Now the weather is obviously commeminated, so everyone has taken away heavy down jackets, replaced with sweaters, knitted cardigans, sweaters, coats, small suit, woolen coats, in which the wool small suit is the popular coat of 2021 Style, it is suitable for such a coat, it will be mixed, it will look good!


The wool small suit is a popular jacket style in the spring of 2021. It is for the spring weather. It is just right, so how do you look up? As long as you master the matching skills, you can easily get it!

What kind of style is there a small suit?

The small suit is actually a single product that is suitable for a year, but this is a wool material design. It is more suitable for spring and winter. Comfort will be better. Its style is also very sampled. Choosing your own style. The way is ready!


1. Simple wind woolen small suit


Coffee-made small suit, color is very good, the style is simple design, very textured small suit, there are many fashion matching possibilities!

2, retro hair wool small suit

Classic grilled wool small suit, with retro breath, very fashionable, good, is the H version design, also with shoulders, more friendly girls, is particularly friendly, wearing it to work or shopping suitable.

3, classic wind woolen suit

Khaki’s wool small suit, is another style, the key is that it does not pick people, it is not easy to make a mistake, the possibility of match, this is why it is popular, 2021 The spring is still very popular with this classic style!

How does the wool? How to match it?

There are a lot of popular single items in the spring of 2021, in which this wool small suit can’t ignore the fashion items, the spring wearing it is beautiful, and it is matched to ground, more fashionable!

Apricot wool small suit + pleated skirt

I have to say that it is really popular in 2021, and this apricot wool is also included, with a white little collar, so it is very stunning, and then puts the plaid pleats. The skirt is put on, with a top, the hat, there is more Han Fan!

Cream White Water Small Suit + Grid Drop Skirt

In fact, many Korean girls like to use the superimposed method, so that the shape is not only not easy to hit, but also enriched the shape, more levels, the cream white hair, the small suit is very fashionable, but single wearing will appear monotonous The inside of the orange shirt and high tie, the whole person’s temperament is raised, and after the retro collabore skirt, the fat on the body is stealing, visually easily and fashionable, this It is also very gentle and has this shape of Han Fang!


Vintage red wool small suit + onk skirt


Want to wear a hair, small suit is also very fashionable, then don’t wear a medium in the middle, retro small suit, laid a grilled shirt and white high-tie shirt, put the level of the shape, and then put a one Fork half skirt, the shape is very woman taste, but also very Han Fan, the key trend is full!


Camel hair small suit + trousers


A tall smaller suit, taking a small vest and high tie, so it’s very fashionable, although it is a white pants, but this is whipped white, no appearance. The professional official sense, and can improve the color of the shape, it seems to be more tidal, with a black Leafless shoes, shopping is so worn, there is a Han Fan!

Ok, I will share this here today, “Wool Small Suits” in the spring of 2021, it is very fashionable, there is Han Fan!


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