Shorts are a very popular item in summer. There are many fabrics in shorts, but the most popular girls are denim shorts. Speaking of denim shorts, many people think it is a “bad street” item. No matter where you go, you can see denim shorts. Although “bad streets”, many fashionable and classic wear are still inseparable from denim shorts.

After entering the spring, the dress was tired of wearing, and occasionally putting on denim shorts, and the style is also good. How can denim shorts be high? This is a very worth thinking about. In fact, you can try high -waist style+short tops, so that you can get a significant and thin and fashionable effect, especially the small girls wear this way, the effect is more outstanding.

01 Selection skills of denim shorts


TIPS①: Denim shorts style

Denim shorts are simple in style, so as to better reflect the charm of denim. There are high -waisted and low waist in the style. The high -waisted style can create high waistlines, which has a significant and thin effect. The low waist style will divide the body into five or five points, which is short. Therefore, if you want to wear a high effect of denim shorts, you must choose a high waist style. Secondly, you can also choose denim shorts with ripped and wool -edged designed to increase fashionable effects.

TIPS ②: color of denim shorts

The color of denim shorts can be divided into three types: blue, black, and white. Among them, blue is the most common. This blue is the original color of denim cloth. There is a denim. Secondly, there are denim shorts that use the washing process, which gives the denim to the old and retro atmosphere. Girls who like retro style choose nostalgic colors.


02 The selection skills of the top

TIPS①: Style

There are a lot of tops that can be paired with denim shorts. As the weather is getting hotter, try to use short sleeves as much as possible when choosing a top, which can increase the effect of ventilation and heat dissipation. For example, short -sleeved T -shirts, knitwear, suspender vests, etc. are all good choices. At the same time, try to choose short tops. In this way, with high -waisted denim shorts, the body proportion will be divided. Effect.

TIPS ②: The matching skills of the top

Many young girls like to use basic T -shirts to match denim shorts. Everyone knows that the basic T -shirt is mainly loose and comfortable. How can we turn the basic T -shirt into short? Here I teach you a skill that can roll the placket from the outside to the inside, or twist the corner of the clothes, so that you can get the effect of a short top. Slightly showing a trace of waistline, which not only showed the figure, but also increased the fashionable effect.


03 Skills of Shoes


If you want to wear denim shorts to wear a highly thin effect, in addition to short tops, the matching of shoes is also important. Try to choose high heels when choosing shoes, so the effect will be better. For example, a pair of simple style with fine sandals, which can be dressed high and thin, but also very feminine. If you are a girl who likes leisure and sports style, you can choose to thicken the soles or sneakers with heights. This matching method is particularly suitable for small girls.

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