A student involved in the report told reporters that the results of the processing were verbally informed by the school and had not been notified publicly. “We hope that the school will publicly notify the public that this teacher is problematic, and other schools should not hire him anymore; we must also tell the younger brothers and sisters in the future that when you meet such a teacher, you must bravely resist.”

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When the statement is repeated, repeated, and repeated, the lamb once felt that she was almost numb -she clearly remembered the time, place and passage of each sexual harassment.

On June 10, 2019, Lao Sheep and 41 other students jointly submitted a report letter entitled “Professor Yao Shunxi of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in violation of political discipline, work discipline, and life discipline” to the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Since then, they have specially opened Weibo “Yangmei Yao Shunxi Incident”, over and over again, and told their classmates, family members, media, and even everyone …

More than four months later, the Central Academy of Fine Arts gave internal treatment results, canceled Yao Shunxi’s master’s and doctoral enrollment qualifications, and stopped his research projects. However, students have not seen documents and publicity of related processing results.

On January 6, a reporter from Nandu Weekly contacted Yao Shunxi himself and received the reply: “If something is asked to ask the Central American Commission for Discipline Inspection, I have passed the judicial protection of rights.” After that, the reporter has repeatedly dialed the call from the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the propaganda department and other departments. As of press time, it has not received a clear response to the matter.

“Let me touch your heart jump fast,”

The lamb, from the beginning of “dare not say”, “I don’t know how to say to others”, to this day, she decided to “never compromise.”

In 2013, lamb was admitted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts. In her sophomore year, Yao Shunxi began to serve as her class teacher.


In early 2016, the junior lamb. At the end of the winter vacation, Yao Shunxi asked the lamb to go to his studio to “hand in the winter vacation”, and everything was no different.

After watching the painting of the lamb that day, Yao Shunxi asked her with a smile, “Oh, you’re getting fat for winter vacation, and you can hold me to hug.” The lamb’s heart murmured, but the teacher was 55 years old after all.

But then, Yao Shunxi surrounded her arms, holding the buttocks of the lamb, and hugged her. At that time, it was still winter, and the lamb wore a thick long down jacket. She recalled, “When I hugged, it obviously felt that he put his hand into the down jacket and rubbed it twice in the buttocks.”

At that time, the lamb’s heart was very uncomfortable and felt weird, but she didn’t dare to talk to others. She convinced herself, “The teacher may just care about it.

But it didn’t take long for similar things to happen. This spring, the classmates in the class went to Zhangzhou to sketch. Yao Shunxi is a native of Fujian. He has friends in the local area. He soon organized the wine bureau and took the students to attend. The lamb was the youngest in the class. Yao Shunxi asked her to pour wine to the guests. After pouring the wine, she did not forget to let the lamb drink. After a few rounds, she was confused.

On the return car, the lamb was sitting on the corner, and did not expect Yao Shunxi to sit next to her as soon as she got on the car. Later, on the way, Yao said in the name of care, “Let me touch your heart to jump quickly”, and put her hands into her clothes.

The lamb felt particularly scared, and the blood of the whole person rushed her head. “The space on the car is very narrow. His body is like a wall. Just by your side, there is no way to escape, and he dare not sound. He can only wrap his clothes tightly. End this deck. “

It didn’t take long for the summer of the same year, Yao Shunxi once again asked the lamb to go to his studio alone to see his homework. Because of the previous two experiences, the lamb intentionally wrapped in long -sleeved trousers and went down. But Yao Shunxi finished watching the little Kai of the lamb, still patting her ass with her hands, and said with a smile: “Seeing the word you wrote, it means that you can still sit still!”

Similar things are always named “concern”, but the lamb instincts instinctively feels “uncomfortable”, “disgusting”, “scared”. Later, the lamb gradually knew that girls with similar experiences were far more than her. Female students with good relationships also reminded each other in private, “pay attention to prevent him.”

Students’ private communication records.

Shi Jie was not a student in Yao Shunxi. After studying in the sophomore year, she had been resting for a year. When she returned to school in 2012, she was assigned to Yao Shunxi.

Shi Jie told reporters that Yao Shunxi was more excluded from other teachers to give him class, and for her “students who came from other teachers”, Yao Shunxi’s mantra was “not produced by a manufacturer.”

