The annual production mask packaging bag exceeds 1.5 billion, and the cosmetic mask packaging bag segmented field is the first in the field of China, accounting for more than 10%of the world’s related products … This is the city -level “specialty new specialty new specialty new specialty new specialty in Songjiang District “The enterprise Jiucheng Packaging’s beautiful transcripts at the end of this year. It is worth mentioning that,


Jiucheng Packaging has recently won the “Global Excellent Printing Award in 2021”, known as Oscar in the printing industry

Essence This is also the highest level of printing awards in the international printing prize in Songjiang printing industry over the years.

It is understood that Shanghai Jiucheng Packaging Co., Ltd. is a municipal -level high -tech enterprise engaged in high -molecular soft packaging printing and composite manufacturing of polymer materials. The main products are daily chemical packaging, food packaging, pet food packaging and industrial products packaging. Wait. In the field of cosmetics mask packaging bags, Koshong packaging customers include most well -known domestic and foreign cosmetics brands such as L’Oreal, Johnson & Johnson, Baique Antelope, Lin Qingxuan.

Cosmetics requirements for the beauty of outer packaging are extremely high. Why can Jiucheng packaging become the “invisible champion” enterprise with the highest market share in the cosmetics industry in the world in the world?

Wu Rong, the founder of Jiucheng Packaging, said that the key is the quality of the product -the residual product rate of Jiucheng packaging reaches the best level of the industry.

The secondary product rate is the core indicator of the packaging and printing industry. Once the printed mask packaging bag enters the canned production line of cosmetics, it is difficult to stop the production line even if it is found that there is a secondary packaging bag. In the end, the cosmetics that are packed by the secondary product packaging bag will be directly treated as waste products, increasing production costs. If the error -printed cosmetics are pushed to the market, it will also affect the brand and word of mouth of cosmetics companies.

“We strictly control the production standards and quality of the product, give the four pass, and give customers the best display and experience.” Wu Rong told reporters that the first level is the inspection of raw materials. Jiucheng packaging is a full inspection; the second level is hardware inspection. During the printing process, the machine automatically detects the problem; the third level is software detection. The industrial visual recognition system automatically detects the product after the offline. ; The fourth level is artificial testing. In two batches, the packaging and sampling inspection are performed in two batches to keep the last pass.

In addition to quality, the exquisite packaging is also the top priority of cosmetics companies.

Currently. Jiucheng packaging satisfaction is 3%of the industry average, which is one of the highest standards in the industry.

“In the industry, Apple’s mobile phone is the first packaging that customers are reluctant to throw away, which has always been a benchmark in the industry.” Wu Rong said that he hopes to excel the craftsmanship and make the mask packaging bag into a beautiful craftsmanship to help Shanghai Create a fashion consumer industry cluster.

Since 2013, with the rapid development of the fashion consumer industry represented by the cosmetics industry, Jiucheng Packaging has also increased by 30%of annual operating income by 30%. In recent years, taxation has exceeded 100 million yuan.


“Jiucheng packaging in the field of subdivisions is to practice ‘unique skills’, creating ‘fist products’, and the development trend of vitality is also the vivid epitome of the entire economic development of Xinba Town.”

Nowadays, more and more small and medium -sized enterprises in Xinyu Town have embarked on the road of “specialized new” development. Important pioneers.

At present, Songjiang District has established a gradient cultivation system for SMEs. Through the policy “precise drip irrigation”, it has promoted technology, funds, talents, data and other factors to gather to small and medium -sized enterprises to help small and medium -sized enterprises transform and cultivate “specialized new” enterprises.

“This year, the” Great Medical Examination “service provided by the Songjiang District Market Supervision Bureau makes enterprises feel particularly strong.” Wu Rong said that the government market supervision department can help enterprises find weak links in production and operation through the “physical examination” method. Put forward rectification opinions so that enterprises can develop unwillingly. “It’s not just issuing a ticket to come up, but to help companies find problems like” Woodpecker “.”

With the help of a group of “nothing to disturb, the request must respond”, a series of policies that support the development of “specialized and new” enterprises are advancing solidly. It is reported that the relevant departments of Songjiang District and Xinba Town will continue to increase their cultivation to the development and expansion of the development of small and medium -sized enterprises for “specialized in specialty”.


Editor -in -chief: Huang Yongzheng Text Editor: Li Chengdong

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Source: Author: Li Chengdong