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Drunk Dragon Tour is too virtual


Previous article, get everyone’s recognition, my heart is so comfortable, and it is a bit of being shocked. It is not a wide range of clothing for clothing, and the fashion area is not as good as speech.


It is worth buying the dragon, and the commentary has all its opinions. Some style differences are like Haishu House, Decathlon. Recently, I just caught up with 618 promotion. I boldly according to my own knowledge and half solutions, I have a serious recommendation, the code is a 618 men’s shopping recommendation, I hope everyone can buy the right clothes.


First, Uniqlo


The Uniqlo is still the first to rush, who makes his home are the first choice for lazy people.

Although the Uniqlo often has good price, the promotion is constant, but the size and strength are far less than two shopping fees.

Although it is now fresh, there are few items below 50% off. I miss the big promotion of two or three years ago, and the single item is generally 50% off, and even some can be 40% off, and the Tmall is full and the store coupons are properly historical, and the quality of the time is still very People are rest assured.


618 is still overlay Tmall’s full 300-30 and shop 500-50. Some products are still full and full, and the total discount is indeed very cost-effective.

However, it is necessary to make the speed of hand, the inventory of the Uniqlo is difficult to touched, plus the vast audience group, it is recommended to make up full reduction, pay directly, or make a few of the spares. Because this is also lucky to take advantage of the hand, otherwise it is often the activity and then slightly a moment, then it is a variety of lack of outfits.

Uniqlo preferred or U series, “In the case of daily comfort, remove the complicated decoration, give people a simple senior sense.”


Simple and refreshing, and good quality,

Although the quality of cowboy is not as good as before, it is still cost-effective. YKK’s zipper and buttons, safe and smooth, the car is dense, and the work is almost ubiting, and there is no obvious gap between Levi’s, Lee, and Lee. Cowboy shirts can consider purchase, denim jacket, jeans recommended purchase.


There is also the bottom of the AirISM series.


Light refreshing, smooth touch, running on fitness, comfortable, sweating, letting you say goodbye to sweating, stay away from keeping hot. Look at the publicity of the flagship store.

Of course, everyone can also buy the Heattech underwear series inversely.

In addition to keeping warm, texture is soft and elastic, but also allow you to avoid disturbing of static electricity. I live in Guangzhou, two sets of Heattech perfectly passed the best winter, comfortable and thin, no slight bloated, mother no longer have to worry, I don’t wear the autumn pants.


Finally, you can also consider the UT series, and all kinds of big names will definitely make everyone addict.

The trend and the perfect combination of the wild, break through the simple 桎梏 of the Uniqlo, take you to the charm of the big name. Of course, the only thing I need to worry is to hit the shirt.


Second, Gu

Many brothers still feel that the Uniqlo is a bit expensive, so I want to be cheap and enough, wear and less money, visit the GU.

Six or seventy pieces of short t, it is almost 49, and it is expected that 618 can do a lower price. What can I do now? A pack of smoke, two ice cream, a simple lunch? It is a low price Taobao. I believe that I can’t find it. I have to worry about the quality, the version is not.

And GUs can perfect your troubles.


There are almost all the basic paragraphs of all the Uniqlo, but the price is much cheaper, it is the real thing.

Although the style is not as rich as the Uniqlo, it covers all basic paragraphs, including jackets, sweaters, sweaters, shirts, t, all kinds of trousers, etc., each piece is ordinary to everyone, each piece is Simply until there is no feature, but it is these common items. It can take you through spring and summer autumn and winter.

GU usually praises very much, there is a big discount in several months, 618, Double 11 is full of speed, it is a very low discount, superimposed 400-10, full 300-20 and Tian Tian The cat’s full 300-30, how is it how to cost it? It is cheap and good, it will not be distressed at all.

Moreover, the GU is more friendly than the popularity of the Uniqlo 618. Seriously select the appropriate goods, make a full reduction discount, and pay for the whole point. However, the famous GU’s name of GUs in these two years is gradually bigger. I don’t know if the battle of 618 this year is still less intense.

