【PConline Evaluation】

In home life, there will be many electrical appliances that need to be used, they are scattered or concentrated, distributed in corners with wall jacks. For the convenience of use, the walls in the room will be set with multiple jacks. However, the jack cannot be reserved without restrictions. Too many wall jacks will affect the aesthetics and the safety of the home environment. Therefore, in the place where a variety of electrical agents are gathered, there will inevitably be that the jack will not be used enough. At this time, you need to use sockets or converters to expand the jack.

Traditional sockets and converters are wired. Although the longer power cord can extend the power supply distance, it affects the beauty and the situation of the wires entangled with each other is also annoying. Is there another choice of expanding jack to avoid the above troubles? Yes, today I recommend a bull product, which provides a new choice for the expansion of the jack.

Bull GN-96033 is a wireless one-turn three-socket (converter) with a rated power of 2500W and applicable to high-power electrical appliances. According to the new national standard, the performance is stable, safe and reliable. It has a “Pin” font white appearance (EMMM … convex?), Does not cover the adjacent jack when used, and is stable and reliable. Let’s take a closer look at this socket.

Appearance & detail

Bulls -glyph -glyph -shaped converter is made of flame retardant PC with a 750 ° burning wire experiment. The overall appearance is stylish and fine. The surface of the panel has fine matte treatment effects. The four corners are made of rounded design, which is beautiful without cutting hands. At the top of the power plug, the LOGO of the Bulls is inspiring, which exists low -key in a prominent place.

The back of the bull -grade glyphs is a flame retardant material on the back of the multi -converter, which is more concise than the front. The top is the power plug. The main body is the Bulls LOGO and QR code, and the authentication information below. The wide power supply is convenient for users to use their efforts to insert it. One telescopic bracket on each side of the bottom can make the socket access more stable.

There are three five -hole jacks on the side of the bull’s one -turn three -socket panel, which is in line with the design of the new national standard. According to the “security practice” of the Bull, these three jacks are designed with children’s protective doors (75N safety protection doors), which requires a certain amount of force to insert plugs to effectively prevent children from error. At the same time, according to the introduction, the interior of the socket is designed with integrated copper strips, the current is more stable, the conductivity is good, the heating is less, and the contact is sensitive.

A multi -converter of the bull -grade shape is set up above each jack, which can be controlled independently. When the power is connected, the indicator light at the bottom left of the switch button will turn on the red light, indicating that it is in power. When disconnecting the power, the indicator light is not on.

The back of the bull -grade glyphs of the multi -converter is designed with scalability brackets. Through the instead of rotating the bracket, the angle of the socket and the wall can be adjusted to improve the stability.


Bulls -glyph -shaped converter adopts a “product” shape design, which is not only beautiful, but also can be separated from adjacent jacks, does not affect each other, and enhances convenience.

From the side, the retractable bracket on the back heights the height of the socket and forms a certain angle with the wall. From a physical point of view, the bracket provides friction with the wall to overcome the gravity of the cutting socket, and through the reaction force, the plug is stable in the socket.

The spacing design of the jack is also very reasonable, and the panel is full of plugs. The plugs are separated from the switch and indicator lights, and they are not covered by each other, which is convenient for users to touch the switch and view the indicator light.

A multi -converter can even be used as a mobile phone bracket. It can be seen that its plug stability is not easy to loosen.


Bulls -shaped shift multi -converter is built in accordance with the new national standard standards. The design is fashionable and simple, which can adapt to a variety of home improvement styles. The design of the power -free line line avoids the disturbance of the wire; the 2500W power is sufficient to ensure the safety of the electrical connection of multi -electrical appliances. It is very applicable to the practical and dense places of electrical appliances. For example, on desktops, TV cabinets, kitchen stoves, bedside and other places, there can be good room for play.