In the first year of her freshman year, Shi Jie was called by Yao Shunxi to her studio for two weeks of PPT. In the gap between PPT, Yao Shunxi will let her help her pinch her shoulders and cervical spine.

“There is a very classic chair in the studio. Yao Shunxi sat on it and asked me to help massage.” However, when pinching his shoulders and cervical spine, “Teacher Yao will touch my ass and thighs.” Shi Jie felt very “disgusting “After reading the senior year, I didn’t consider reading Yao Shunxi’s graduate student.


There were even Japanese students recalled to reporters, “A few days before the postgraduate entrance examination, more than ten o’clock one night, he called me and said that he had an urgent matter and let me go to his house quickly.” Yao Shunxi told her at the time. , The focus of counseling exams.

“At first he was indeed the focus of the exam for me, but then he started doing some insignificant behaviors on me. He stretched his hands into my skirt and touched my ass, and he was very hard.”

More than a hundred school students paintings

In addition to harassing girls, some classmates also reflect the behavior of Yao Shunxi’s paintings and asking students for precious gifts.

Public information shows that Yao Shunxi studied bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Later, he served as a professor and master’s tutor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and the director of the Department of Flower and Bird Painting of the Chinese Academy of Painting of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. There are many award -winning works. His dozens of academic works have been published, and he has also won the “Hundred Outstanding Painters of Contemporary Painting” awarded by the Chinese Literature and Art Circle Federation.

Wu Wei once studied Yao Shunxi’s “Ancient and Modern -Song Yuanming Gong Pen Pen Clan Class”. At that time, he was the squad leader. Wu Wei told reporters that after the course, Yao Shunxi asked him to collect the classmates of classmates in the class of classmates on the grounds of the exhibition of excellent curriculum works.

“Seven classmates, each person with a white painting and a complete color work, all of them are gongbi and silk. The work takes more than a month. Some students also stay up late to paint, and continue to draw for a few days after class.” Wu Wei said.

A classmate recovered from Yao Shunxi.

But after the painting was collected, the exhibition that Yao Shunxi said was not held. Another classmate asked the news to the art museum. The staff of the art museum sent her the exhibition plan that year, and everyone found out that no teacher said at all.

In this regard, Zhang Qiu, a graduate student of Yao Shunxi, told reporters that the student paintings of the Central Academy of Fine Arts can often sell good prices in the market. “At that time, the minimum price was about 6,000 in the market price, and the minimum price was about 6,000. The channels can be sold at a higher price.”

At the graduate stage, Zhang Qiu also often encountered the situation of being taken away by Yao Shunxi.

In some well -known academies, students ‘excellent paintings are often valued at high valuations. If the school really wants to leave students’ excellent works, it will also issue certificates to students. Zheng Tao, another student of Yao Shunxi, told reporters that in 2006, Yangmei began to issue a certificate for the students to stay in school. After repeated communication, I learned that Yao Shunxi did not give the work to the school at all.

Wu Wei, the squad leader, helped the classmates “discuss” Yao Shunxi, but contacted Yao Shunxi three times, and finally took back seven complete color works.


During the period of June 2019, after the student reported, the school’s disciplinary committee department went to Yao Shunxi to work and residence for investigation. In early July, the school informed some students to identify that the lambs also saw their eight slightly white paintings in it, but there were more than 20 paintings that had not been seen. “At that time, a total of hundreds of students’ works were found, and time traced back to ten years ago,” the lamb told reporters.

Some students have this experience on social media.

Ask students in the studio for Ganoderma lucidum

When Zhang Qiu saw Yao Shunxi for the first time, she was a junior. At that time, she studied Yao Shunxi’s “Ancient and Modern -Song and Yuan Ming Gong Pen Pen Class”.


Yao Shunxi in the classroom explained in place and meticulous reviews, leaving Zhang Qiu’s impression of “very good and responsible”. Yao Shunxi also hinted that Zhang Qiu appreciated her, and sometimes asked Zhang Qiu to help him do something. This allows Zhang Qiu to consider that you can apply for a graduate student in Yao Shunxi.

At that time, some sisters reminded Zhang Qiu, “We just jumped out of the fire pit, do you want to jump in?” But Zhang Qiu thought, the rumors had not seen it with your own eyes, and some things have passed for a long time. “Maybe it may It won’t happen here. “

But the development of things soon surprised her.