GU’s trousers are my favorite, and there is not much difference with the uniform library, including style and quality, so it is very suitable for stocking. Previous value friends recommended a pants – “314458, cone loose pants, divergence, not easy to stick, fat, thin tightened body, ordinary wear folding pants, do not have a single style limit, usually 149, activity price 79 “

At present, the flagship store has been out of stock, and it will be replenished when 618. However, it should be noted that this trousers fabric is mainly polyester fiber, and the mind is cautious. Although I have always thought that the polyester fibers don’t have anything wrong, cheap and worry. In addition, I bought a word pattern of pants, tailored, pants perfect, wearing a faint retro wind, elegant and elegant. Writing here, reminds me of the TV series “Suspension” watching a few days ago!


It’s almost the feeling. Other pants are also worth seeing, after all, it is really too cheap.

However, online shopping, you must learn to judge your own size, and you will see more comments, and finally the shipping insurance is very important.


Secondly, his homeship. Simple, casual. Choose a solid color, whether it is single or inner, is extremely suitable, not picky, no temper, casual comfort. The price of the poly cost is very suitable, 59, 79, everyone can wait quietly to wait for the arrival of 618. However, pay attention to some of the colors too youth, and the uncle, the same as the uncle, the uncle, should be careful.


I bought a set of Gu’s pajamas. After washing, it is still exquisite, and it is comfortable to wear, you can refer to it.

Others, such as jackets, shirts, short t, all is worth buying, after all, coloring and version do not lose to other brands, plus price bonus, no brain buy buy buy .

Moreover, even if you don’t buy, the official website of Gu’s official website and flagship store are also very worth visiting, I have learned a lot of wearing skills from here. Although I usually go to work, it is still a shirt trousers, it is unchanged!

Third, Maxwin Mawei

This is a master-based base and comfortable fast fashion brand. This is a brand that is easy to be ignored and forgotten. This is a brand recommended by many worth of friends.

After all, it is the foundry of the unique clothing, which is also the like, and the technology and strength are in. I also learned that Mawei’s background is Nirru International, and everything is not surprising. Nizhou International’s finished product processing has always been the industry’s benchmark, and the fabric development has been in the forefront. The Mawei of the homemade brand, the quality is naturally not too bad, and the style will have a guarantee in the ears of all year round.


However, I don’t know why, Nirric International has not put it too strong in this brand, and marketing promotion has not been exhausted, and even the design is shallow, which also leads to the name of Mawei, the brand has not been applied. .


Of course, for consumers, it is not a good thing. In the absence of almost no premium, Mawei’s cost performance reached its extreme. I only bought a POLO, the fabric is solid, the road is detailed, and the version is very good, especially suitable for me. Non-thin ordinary people.

Mawei Tmall flagship store is relatively large, often with a 100-30, 300-100.618 will have a coupon of 200-50, full 500-150, is the biggest force in this flagship store I have seen. Observed, superimposed Tmall 300-30, big conscience. Although it is a bit difficult enough to get enough 500, after all, their clothes are really cheap.

Ma Wei recommended is POLO or short T. POLO is taught, the quality is passing, the washing is not deformed, coupled with refreshing color and wild style, buy two summer commuter wear simply perfect match. The short T is the same, you can match, home out of the street, ordinary people can’t buy it.

Now the flagship store is the cotton linen series, and it looks very refreshing. And this virgin is also very spiritual, of course, it is very dry! I don’t know if I am short and ugly, I can’t support this test temperament.

However, considering cotton and linen, it is indeed a must-have summer, sweat-absorbing breathable, comfortable and cool, summer perfect match. Due to the qualities of cotton and linen, it will inevitably have some wrinkles, and it is clear before buying. However, just pay attention to the washing of cold water, don’t smoke too much, or you can guarantee the quality.

I watched the official website and the flagship store, and I also read a lot of comments. There were a few pants to look good, and the price is right, when the shorts are estimated, the trousers will not be higher than 80, when they come Several trials, look at whether the quality is really like the Internet.

In addition, it is found that the women’s 29,39 women in their stores are very nice, and youth is clean. I have begun to imagine my wife’s look.

