Trush and switch the door to play with trouble! 3 -year -old boy hand card door seam Fire crowbar rescue


November 15th,

At 10 o’clock in the evening,

A child’s heartbreaking cry

From a residential house in Hanyu Street, Yiwu City,

Breaking the calmness of the home owner, Mr. Zheng’s family.

It turns out that before going to bed that night,

Mr. Zheng’s 3 -year -old son and sister

Play in the switch door,

I accidentally put my hand card into the gap between the door,

I cried so much.

Seeing this, family members,

Urgent to find shower gels, cleaning and rescue,

Helpless is still useless.

The child is crying,

Mr. Zheng quickly called the police for help.

00: 1

Fire rescue workers arrived at the scene quickly,

I saw the index finger, middle finger, unknown finger of the little boy’s right hand

Both were stuck in the gap of a wooden door, and

The child’s grandma is holding him to keep soothing,

Mom also holds her mobile phone to watch cartoons,

Diversified attention:

“Good, don’t cry, uncle firefighters come to save you!”

After understanding the situation,

The on -site commander asked the family to continue to stabilize the child’s emotions,

Use a crowbar at the same time,

Stretch into the door gap slowly to expand the space of the door gap.

Just a few seconds,

The little boy’s hand was successfully taken out of the door gap.

Due to rescue, timely,

The child’s fingers are not big,

The Mr. Zheng’s family thanked him happily.

Yiwu fire department reminds:

Trust the door to play and play with noisy,

It is prone to accidental accidents.

Parents usually educate their children,

Don’t be curious or playful

Put your hands into a small space.

If such accidents occur,

Don’t pull it hard,

So as not to cause greater damage to the swelling of the fingers.

You can use soap, detergent and other lubrication and rescue,

If you still can’t take it out,

Please call 119 for help in time.

Transfer: Yiwu Fire

Source: Yiwu Transportation Broadcast

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about door open close, hope it can help you.