The curtains also play an important role in home improvement, but in terms of selection, special attention should be paid to the most important thing except the style is styles and fabrics. So what are the imported curtain fabrics? Let’s take a look at it together!

1. What fabric curtains are the best

Choose curtain fabrics to consider from these aspects:


1. Over -shading

When we choose curtains, we must first consider where it is hanging, and how big it is for shocking.

2. sound insulation

If you are more sensitive to foreign voices, you can choose some thick fabric curtains for sound insulation, reduce the impact of foreign noise, and keep the room a quiet and comfortable environment.

3. Look at the style

How to choose the curtains, which mainly depends on the home style. Different styles are matched with different textures and colors, so that the curtains are good -looking and not abrupt.


Second, the characteristics of curtain fabrics


1. Cotton fabric: The advantage is comfort, breathable, soft, warm, anti -sensitivity, easy to clean; the disadvantage is that it is easy to wrinkle, shrink, deform, and fade.


2, hemp fabric: advantages are natural fabrics, comfort, lightness, and breathable; disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, poor elasticity.


3. Mao quality fabric: The advantages are light, soft, warm, wrinkle, resistance, and not easy to fade; the disadvantages are barter, only dry washing, high cost.

4. Film fabric: The advantages are good luster, bright color, light and soft, and good hygroscopic; the disadvantage is shrinking, easy to wrinkle, easy to fade after washing and ironing.

5. Polyester fabrics: The advantages are high strength, good elasticity, anti -wrinkle, corrosion resistance, strong imitation silk, bright luster; the disadvantage is not soft enough, poor breathability, easy to produce electrostatic, and not easy to dye.

6. Nylon fabric: Nylon is also known as nylon. The advantage is that the abrasion resistance is particularly good. It often blended with wool to enhance its fastness. The disadvantage is that the breathability is poor and easy to static electricity.

7. Cotton and linen fabric: The advantage is that it is relatively soft, has the advantages of cotton and hemp, and a strong sense of texture; the disadvantage is that it does not resist wrinkle and is easy to fade.

Third, classification of curtain fabrics


The material of curtain fabrics can be divided into three categories: natural fibers, chemical fibers, and mixed textiles.

1. Natural fibers mainly include: cotton, hemp, hair, silk, etc.


2. Chemical fiber includes synthetic fiber and regeneration fiber: synthetic fiber is a by -product of petrochemical and coking industry, mainly including polyester, nylon, and acrylic; regeneration fiber is made of spuns such as straw, bark and other fiber. Products mainly include adhesive, artificial cotton, artificial filament, etc.

3. Mixed textile fabrics are products made of natural fibers such as chemical fibers and other cotton, hair, silk, and hemp.

Fourth, which kind of cloth fabric is better for imported curtains? Five high -end curtain fabric recommendations:


Valentino Danzo has 25 years of work experience in the textile industry and has a very senior textile industry experience. In 1984, a TESSITURA VAL D’Agno was established at Valdagno 40 miles away from Venice. He used his experience in three aspects, namely to extract raw materials from nature, and to choose a yarn from artificial and synthetic fibers to produce. In 1992, they established and developed Danzo SRL, which also increased the popularity of TESSITURA VAL D’Agno.



Located in northern Italy, Spinelli is a company mainly high -end products. Its main products include classical bloom fabrics and some modern products. The main products are flame retardant fabrics such as colorful brocade, flower satin, and brother white forest tapestry.


In 1894, Mr. Linder, who was proficient in textile technology, founded his own factory in Lyon, the central city of France’s textile industry, spanning the development and evolution of more than a century. From small factories more than 100 years ago to today’s family group, several generations of people from several generations. Work together to make LINDER a well -known European -known family spinning fabric manufacturer.

The Italian brand D’Etoffe, which was founded in Florence in 1991, has been committed to exquisite textile technology. D’ETOFFE is committed to innovation and production of high -quality furniture and home improvement fabrics, and is specially provided to luxury brand furniture and the highest quality manufacturer and retailer the ultimate quality velvet fabric. The product line contains the velvet fabrics of the woven and porgies, and there are many colors to choose from in addition to gorgeous and noble silk feel.


ABT is good at using the Shenier yarn: The Snowy yarn changes different styles in the hands of ABT designers, sometimes the royal neo -classical, sometimes modern and modern. It has 72 sets of color -colored Snowy bottom, which not only greatly enhances the colorfulness of ABT Xuenier’s bloom, and makes ABT’s grasp of color very accurate. In addition, its high -end weaving capabilities make ABT internationally internationally internationally I also enjoy the reputation.

Choose the curtains, first choose the color of the curtains, see if the style of the curtains matches the decoration style, whether it can match the surrounding environment, and even enhance the design of the surrounding space; secondly, consider the fabrics of the curtains, you may wish to match the different space matching The idea of ​​different fabrics.

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