In the hot summer, the most comfortable cooling method should be to play water in the pool or the seaside. It can also exercise the body.

When you go out to swim, you must bring your own goggles.

There are many goggles on the market now, different prices, different brands, which make people look at it.


I have selected 7 more common 7 swimming moses that produce swimmer brands and measured them. They are


As well as

“Suta Tao”




“Van Dian”



I hope to help you choose the appropriate and easy -to -use swimming goggles through my own measurement.

The price of 7 swimming moster is around 100 yuan, and it is also the hottest style of their flagship stores on a treasure.

I will start from the five dimensions of comfort (wearing comfort, weight), practicality (waterproof, fog), workmanship (face value, outer packaging). Swimming goggles.

The comfort is from my personal feelings, and everyone is different for reference.


The wearing swimming moster mainly has the following functions:

The lens of the swimming goggles is parallel, which can improve the visual effect of the eyes in the water. It can be seen more clearly in the water, and at the same time, there will be no problems such as visual deformation.

In summer, it is inevitable that it will be illuminated by ultraviolet rays. Wearing a swimming goggles can resist ultraviolet rays into the eyes to prevent glasses from being damaged by direct sunlight.

There are many people at the beach and pools in summer, and the health situation cannot be guaranteed well. Wearing a swimming goggles during swimming can avoid directly contacting the impurities or chemicals in the water source to prevent bacterial infections.

There are also some matters that need attention when buying a degree of swimming goggles:

one. Pure myopia

The light will reflected in the water. At the same time, the shape of many swimming moster is different from the glasses wearing in life, and there will be a curved surface. Generally, it is better to choose 50 to 100 degrees below the usual degree. Do not excessively pursue vision correction in water, it will be easy to dizziness.

If it is slightly myopia, within the range of 0 ~~ 150 degrees, you can consider that you do n’t have to bring myopia mixture.

Second, myopia with astigmatism


Remove the number of astigmatism in 2, add the degree of myopia (the number of myopia+1/2 of the astigmatism), and then subtract 50 to 100 degrees accordingly, this is the ideal swimming moster degree.


Third, the number of two eyes myopia is different from different people

For consumers with different myopia degrees, the number of left and right eyes should also be different. Many online stores now provide customized services for different degrees of lens lenses, which is very convenient.

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Many people will wear contact lenses to swim, which is actually very dangerous!

The contact lenses may fall off after the water is in water. Water quality with poor sanitary conditions will increase the probability of infection. So try not to wear contact lenses.

In addition to these, I will also tell you about some understanding and feelings that I need to pay attention to during the processing of the swimming moster during the measurement process.

Actual test experience




Buy price: 62 yuan

Yingfa -this is a domestic brand specializing in swimwear and goggles. Mr. Chen Jinhui, general manager of the company, is a national athlete in the 1970s who set a national backstroke record in the 1970s.


This Yingfa’s swimming lens strap is the widest of 7, and the elasticity is not bad. The swimming mirror still has a little weight in the hand.

The loose adjustment is buckled on both sides of the frame. There are no obvious flaws in terms of workmanship.


When you get it, there is a box for the outer packaging, which is easy to carry.

This swimming moster is a little heavy, but the comfort is not bad. The wide headband can fix the swimming goggles to ensure that it will not fall off, but there will be a little head. There was no obvious leakage and qi mist in the process of my trial tour.




Buy price: 99.9 yuan

Decathlon -everyone should be familiar with this brand. This is a retailer from French sporting goods. It has shared with you the malls of their house before, and everything is quite complete. It’s a bit like IKEA in the sports industry.


Decathlon’s swimming mirror frame is an integrated design. There is no way to adjust the distance of the nasal bridge, so the size is fixed, and there are certain requirements for the face shape.

The adjustment buckle is on the back of the head.

When purchasing, the outer packaging has a swimming camera box, which is convenient for storage and carrying.

The feeling after my actual experience is that Decathlon’s swimming mirror frame is large, and the field of vision in the water will be relatively complete and there is no obvious deformation and segmentation.


But because it is a large frame, it is not very comfortable to wear. If people with higher cheekbones will be stunned, and people with small faces will not be able to wear.

The rubber ring and the eyebrows are not very compact. When the water waves are large, it will fall off. I have leaked water and fog in the process of traveling.



Price: 89 yuan

Haosha started in the 1980s and has been focusing on the indoor sports market. In China, Haosha is the earliest enterprise to launch brand swimwear, fitness yoga clothing, and sports underwear. It is also one of the first companies to introduce fitness clubs into Chinese companies.

The shape is quite satisfactory, but the bag will be sent with two different lengths of the nasal bridge with different lengths.

This glasses can choose the degree when purchasing, without supplementing the additional costs, this is still very intimate.

The only highlight is the mirror box that comes with. There is a leakage hole under the mirror box. After using it, you can discharge the liquid. However, the rotating box opening method should be unscrewed with relatively large strength.

It is a bit loose to wear. The rubber circle is a bit large, but the overall comfort is not bad.

Is there any obvious leakage and foggy in the process of swimming.



“Van Dan-Balneaire”


Price: 98 yuan

Balneaire is a swimsuit brand of France Van Dean Clothing Co., Ltd. There are not many information on the Internet, but in the swimsuit, it shows that has more than 25 years of experience in clothing. The company’s products are focused on the Italian style design, so the appearance of the product will be stronger than the other models.

To be honest, the blue appearance of the lake is pretty good. Give people a very delicate feeling.

The headband is different from the general swimming goggles. The sides of the head edge are round, and the headband on the rear side is wide and flat. Loose tightly on one of the heads.

