Women’s Day is coming!

Xiao Lithe is tangled with what is good for adults to the mother.

It seems that you still choose skin care products!

I hope my mother has always been in memory,


Beautiful look, always

Not old -fashioned


Intersection Intersection Intersection

Eye care

Shiseido Baiyou Cream


RMB: 590

This eye cream is said to have multiple functional care! ~ It can make the mother’s face younger, and the skin problems around the eyes are no longer so serious! ~ And it does not contain alcohol, it will not block pores!

Shimura Xiujing Eye Eyes Eyes Essence Milk


RMB: 460

This is an essential item that integrates eye skin care and eye makeup to the bottom of the eye. It is definitely not good to improve the skin problems around the eye ~ It can also make the mother bring beautiful eye makeup ~

Shiseido Eye Essence

RMB: 550


Unique ingredients can help restore the natural immune function of the skin around the eye, improve the problems of dry eye pattern, fine lines and other problems, and make the skin around the eyes more and more moist!


Removal of freckle

L’Oreal Research to L’Oreal Research to Bai Freckle Essence

RMB: 260


It can effectively suppress the black and white, and the stains are all running light ~ can also prevent pigmentation, and the stain density will be reduced. In addition, it contains active multi -dimensional tightness, helping delay skin fiber decline, enhances skin gloss, and the skin will become tighter.

Snow muscle condensate+sperm lotion

RMB: 420+250


The active ingredients of whitening penetrate the depths of the stratum corneum, inhibit the production of melanin, and prevent dark spots and pigmentation due to sun exposure. The continuous and moisturizing of the filling, creating a full and smooth youth skin that is full of moisturizing tension, which can also prevent the skin from dry and rough.

Clinique uniform clean spots of light spots, dew set


RMB: 695

4 -stage*light spots, decreased melain layers, and decreased various types of stains such as sunburn, mature spots, and acne marks. -4weeks **: sunburn, acne marks, and various types of stains fades; -8weeks **: Remove the melanin, the effect is comparable to skin spots; -12Weeks **: The stains are retreated, and the skin is white and pure. Twice in the morning and evening, there are no spots on the skin, and it has since been pure.


Clinique Huanyan’s vitality improves firming cream

RMB: 530

It contains a variety of active ingredients, providing important energy and vitality of skin cells. It can play the effect of repairing the skin layer by layer in the skin structure, help strengthen the epidermal layer, reorganize the skin, effectively improve skin elasticity, and regain skin full.

FANCL Living Essence

RMB: 350

This essence is very refreshing. It is nearly translucent and thin, colorless and tasteless. It is especially suitable for use in summer because it may not be strong enough in winter. Its absorption is particularly good, and this essence will not block the absorption of other products behind. After use, the skin is smooth and tender.

Shikamura Show Hongcai Living Yanguang color skin water


RMB: 400

The energy microcapsule taken from the rare plant Amalaki restarts the energy flow for the dull and fatigue skin. The taste is very good, the face is slippery, the absorption effect is great, and it can rejuvenate the colorful complexion.

L’Oreal L’Oreal Fu Yan Qingyang Soft Skin Water


RMB: 160

Transparent water texture, real -time replenishment, reducing fine lines, fresh and moisturizing, 8 major positions, less wrinkles, more firming, continuing to be young ~

What money is not money,

Mom’s beauty is the most important ~

The world is so big, why is the beautiful person? The “female” headline tells you.