30 square meters of public cleaning and anti -inflatable tent operation description

1. Wash and dispel tent inflation

Select a flat venue, from the packaging

Inflatable tent

After removing it, the window or door zipper is opened; open the tent charging and exhaust valve to cover, and use the inflatable mouth rotation on the inflatable pump air pipe to overflow the exhaust valve port for inflatable After the exhaust interface, the exhaust interface can be completed by the exhaust interface. After the inflatable molding, the reverse rotation is revoked to withdraw from the air duct inflatable mouth, and the air -filled exhaust valve cap instantly. %-90%of saturation; that is, squeeze the air column with both hands to teleage about 1cm. (If the tent is insufficient, you can use the pedal pump to replenish the gas and supercharged); after the inflatable tent is formed, press the corresponding point of about 30 to 45 degrees to fix the ground. After connecting the rope with the ground, adjust the skateboard to fix the tent. The tent can be put into use; check whether the valve is closed, and adjust the angle of the spray head;

2. Preparation before washing and elimination

1. Arrive the washing equipment in the order of the tent to connect the pipeline on the side of the tent;

2. Connect the fast connection tube of the random tube of the washing equipment in: A: The water washing and the water washing and the water washing and the water washing and the tent washing and the discharging pipeline was mixed; , Storage on the water inlet pipe on the hot water washing and discharging the machine, open the screws above the pump inlet, excrete the air in the pipeline, and then tighten the screws;

3. Discover the fuel tank cover of the cleaning machine. According to the oil label, store diesel, tighten the fuel tank cover, and connect the heat water washing machine to connect the power supply; Don’t run without water.

4. The pilling barrel is equipped with sufficient washing liquid in proportion, and puts the pilling barrel on the bracket.

3. Washing and elimination operation

1. Start the water supply switch on the hot water washing machine, and the pump starts to work. At this time, the water storage bag is entered into the hot water washing and discharging machine. After pressure, the water outlet of the hot water washing and discharging machines will be mixed in the canal washing and input medicinal solution. Su suck, then enter the tent washing and discharging the pipeline;

2. At the same time, the control switch of the heating system is activated, and the heating system starts to work. First set the required temperature press confirmation key, the temperature control system issues instructions, and the combustion room starts to work. At this time, the water temperature at the water outlet of the hot water was set. At this time, public washing can be carried out.

Fourth, washing and discharge treatment

Place the sewage pump in the washing tank, connect the connecting pipe from the sewage pump to the wastewater to recycle bags. According to the specific situation of the washing, the switch can be pressed at any time, and the wastewater is collected in the wastewater recycling bag.

Fifth, wash and dispel tent heating

1. Unscold the fuel tank cap of the heater, and the diesel is stored according to the oil marker;

2. Connect the power supply, connect the air supply pipe from the warm air generator to the cleaning of the tent;

3. Press the switch and start working at the warm air generator.

6. Precautions

1. After the washing and disappearing, first turn off the heating system switch of the hot water washing machine. After the water pump continues to work for about 2-3 minutes, the burning room temperature of the heating system is reduced, and then turn off the water supply switch to avoid damage to the equipment;

2. After the washing and the heating, the switch is turned off first. At this time, the fan continues to work. After the temperature of the heating system is reduced, it is automatically shut down. At this time, the power plug can be unplugged.

3. Wash and eliminate fireworks in the tent, and stay away from the heat source;

4. Do not contact sharp contact with the tent to avoid damaging the airbags and tunnels;

5. It is forbidden to hang heavy objects on the frame of the tent, suspended heavy objects ≤2kg;

6. Ensure the insulation of the power wire.

Seven, inflatable precautions

1. The inflatable pressure is 15-20kPa to prevent excessive or too low air pressure;

2. After the inflation is completed, lock the valve mouth to ensure the qi;

3. Check whether the pressure of the airbags at any time is normal.

4. Adjust the pressure of airbags at any time according to the changes in environmental temperature.

8. Storage conditions

The public washing and eliminating the inflatable tent should be stored in the relative humidity of not more than 50%, and it was stored in cool, dry, and ventilated.

The above is the introduction and description of inflatable wedding tent, I hope it can be helpful to you.