The round design on both sides of the head can obviously feel that the pressure on the heads on both sides is not so great. It will not feel tightly like other swimming goggles.

The overall feeling is still very fitted. After the water, the mirror does not enter the water and fog.



Price: 119 yuan

Arena was born in France in 1973. Famous swimming utensil brands in the world.

If the budget is sufficient, many people will choose between this ARENA and Sugao Tao.


On both sides of the head strap are round, and the back side is a strap type. It is the same design as Van Dan. Loose tightly on one of the headbands,

There are nasal frames with different lengths to replace them freely.

Overall feelings are indeed excellent in all aspects. The only thing that can make me vomit is probably only this packaging. It is a plastic box, which is not convenient to carry and store.

The first feeling is that the frame is just right with the eyes of the mirror. It is too tight, and the waterproof effect can be very good. The underwater vision is clear. The frame does not enter the water or the fog.

It is very comfortable to wear, but it will be a little inconvenient.


Price: 79 yuan


The sable swimming is a world -renowned swimming mirror manufacturer’s aquatic sports brand, from Treasure Island Taiwan.

This goggles are not electroplating, so they are transparent lenses. The outermost glue ring gives people feel that the thickness is not enough, and there will be a sense of oppression when swimming.

The lens is the one that is directly embedded in the frame. It feels a craft problem.

The outer packaging has a swimming mirror box, which is convenient for storage and carrying.

However, the overall vision in the water is very clear, and the effect of waterproof and fog is also very good. I touched a obvious layer of slippery substance with my hand, which should be a waterproof and fog layer. The water droplets on the rear lens will fall quickly and will not stay on the lens.



Price: 109 yuan


I don’t need to introduce too much about this brand. I believe everyone should have heard it.

Speedo is a sports brand of Speedo, a world -renowned swimsuit manufacturer. From Australia, founded in 1928. The well -known shark leather swimsuit was originally developed and put into the market by Suibitao.


At the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, I was most impressed by the Michael Phelps at the time. At that time, the fast -travel FSII swimsuit wearing Suibitao created history and became the first swimmer to win 8 medals!

This goggles are the only one of the 7 models that can be adjusted without changing the nasal bridge, and the frame technology can obviously feel much better.

The details are handled well, and the deficiencies are poor carrying. There is only one carton in the outer packaging, and the one that cannot be used in water is not used, which is a disposable outsourcing.

After launching, there is no water inlet, and the lens is obviously a layer of waterproof and fog layer, and the water droplets will slip from the lens quickly. The overall comfort and waterproof and fog are very good.


Next, take a look at the weight of the 7 swimming moster and the ability to prevent ultraviolet prevention.

In the seven swimming goggles, the heaviest of DCAN has reached 51G, and Van Dan’s lightest is only 34G.

Then I got all the 7 swimming moster under the sun, and used the UV instrument to test the swimming moster’s ability to prevent ultraviolet -resistance in direct sunlight.

The measured data and unobstructed data comparison, the larger the two differences, the better the ultraviolet effect.

From the measurement data, it can be seen that Arena has the best performance, the worst of Van Dan.



️ In summary, the performance of “ARENA” and “Suibao” are recommended. Both from workmanship and wearing comfort, they are better than the other five. But the outer packaging will be humble.


“British Fa”, “Haosha”, “Wood”, “Van Dean”, the four models are relatively close to each other. If you focus on the beauty of the appearance, you can choose “Van Dan”. All four can meet daily needs.

卡 Not recommended: “Decathlon”

To be honest, this swimming mirror does not reflect his strength in sports products, whether in terms of appearance or practicality, which is lower than several other models.

People with small faces or glasses do not recommend buying this.


▼ Some experience in buying swimming moster

1. Style

There is a preliminary judgment on its own conditions. What needs to be purchased is men or women, adults or children, whether to wear myopia goggles, etc.

2. Comfort

It is important to comfort when choosing a swimming goggles, and it will directly affect the swimming experience. If you have the conditions, it is recommended to go to a physical store or sporting goods store to try it. The appropriate swimming goggles should feel comfortable when wearing the nose, around the eyes, and the head of the head, no local oppression, and lightweight.

3. Materials

The composition of the swimming goggles is generally divided into: lens, mirror ring, nasal bridge, side buckle and headband.


The most important of these is the lens. A good swimming goggles should have basic functions such as waterproof, anti -fog, and ultraviolet prevention.

The lens material is generally polycarbonate, and the opaque one is a layer of electrophoretic. Remember to see if the lens is clear.

The material of the nasal buckle is polytharine, which is generally equipped with two to three accessories of different sizes for replacement.

▼ Tips for swimming moster maintenance

It should be noted: No swimming goggles are permanent anti -fog. After several times, the anti -mist layer in the lens will disappear. The price of high -priced glasses is only a little longer for a long time.

▼ The solution to the fog fog of the swimming mirror:


The lenses of the just bought goggles have been applied to the anti -fog layer, but after a period of time, the anti -mist layer was washed away. The lens appeared at the fog during swimming, affecting the vision during swimming.

1. The most direct way is to buy anti -fog agents, rub the swimming moster, and then rinse with water.

2. The simplest method can gently lick the dry swimming mirror endoscopy with the tongue before the water, which can play a certain effect. (Professional athletes often do that often)

3. You can use detergent, shower gel, shampoo drip into the frame. After applying it evenly, wash it with water. “


▼ Recommend you to see:

“Five Flutter Boys”

It is better than 94% comedy and better than 92% of sports films. This is what it should look like in summer.


Two more words, everyone must pay attention to safety when playing water in summer! It is best not to swim in the reservoir or lake! Safety first!

I hope that this period of swimming mirror test can help you, I am going to swim.


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“Suta Tao”




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