One day before graduating from the senior year, Yao Shunxi asked Zhang Qiu to go to his off -campus studio. Later, he naturally took out a purple ganoderma with a diameter of more than forty centimeters to Zhang Qiu. “Professor Yao said that this Ganoderma was bought in Liuzhou, Guangxi, Guangxi, and it took more than a hundred yuan at that time.”


Zhang Qiu did not believe it, because the family had bought a small ganoderma to make medicinal materials. At that time, it was a secondary product, about 200 yuan a pound. Those grasses were complete. Four hundred yuan a pound.

Yao Shunxi went on to say that he wanted to draw a ganoderma map, and he needed a good -looking ganoderma, but he had only one not enough to draw, and wanted Zhang Qiu to find him a similar ganoderma. Later, Yao Shunxi asked Zhang Qiu to take a picture of his purple ganoderma, and asked her to find a photo. He also specifically told, “The shape is good, and the ganoderma handle must be long.”

Zhang Qiu asked Yao Shunxi, if his hometown did not have such a big ganoderma, the small ganoderma could not work. Yao Shunxi was a little angry, “He said that he didn’t want it. He could buy a box of herself, what did you want to do.”

Yao Shunxi showed Zhang Qiu with a diameter of more than forty centimeters.

After returning home, Zhang Qiu first found Ganoderma lucidum growers with his parents. The growers said that artificially planted Zizhi generally did not plant it so much. Later, Zhang Qiu asked the medicine farmers who collected medicines on the mountain, and also said that he had never seen such a big wild purple. She and her parents went to the herbal wholesale market again and found that she had a diameter of more than 30 centimeters in a wild Ganoderma lucidum, and the price had reached more than 20,000. Zhang Qiu’s family conditions are difficult, and you can’t afford this ganoderma, not to mention it has not met the teacher’s request.


After returning to school, Zhang Qiu told Yao Shunxi that she could not find this ganoderma. Yao Shunxi returned to her, “You go back and continue to find it.” But Zhang Qiu felt, “Since then, I often shake my face for me.”

Watching Zhang Qiu was criticized, some brothers and sisters told her privately that a gift was given once a semester, or a gift was given one year.

The lamb also said that he always received such a “hint”. In the spring of 2015, Yao Shunxi once told the lamb, “There are a lot of delicious food in your hometown, bring a little back, we will go together.” The lamb felt that the teacher was all spoken and not sent well. So this fall, she gave Yao Shunxi two boxes of duck eggs and two boxes of crabs, totaling 3,500 yuan.

Since then, Yao Shunxi talked to the lamb many times, “The crab was very good before!” So, in June 2017, the lamb sent two bottles of Maotai wine. In the same year, the lambs gave two boxes of duck eggs. , Two bottles of Maotai.

In the summer of 2018, after the lamb was admitted to the graduate student, Yao Shunxi was very happy, saying, “Your gratitude teacher is indispensable!” The lamb then gave Yao Shunxi a bottle of wine worth 3,500 yuan.

“I don’t want him to make my hands on me, but don’t want to be scolded by him without a reason, so he can only give gifts.” Lao Yang said. And her classmate also bought wine for the teacher because Yao Shunxi repeatedly said that “your hometown wine is good”.

Student joint report, the school verbally informs the processing results

On June 10, 2019, 42 students (later increased to 47) jointly submitted a report on the school’s report entitled “Professor Yao Shunxi of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the issue of violations of political discipline, work discipline, and life discipline”.

The content of this letter includes: sexual harassment of students; forcibly detained students’ works in the name of the school; maliciously attacking other mentors and students with academic guys; suspected of leaving the national examination topic, maliciously scored low student scores, and manipulate the results of the examination.

Students’ joint report letters

In a self -confession, the lamb wrote down the feeling after the report had just been sent out, “the whole world is sunny.”

Subsequently, the school’s disciplinary committee told the lamb, “There are very few people who come out of sexual harassment, but we are very angry about this matter. We will definitely find more evidence to sit for him.”

But a summer vacation passed, and things did not move. On August 29, at the request of the students many times, the school convened students to participate in the report to meet together to give preliminary processing results.