Finally, Mawei is still based on the basic paragraph, there is no place to pick, the color is mainly black and white, and there are few less affected by the Uniqlo. Quality I bought too little, and I would like to have some side. While the brand is well-known, the price is low, it will make people misunderstand the store, this kind, please grasp it. I think that men’s clothes, as long as they are simple and comfortable, tailoring is reasonable, and the quality is passing. Ten blocks T can wear, thousands of shirts don’t matter.

Four, C & A

CA is not very high in the country. A few years ago, I once thought this is a brand similar to A & F, until the grandfather has gathered a special store, and found that this goods are the level of the Uniqlo. . So, I bought two T at the fart, plus discounts in a total of less than one hundred.

As for the quality, I think how to describe it. It is enough to wear a year or two, and it is difficult to guarantee it. Of course, this is not the most important. I have always been neutral attitude towards CA, mainly because of the control. That is, the quality of his home is too difficult to grasp, not well described. For example, I have bought two short sleeves, one of them wear a few years, the neckline is perfect, there is no deformation, and it will be smooth every summer, and it is perfect after washing. But another, it is a strong person, it doesn’t mean that there is a deformation line, the biggest problem is that the neck is the next position, after washing, there is a small hole, it is a small hole. Defect.

Overall, CA’s cost performance is still very good. Due to the discount, the price is very reasonable, the quality is also good. Just some clothes are too casual, some design pursuit is fashionable, not necessarily suitable for everyone. Everyone can buy it according to their needs.


CA’s Tmall flagship store has a coupon of 249-30, 449-80, and 618 can also overlay the full reduction of Tmall, or very nice. Just is too high, it is hard to achieve for summer clothes.


CA’s clothes are seriously differentiated, and some clothes I have not been appreciated. For example, this trend vest.

There is also such a large print, a concentrated stripe. etc.


CA home recommended pants, pay attention, is a stroll or nine pants. Good quality, tailoring, wearing a type. Don’t buy shorts of his house, otherwise you will regret it.

You can also try his home bag, unique shape, and multiply, there is a color capacity, dirty wear resistance, and one back, highlight your unique charm.


Finally, CA also has joint money, and Disney’s style, and all have a characteristic, and there are some foundations of the rich. These joints are really a lot of CAs in a lot of clothes, design generous nature, abandon the flowers of the flowers, showing low-key connotations, simple and fashionable, this is normal short T. Moreover, wearing the joints of his family, there is a biggest advantage, that is, the probability of hitting is a lot.


So, I like it, hurry up.

Five, Vanke Eslite


I am full of biased this brand. The reason is that the university will, there is a classmate to make a proxy, it should be the kind of campus agent. A group of poor students have bought a lot of things in the minds of care business, what shirts, short T, jeans.

I bought a pair of canvas shoes, it is difficult to wear to death, and I will be grinded after I took a quick feet, and my classmates said that I would like to be explosive, I don’t need to wear socks at all. . . . I put on the socks for a long time, I slammed two broken, and I was black. Although, there are several small partners buy 29 T quality is not bad, but it is still unable to save it in my mind.


Until this time there is a lot of small partners to play cards for Vanke Eslite. I have consulted the agent and classmates who haven’t contacted it for a long time.

“Vanke? I haven’t done it early, I started to have, and later, the quality fell serious, all returned, and then the customer service disappeared, and our part of the child was pit.”

“If you graduate, you will not know whether it is that your head is actually sold, the quilt sheet is dragged.

“Where the object is very hot, it will not be full of streets, I only represent myself, I am like you, is I am Vanke? Haha, you don’t take a film!”


“Nirvana reborn? Can’t you, on his chaotic product line, blind positioning? Still not say that the trip to the trip 4.”

I hung up the phone, I feel that there is a history of cavity. Unfortunately, sadness, sigh!


Mr. Vanke Eslite has made a major decision on 2014. There is no abandonment of this endangered brand after the pain. As for whether it will come to Dongshan, this will not discuss it.

