Last summer, the fire of the variety show “The Sister of the Wind and Breaking the Waves” also brought out the circle to the skin care products that the sisters were all using in the show.

But in fact, the lady’s cream is still just a lot of their names for many mothers, but she has not heard of it. This alone makes people feel that the high -end positioning is positioned. What is the head of the lady cream that the average person can’t afford? Is it worthy of its luxury titles? Is it right to be worthy of its expensive price?

In order to understand these doubts, Xiaobian purchased two representative lady creams, one of the Vatican Woman creams that sisters were using, and the other was Mai Gili Gui, which was also very popular. Below we will be evaluated and tested from the five dimensions of packaging design, texture odor, skin feel, product effect and safety.

1. Packaging design: The facade is responsible, each with different ladies,

As we all know, packaging is the facade of the product, which also reflects the positioning and quality of a product to a certain extent. Let’s first look at the Woman Women’s Cream. The packaging box uses a white texture base with silver gold logo and extension lines, which reflects the design concept of blending classical and modernist, which seems very textured. The perplexed bottle body and metal sensor threaded bottle cap still continue this high -level sense, just like a trace of luxurious elegant ladies in the low -key.

In contrast, Maijili’s design is more direct. The golden matte matte box of the whole body is the old lady of the old -fashioned giants, but the bottle body abandoned the uninteresting warm gold tone of the outer box and turned towards it. The simple and elegant route, aside from the uniform design of the inside and outside, the packaging is still good.

In addition to the design, the two lady creams are also printed with anti -counterfeiting codes. Van Milin’s printed on the right side of the box, Mai Gili’s printed in the lid. After all, such expensive things are afraid of buying fake goods as deceived. This kind of inspection channel is also convenient for consumers.

Go to the official website for anti -counterfeiting inquiries.

Second, texture and odor: ice cream, tofu residue and rose

The cream of Vanmilin’s cream is a faint apricot yellow. The texture is similar to cream ice cream, and it is a bit like the tender bean flower that southerners like to eat. This texture can also be regarded as a major feature of the lady’s cream. Because it is grinded by hand, it is a large molecular structure, so the material body is slightly rough.


The cream of Maijili Pupae Cream is more rough. Compared with ice cream, the texture is closer to tofu residue. The color is bean milk yellow, which is slightly deeper than the color of Vatican.

Take a small amount of paste and rub it gently at the fingertips. Both of them are very soft and delicate. In terms of senses, they are almost not aware of the difference.

Vanmilin’s noble woman can smell the faint rose fragrance. When rubbing a small amount of paste, the fragrance will slowly dissipate when rubbing at the fingertips; You can smell a trace of rose fragrance unless you get close and close.

In short, in terms of smell experience, most women may still prefer products with a touch of fragrance and are more pleasant. McLee’s taste is a bit light. In this game, Van Mi Lin wins.

Third, skin feel: Van Molin’s moisturizing and bright sense is better

两款贵妇膏分别取绿豆大小的量,均匀点在手背上再涂抹,轻轻拍打直至吸收,会发现贵妇膏虽然点涂上去的时候是独立分散的,看似没有什么流动性,但是Pushing the extension is unexpectedly smooth, similar to a high -moisturizing barrier cream.

Among them, the ice cream texture of Vanmilin’s cream is relatively better, it is easier to apply evenly, and the effect of brightening the skin color is more obvious. If you do not want to make up, you can also use it directly as a plain cream.

Fourth, product efficacy: Brahma’s survival of Mai Jili

Efficacy is always the core competitiveness of a product, and it is also an important indicator for measuring whether skin care products have strength. Generally speaking, the fastest way to understand the efficacy of a product is to see the composition table. Let ’s let the senior ingredient party, Xiaobian, take everyone to pick up the ingredients of these two lady creams.

Compared with the component table of the two lady creams, we can draw three conclusions:

1. The effective composition of Vanmilin’s precious woman cream and Maijili lady cream is very similar;


2. The lady’s cream follows the multi -functional skin care route. One bottle can help repair a variety of skin problems. The strength is still worthy of its title;


3. The efficacy component of Vanmilin’s precious woman cream is slightly better than Mai Gili.

Why do we have the above three conclusions? Next, we will look at it one by one:

Hydrum moisturizing ingredient (draw):

Both lady creams are added with water, glycerin, and sodium hyaluronate, and Maijili also adds additional minerals, which is the well -known Vaselin. However, there is not much difference between Vaselin, because it is only the basic component, and in the end it is also a moisturizing effect.

Soothing and repairing ingredients (Van Mi Lin Sheng):

Let’s look at the ingredients of both ladies cream. Ginseng admission can enhance skin elasticity and vitality. At the same time, hydrolyzed pearl contains 18 amino acids. This ingredient is friendly to acne muscle and can be used to repair acne and calm down; Cydine can also inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the body, hinder melanin production, and reduce skin pigment deposition;

However, it is worth noting that Vanmilin is more called “ingredients for Snow Lotus Extraction” than McLei, which mainly focuses on repairing and antioxidant effects. Li Jianzheng.

Elastic light texture ingredients (draw)

: Both adopt a star composition that makes the skin elastic firmer -hydrolyzing collagen. For this ingredient, the editor does not need to explain too much. It is estimated that everyone can imagine the Q -elastic muscle full of collagen. Essence

In addition to this hydrolyzed collagen, Van Mi Lin also used algae extract, and McGeei used jellyfish extracts. These two extracts were tough skin to slow down skin aging. Woman cream is still tingling.

Features Nourishing ingredients (drawing):

The smell of Vanmilin and Maijili is a rose aroma, which should be the taste of rose oil in its ingredients. Rose oil is antioxidant. Adding skin care products can help anti -aging and deepen the nourishment and moisturizing of the skin.

Although Vanmilin’s rose smells relatively large, it cannot only be judged that the rose oil concentration in Fan Mirin is larger than Mai Gili. The degree of volatilization of rose oil may also be different. Therefore, we are still only PK ingredients, no PK concentration, and the two are still flat.


6. Safety: Fan Mirin> Mai Jili


This evaluation uses risk ingredients such as fragrance, alcohol, preservatives and other risk components to measure the safety of the product through the component table.

Both lady creams did not add flavors and alcohol. Vanmilin only added a preservative, while Mai Gili added 5 risk components including preservatives. However, you don’t need to “talk about corruption”, because products such as skin care products contain more fats and nutrients, which are vulnerable to pollution of microorganisms and corruption. Therefore The appropriate amount of preservatives to achieve the effect of sterilization and anticorrosive, as long as it is used in accordance with the relevant standards stipulated by the state, it is generally relatively safe.

However, in any case, less preservatives are better than more than preservatives, and it is better not to use preservatives. After all, one more preservative is more risk. Like Magili Nuwan Pyranonosterone added to the hydroxybenzyl, it is low stimulation and low sensitivity, but the phenols that may be brought in have hidden safety hazards to the human body, and glycerin easedes are not high. There will be mild irritation, which may not be so friendly for sensitive muscles.


Through these five dimensions of evaluation, the editor found that the Woman Women’s Pyramid Cream that the sisters are using are indeed a good treasure that can be brightened and can grow skin tone for a long time; It is exciting, and it is a product that ordinary girls can also afford. The eyebrows do not have to worry about stepping on the pit, and start with confidence!


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