At that meeting, the Minister of Safety and Stability of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Chinese Academy of Painting, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Painting, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch told students who participated in the report that the school had stopped all the teaching activities of Yao Shunxi and permanently deprived Yao Shunxi. Recruit the master’s and doctoral mentors qualifications, and deprive Yao Shunxi’s professor titles. The processing documents are about to be approved by the Ministry of Education.

“Is it permanent (stop teaching)?” Students asked the time limit of processing results. Minister of Safety and Stability Work replied: “Permanent.”

But after the school started, the development of the matter was beyond everyone’s expectations: Yao Shunxi’s name still appeared on the schedule flowing from the college office. The students questioned the school, and finally there were no courses in Yao Shunxi in the course of the class.

On November 1st, in the conference room of the Chinese Academy of Painting at the School of Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, the students who reported finally heard the results of the disciplinary committee “read out” the final handling result: “After discussion and decision, we canceled his postgraduate instructor’s qualifications and stopped After his teaching work, he canceled his prize, promotion, job evaluation, job employment, salary promotion, cadre selection, application talent, planning, scientific research project (qualifications) in this regard, and the qualifications in this regard were canceled. The handling of party and government discipline will also be carried out within the scope of party organizations and administration. “

The students asked the school to publicize the results of the treatment. The teacher said that the school is already studying and improving the relevant mechanism.

Students try to confirm the time limit of the processing results, “Is the qualification for canceling his postgraduate mentor? How long is this period? Is this permanent?” The teacher’s answer was: “There is a regulations for the Ministry of Education.” The students After asking, the teacher asked the students to “find the relevant regulations.”

A student involved in the report told reporters that the results of the processing were verbally informed by the school and had not been notified publicly. “We hope that the school can have an attitude and explain to the injured girl; we must also publicize the public that this teacher is problematic, and other schools should not hire him again; To such a teacher, we must bravely resist. “

Zhang Qiu said: “As a student, as a witness, I don’t want such people to continue to be a teacher, and then to harm others.”


In the past many nights, Zhang Qiu saw the lamb collapse in the dormitory and cried, and sometimes crying was one night. “So I don’t want more girls to meet this kind of monster Yao Shunxi.”

However, more than 40 students who had reportedly reported the documents that had not seen the results of the processing of handling, and Yao Shunxi himself had not apologized to the girls who had sexually harassed him.

Yao Shunxi responded: passed judicial rights protection

The lamb told reporters that after reporting, Yao Shunxi had entrusted his classmates to talk about peace. In the chat records provided by the lamb, Yao Shunxi said, “This kind of thing now is that others bring it, will they teach you all?

The classmates also persuaded the lamb to let go of their previous things and return to Yao Shunxi’s door. “I really thought of all the solutions with the teacher. We said that if you are unwilling to follow him, you can change the mentor.

But the lamb said, “As long as it is not announced in a day, you will never let go.” At present, the lamb has found an agent lawyer, and the girl who is about to graduate is still looking forward to an exact result.


On January 6, a reporter from Nandu Weekly contacted Yao Shunxi himself and was accused of sexual harassment. Yao Shunxi said, “If something is asked to ask the Yangmi Discipline Inspection Commission, I have passed the judicial protection of rights.”

On the afternoon of January 8th, the reporter called at the Central Committee of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The staff hung the phone on the grounds that “the Discipline Inspection Commission was only responsible for handling the case and was not responsible for publicity”. Subsequently, the reporter has repeatedly called the Central Academy of Fine Arts to open the information of the information of the Central Academy of Fine Arts/Supervision and Complaint Office’s telephone and the call of the Propaganda Department.

On January 10, the reporter contacted Guo Jianmei, an acting lawyer of the students such as lambs. Guo Jianmei said, “(because) sexual assault occurs privately, only two people, without leaving direct recording or text proof, currently direct evidence is really insufficient. There are many students who have similar encounters can stand up and provide more evidence or testimony. “

Attorney Guo said that at present, the school’s handling of Yao Shunxi is still confidential. This week, the lawyer will go to the school to negotiate with the school, hoping that the relevant processing can be publicly announced, and hopes to get Yao Shunxi’s apology.

Lawyer Guo said that in recent years, similar cases that have occurred on campus have been increasing and there are certain universality. At present, it is more important to carry out legislative advocates through public interest litigation strategies and means to promote the establishment and improvement of relevant prevention mechanisms.

(Literary middle school students are pseudonym)

Source: Nandu Weekly