnengyi special registered capital is planned to be 100 million yuan, which is planned to be located in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The production capacity is initially designed as 1GWH battery production capacity.

Among them, Easy Special shall subscribe to 90 million yuan in their own funds, accounting for 90%of the equity; Ningde Times subscribed for 10 million yuan, accounting for 10%of the equity.

The investment contract stipulates that the joint venture company pays a total of RMB 10 million in the Ningde Times Payment Strategic Purchase Subsida from 30. More than 90%of the cells and modules of the joint venture company are purchased by the purchase of Ningde Times products, and the indicator is not less than 200mWh within one year.

Evil Group was founded in 1989. It has been deployed in the energy storage industry since 2012. It has core products such as an energy storage system integration solution and energy storage transformer.

In recent years, Easy Special Layout 5G power supply, marginal computing, data centers, energy storage business and other business areas, according to the bidding requirements of existing customers, the battery development capabilities of lithium battery suppliers, battery PACK manufacturing capabilities There are higher requirements.

Therefore, Easy Special Entering the field of battery business, looking for lithium iron phosphate manufacturers with battery cell development capabilities and PACK manufacturing capabilities to establish cooperation with them.

According to high -profile lithium batteries, Yiste has established cooperative relationships with Bike battery, Yimei Lithium, and Suzhou.

The other party of cooperation, the global power battery leading company Ningde, has also actively developed lithium battery energy storage business in recent years, with frequent actions. Its energy storage battery shipment in 2019 ranks second in China.

Recently, the State Grid (Fujian) Energy Storage Development Co., Ltd., which jointly funded by Ningde Times and State Grid, was formally established, with a registered capital of 400 million yuan. The main investment, construction, and operation of energy storage projects.

Huang Shilin, Vice Chairman of Ningde Times

It is said that the Ningde Times hopes to promote the development of the new energy market with new platforms, new infrastructure concepts, and new services. One is to help the market -oriented promotion of new energy vehicles; second, on the side of the user, use the energy storage platform as the future smart grid, distributed photovoltaic and other clean energy consumption.

In March, Ningde Times and Fujian Baicheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. jointly established a new energy technology company in Shanghai to deploy an intelligent micro -network integrated storage system. Electricity facilities construction and operation.

On the morning of April 12, the energy storage equipment manufacturing project of joint venture between Ningde Times and Cosmal was officially started.

The total planned investment of the project has invested 1 billion yuan, and the earlier investment amount is about 400 million yuan. The construction of 2 PCS production lines in line with national industrial policy encouragement, 1 energy storage PACK production line, and 2 charging pile production lines. After the completion of the first phase of the North District project, the annual production energy storage was PACK 1GWH, and the pile of the charging column was 12,000 units, with an annual output value of about 600 million yuan.

In terms of energy storage battery technology, high -industry lithium batteries have learned that the latest lithium batteries currently developed in Ningde era can achieve zero attenuation within 1500 cycles, with high power and long -life batteries, and have been applied to energy storage projects.

In the Ningde era, the company’s two major business supports were power batteries and energy storage, and the development of power batteries and energy storage development, but the energy storage business was thicker.

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