When people go to a certain age, they must face the problem of loss of physical function. For middle -aged and elderly people, their legs and feet have become not flexible before. This is the most intuitive feeling for them.

Of course, the aging is far more than that, for example, the hair is early, the old spots appear on the face, and you can’t sleep. We mainly talk about osteoporosis today.

Osteoporosis is a reduction in our bone density, resulting in fractures prone to bones, and at the same time, it is accompanied by arthroplast pain and other manifestations.

One of the reasons why middle -aged and elderly people are afraid of falling is that their bones are relatively crispy, it is easy to fracture, it is not easy to recover, leading to disability, and even death.

Orthopedic loosening is most common in women after menopause, because some views believe that osteoporosis is related to estrogen levels. Of course, elderly men are also very prone to osteoporosis.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main bone of the kidney, the main tendon of the liver, and the muscles of the spleen’s limbs. With the increase of age and insufficient liver, kidney and spleen, muscle muscles will occur, including osteoporosis. Therefore, in order to delay osteoporosis fundamentally, it is necessary to nourish the liver and kidney, strengthen the spleen, and promote blood circulation and stasis, because Chinese medicine believes that it does not hurt.

Today, I will introduce two Chinese medicines for the treatment of osteoporosis.

01 Xianling Bone Capsules

Xianling Bone Capsules can nourish the liver and kidney, promote blood circulation, and strong bones. For osteoporosis and osteoporosis, fractures, osteoarthritis, osteobescoloa necrosis, etc.

The patent of the Chinese medicine

Epimedium, continuity, padsy, salvia, ground yellow, and mothers

Six -flavored medicine composition.

淫 羊 羊 羊

Also known as Xianling spleen, warm sex, enters the liver and kidney meridian, can

Nourishing kidney yang, strong bones and bones, removing rheumatism. The prescription reuses Epimedium,

Therefore, the name of the medicine is named Xianling.

Epimedium is used for Yang Wei nocturnal emission, soft bones, soft and rheumatic pain.


When you listen to the name of the medicine, you know that you can renew the muscles, so it is also called the bone grass. The bones of the osteoporosis are very easy to break, which can be interrupted through the liver and kidney to achieve the function of strengthening muscles and bone injuries. Everything


The waist and knees are soft, rheumatic and painful, and can be used by plunge damage.

“Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”: “Nourishing the liver, strengthening the bones and bones, walking through the meridians, soreness during the menstruation (bone).”


The name is also very interesting. The bones are generally no fat. The fat here refers to bone and bone marrow.

The osteoporosis person is the decrease in bone density, which causes osteoporosis. How can we make up for the loses of the losses?

Perhaps osteogoscope is a good choice, and it can


Wiqi kidney helps the yang, and the continued interserture of Epimedium nourishes liver, kidney and spleen.

There will be yin with yang. Epimedium has continued to make up the yang. In order to balance the yin and yang, the use of yellow and Zhizhu to nourish yin to achieve the balance of yin in the yin, the yin in the yang, and the mutualization of yin and yang.

Last use point

Stir -up

, Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, through blood circulation and pain.

Modern pharmacological research has the effects of improving bone density and anti -inflammatory.


02 总 总 0 0 囊 capsules

It is composed of chromatone iliac flavonoid extract. It has the effects of warming kidney yang and strong muscles. For primary osteoporosis, kidney yang deficiency syndrome. Insufficient kidney yang is common in waist and knee soreness and pain, and many night urine.

Note that Epimedium has a great effect on the treatment of osteoporosis, whether it is a single extract or a prescription.