There is temperature and height: ultra -light reflective mirror surface one -click automatic inflatable bed

My wife said that the job schedule was adjusted, and the lunch break at noon became more valuable. I wanted to have a convenient and comfortable lunch break.

Do you get a folding bed or a lounge chair?

Too much local management, the grid is a bit bigger. If you don’t lie down, it has to lie on you.

Well, the solid state is not good, then you can only find a temperament -after all, you ca n’t get a water bed at work. A car produced by a Mi family automatically filled the car.

Unpack/open bag

The packaging of hand is not surprising, it is Xiaomi’s unified express box.

After disassembling, it is actually a bag that protects the shocking air bag, and there is no more box.

There is a product introduction and key description on the surface of the bag, and after opening the bag, it … Uh … it is another bag.

This bag is a portable bag of this inflatable bed with a size of about 25cmx40cm, but after it is full, the projection size is estimated to be almost the same as A4 paper.

When I wrote these words, I suddenly remembered a very interesting question: After such a large inflatable bed was taken out, there was no odor at all. It doesn’t mean that there is no taste when it blows a little, but it has no taste from opening the bag. This is really rare. It is estimated that it is related to the selected TPU material fabric.

try out

After pulling out the inflatable bed inside, it was quite long. This is an orange bed.

On the side of the head, there is a black thread -locking exhaust port. When storing, unscrew the valve, slowly roll from the feet, and storage while exhausting.

The inflatable pump, air intake, the charging port and the output port of the charging treasure are here. The interface is protected by two lids.

The start -up button is set on the side, and it is not easy to accidentally trigger the storage and use.

The inflatable process is explained by a moving picture. The pump has noise, but it is high -frequency sound so it is not uncomfortable.

It just pay attention to operation: turn on the air intake, turn off the exhaust valve, and then turn on the switch.

After full, the sound of the pump will change a little bit more sharply. At this time, first turn off the air intake, then close the power to close the power, and the bed is ready.

Try to sleep

I couldn’t wait to lie down.

The entire bed covers the length of the area and the width is also available. The human engineering curve was made on the sleeper surface. When I twisted it on it, the TPU fabric and clothes friction made a relatively large sound, but it was okay after adjusting the posture, and the curved shape was not easy to turn over anyway.

Well, in fact, a little taller friend may feel a little bit hanging, how about me, just right (what is short legs, where the legs are short).

The author’s own weight is about 75kg. The design of the design of this inflatable bed is 150kg. Um, both of them are okay.

Um? Two people?

Well, everyone, I will try this bed from another angle.

If you are lying on it and want to make some movements, because the bed is really soft and elastic, you can only struggle on it. In this way, it may laugh?

Who said that Dalang should take medicine just now?

But if it is just a nap, a nap is still fine. There are too many advantages of this automatic inflatable bed on this reflected mirror: its height supports your head slightly to make you not easy to snoring. The characteristics of the inflatable structure make the whole body everywhere. I don’t feel cold in the future, and the breathability of summer is very good. The high -weighing welding technology allows it to withstand the weight of 150kg. After the folding area, the projection area is only available in the A4 size drawer. Linlin has a variety of advantages, so that it is worthy of the title of the most suitable nap.

And next Monday, I will never see this bed anymore. My wife is reluctant to leave me to test all kinds of unknown halls. She will take it to the unit to improve the quality of the lunch break.

The above is the introduction and description of polar fleece+tpu+polar fleece, I hope it can be helpful to you.