Original title: The largest high -voltage “stabilizer” in China comprehensively “physical examination” to protect the power supply this winter and Mingchun

Henan Daily reporter Song Min

On the morning of November 11th, the annual maintenance site of Shaoling Make Camera Station in Laowo Town, Zhaoling District, Luohe City. A bridge -type large -scale driving horizontal rack is above the camera plant. Under the operation of the operator, the rotor of the No. 2 camera slowly moved out.

Shaoling Tune Camera Station is the first set of camera stations in Henan and the largest domestic single capacity. It is also the world’s first double -water intra -water camera station installed with a 500 -kilovolt power station. It effectively solves the problem of non -forceless voltage stability brought by the large -scale connection of DC transmission and landscape new energy from high -voltage cross -regional DC transmission, and further enhances the security guarantee and resource optimization configuration capabilities of Henan Power Grid.

There are two electrical power supply loads from the power supply: the power power and the powerless power. The power and non -merit in the power system are like the power and buoyancy of the ship in the sea. “Li Lu, the director of the State Grid Henan Maintenance Company Zhumadian Yunwei Division and the secretary of the party branch, metaphorically metaphorically.” Only with the power ship can reach the destination, so the power is ‘useful’; and the buoyancy seems to have no appearance in the transportation process. What to do, but without buoyancy, the ship cannot be driving. “

As a powerless power compensation device, the camera is a synchronous motor that provides or absorb non -effective power to the power system. Li Lu said that the camera is also known as the “cockpit stone” for the safe and stable operation of the power grid.

Zhang Jinguang, deputy general manager of the State Grid Henan Maintenance Company, told reporters that the Shaoling Tune Camera Station is located at the core position of the near -district power grid of the two DC stations of the southern Henan Stream Station and the Zhongzhou Streaming Station. The system can prevent the failure of the DC at the same time, and ensure the safe and stable operation of DC, Qingyu DC and Henan Power Grid.

“Since it has been put in April 2020, as of 12:00 on November 12, the Shaoling Camera Station has accumulated a total of 91.3746 million power -free power for the high -voltage grid. Provide 8 times for the failure of the high -voltage grid system and the annual maintenance of 8 times, which has made positive contributions to the achievement of carbon peaks and carbon and carbon in our province. “Said Lan Qi, the webmaster of Shaoling Camera Station.

At present, the Shaoling Tune Camera Station is undergoing the first round of suspension. 212 inspection personnel conducted comprehensive maintenance and maintenance of 33 working surfaces such as camera body, inner cold water system, and lubricating oil system.

The reporter noticed at the scene that a yellow container -style building had functions such as smart equipment rooms and monitoring rooms. “This is the first time we have set up a safety management and control command square cabin on the large -scale maintenance operation site. Through it, it can manage multiple operations at the same time to achieve positioning and safety supervision of personnel in the operating area.” Said the safety control staff Wang Tongtong.

“Faced with the” new challenge ‘of the first set of maintenance, long -term operations, etc., cross -operation, limited space, large -piece lifting, etc., you need to optimize the new process of the camera body, oil and water system, public system and other maintenance. We actively explore the replicable and promoted annual inspection mode, effectively promote the improvement of the quality of maintenance, and optimize the process of construction. “Li Lu said.

It is reported that this annual maintenance will end on December 8. Ensuring the safe and stable operation of the Shaoling Camera Station, and the guarantee of the power supply of electricity this winter and tomorrow, Henan’s larger -scale absorption of external electricity and the larger range of clean energy, and accelerating the development of energy transformation have important social benefits and economic benefits.