What is important is that after the quality route, does the quality increase with the price increase, is the design upgrade with the change of the route?

Quality, I have no judgment, but the design of the flagship store has been considered a lot. The price is not as good as everyone says, is dead in the middle and high end.


618 is still a full reduction of Tmall after the discount, the strength will be very big, this time you start a two-piece short Thole POLO or solid color shirt attempt still.

To be honest, the value of Vanke Eslite is in the domestic brand, it is already one number of two, the foundation is a hundred, fresh and natural. Just buy one, it’s simple, in this hot summer, absolutely cool down.


As for the most popular canvas shoes in his family, although there is a comfortable paragraph to choose, ensure soft and comfortable, but the psychological shadow is not so easy to erase, plus now the opportunity to wear canvas shoes, I will not try again.

Finally, I recommend everyone recommended Jirahsho shirt.

It should be the highest end of Vanke. It can be seen from the price to see its ambitions and attitudes.


However, the price of nearly 500 is indeed a bit of a bit of hope, even if you have improved your own position, the audience has almost solidified, and the product positioning has also been deeply rooted. I only hope that it is designed, cut, and the material can be dedicated to the trust of consumers.


In fact, I sincerely hope that visitors can make domestic Uniqlo.


Sixth, ME & City

The high end of the US state is also due to the deep-rooted prejudice, has not tried the brand.


Many worth of appreciation of Me & City, I deliberately go to the store to turn a circle, the price directly advises a normal T actually want 200, this is the US Picture I have known before?

I went to a circle, I realized that for so many years, I have been misunderstood. This brand is really only his grade to take a little sister.


However, Me & City is really a lot of brands that are not very comfortable, and the whole is light and dry.

Minimalism, is not a simple basic paragraph, through some unique details and exquisite tailor, outlined an urban elite feel. The fabric is more important, the texture is full, as for the quality that it has not been passed.


Let simple becoming the highest form of exquisite, I think this is a place where ME & City is successful. I hope it should not simply position in China’s Uniqlo, the domestic ZARA and the like, with now designed and tailored, he can become a unique me & city, becoming a unique itself. I hope it can break into a butterfly, and get rid of the 桎梏 of the Mesotang.

Seven, Sen Ma, with pure, Mei Bang, etc.


These old brothers are similar, and the transformation of the development is almost the same.


There are many styles of elegant, although individual is still similar to the ghosts.

The price is not large, it belongs to a relatively low gear. The material can only be said that the difference is intention, and it is better to touch it like the Uniqlo Me & City.

After all, design, quality, and price, often only have two at the same time.


In these few, regardless of quality, it should be pure> USB> Sen Ma, just similar to the price.

So, when you encounter 618, these brands can also choose, after all, the price is cheap, and the style is not so rustic, wearing it on the body, still will not stop you become the most embarrassing of the whole street.

Some people may ask, why do I recommend a similar Banny Road and Giordano, not recommend these brands? Amount, how to say, mainly Benny Road Sudan slaves are too cheap in Guangzhou, cheap to ignore his design his cropping, not to mention their quality is also good.


Eight, sincere clothes, Decathlon, etc.

Struggling is also very good, but there is currently no flagship store, 618 promotion may have a little loss.

The style of Haishu House, I really can’t accept it, let the brothers like it.

Decathlon is my favorite counter, the goods are complete, the quality is cheap, the service is perfect, and the marketing concept is touching. His family has too many items worth recommending. It is worth buying a specialized contribution. You can go to the reference, I will not go to the door.


As for other Mark Wutafi, GXG, Taiping Bird, I have time to talk.

Nine, summary


This code is more than the previous one, the last one is the brand you are familiar with, so it is almost relied on the horse to wait, believe in hands. There are a lot of brands in this article, they don’t have an in-depth understanding, and I don’t want to misunderstand my children, so I have to ask a few experienced friends.

The opening also said, this article is a strong value friend recommended, condense everyone’s heart, I am just a simple summary, if there is any mistake, welcome everyone to correct.

I hope that everyone will be happy, you can buy a satisfactory clothes! thanks.