For how to choose the living room sofa, many people will confuse the two styles of tatami and platforms. In fact, they are different. The earliest tatami originated from Japan. As a “harmonious” ground material, it is often called grass cushion. However, the floor is more focused on storage functions. Therefore, for small apartment living rooms, the floor is actually more suitable for the objective environment. Today, I will introduce three sofas created by the ground.


Drawer + bed


The biggest advantage of the floor is that it can be built along the wall. It is very suitable for small -sized families to make full use of space to hollow out the floor. It is made into a cabinet. The sofa also has storage functions. Although the sofa is not large, it is more than enough as a leisure area and a simple stay area.

You can choose this kind of drawer and the partitions to lay layers of different styles. You can put some things that are not commonly used and you can put daily necessities, which is convenient for getting it.

You can also choose this flip style, make full use of the space inside the floor, and install the metal square tube in the inside, which can ensure that it is not easy to deform and damage. It is also necessary to pay attention to setting the invisible switch. It is best to rotate at 180 degrees, which can be used for convenience, nor affects the use of countertops.


2. Open cabinet + bed

Generally, the floor -to -ground platforms choose to raise the ground by thirty centimeters, so there are many types of open display cabinets, such as small collections and books. The area of ​​the floor is very large. When I use the bed, I want to fold as the back when I want to use the sofa, and the value is high. The empty cabinet can be suspended in the remaining places over the wall, leaving a cabinet of different sizes according to the wall. Not only use the space below, but also improve the space utilization rate above.

You can also put this small table on it, eliminating the cost of buying a coffee table, and the trinity of office, tea tasting, and rest. When selecting the wooden wood, try to use pine wood as the main material, because of its dry and strong characteristics, it is not easy to damage deformation.

It can also be made into irregularities, combined with the dining table, and integrates the living room of the restaurant, which can not only save space and be used as a bed.


3. Side coffee table receipt + bed

You can also consider leaving a place for a coffee table for two -thirds of the mattress to ensure that the sofa size is sufficient, and the table on one side can be used as a coffee table. The bottom can be picked or made into a drawer to increase the storage space.

The platform -style sofa can not only do the professional clients, but also the functions of storage and temporary guest bedrooms. You don’t have to worry about the embarrassing situation of friends who can’t entertain friends because the space is too small.

(The picture all derived from the Internet)