In the tableware, there are indispensable parts in our kitchen life. There are many types of tableware on the market now. Have you ever heard of bone porcelain tableware? There are many bone porcelain meals on the market. The texture of the bone porcelain is high -level. Compared with the general traditional porcelain, the bone porcelain has good light transmittance and can show elegant and bright texture like jade. The new bone porcelain tableware on the market is very large, so new bone porcelain tableware is recommended.

骨瓷餐具选购攻略 骨瓷餐具新品推荐

Bone porcelain tableware purchase strategy

1. Look at the color

The coloring of the color here is mainly to look at the color of the carcass part of the bone porcelain. The color of high -quality bone porcelain with high carbon content should be milky white or milk white. Bone porcelain is not as white as possible, and natural milky white is good bone porcelain.

2. Listen to the sound

There are two ways to listen to the sound. The first is to hold the porcelain bowl in the palm of one hand (note: do not grab in the palm of the hand), and the other hand bounces the bone porcelain bowl edge. The sound of the porcelain is as crisp as a bell, and the longer the sound, the longer it shows that the carcass is smoother and the quality of the porcelain is better. The second is to inject about one -third of the water in the bowl. One hand is stained with some water and transferred along the bowl to make a resonance of “唧”. The greater the effect of the bowl, the more obvious the effect.

3. Touch the bottom of the bowl

Why do you touch the bottom of the bowl? Because a bowl bottom of a bowl of fine workmanship has to be polished twice, it is not slippery and preventing the desktop. This is the process of testing a porcelain from the details.

骨瓷餐具选购攻略 骨瓷餐具新品推荐

4. Two bowl pairs

骨瓷餐具选购攻略 骨瓷餐具新品推荐

There is also one thing that may be inconvenient to try. The bone porcelain looks very thin, giving a very fragile feeling. In fact, it is not three times the hardness of this bone porcelain. There will be any big problems. When we introduce the customers at the scene, we will show the collision effect to the customer, but generally try not to try it to understand this method.

骨瓷餐具选购攻略 骨瓷餐具新品推荐

Bone porcelain tableware new product recommendation

New product introduction of bone porcelain tableware:: In the Asian era, the bone porcelain was brought into the new level of exquisite tableware and accessories of creative and artistic sense of creativity and artistic sense. Hand -painting is a unique expertise in Asia. All of them are carefully described by talented artists on high -quality bone porcelain to form exquisite hand -painted and quality bone porcelain, forming a truly elegant and practical daily life. Dongsheng, located in Dongsheng Bone Porcelain Co., Ltd., located in Northern Porcelain Capital -Tangshan, combines the skilled ceramic production technology with the world’s advanced ceramic machinery technology and classic design to produce bone porcelain with excellent quality.

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骨瓷餐具选购攻略 骨瓷餐具新品推荐

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The above is the content of the bone porcelain tableware purchase strategy and the recommendation of new bone porcelain tableware introduced by Xiaobian today. I hope the content introduced by Xiaobian today can help everyone. In addition, the bone porcelain has high plasticity, can make the glaze smooth, the paint is gorgeous and moving, and the texture is hard and durable.