Eleven days later is New Year’s Eve,

Where are you celebrating this year?

I have been so big. I haven’t been at home on New Year’s Eve in only 2 years. Once I was in the field, once because of the epidemic.

The most worried now is that I can’t go back this year!


Even if you go home,


Many people also say that the taste of the year is getting lighter. What is the taste of the year?

Some people say that when I was young, the taste of the year was new clothes, which was delicious. When I grew up, the taste of the year was nostalgic and a ticket to return home.

I think,

The taste of the year is a kind of rush, a concern, and a family eating a reunion together.

I didn’t go home during the New Year.


The food is inseparable from the beauty of the beauty, so today we talk about how to increase the flavor of the year by buying tableware.

Not necessarily suitable for all families, but you can refer to the one that suits you ~

Fourth PA will have good -looking tableware recommendations

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Combination, different types of tableware, buy less


Many good -looking tableware are often seen on Douyin and Xiaohong books, which are instantly attracted by their face value.

Picture source: Screenshot of Xiaohongshu


Near the New Year, there is still this


Tableware combination

, Configuration of a few dishes and soup.

But I don’t recommend buying such tableware at home.

People who cook frequently will understand that these

Different tableware loads the amount of vegetables


, Can’t meet our daily dining needs.


It’s okay to combine together, but it is impossible to make so many dishes every meal.

When you can’t combine it, it seems a bit thin.

Picture source: Taobao

There are also these alien tableware, seasoning tanks, etc. These gadgets are delicate and small,

It has a headache to storage


, Especially for small tableware with a lid, the lid can easily fall to the ground and break it.


Moreover, because the shape is not uniform, I want to all

It’s very difficult to enter the dishwasher

Just buy a few of the finishing touch.

Don’t buy a whole set


When buying a tableware, you will always be brought in



, Buy a whole set of tableware, the better.

But in fact, a lot of all

We don’t use some small objects in the set of sets.

For example, chopsticks, soy sauce discs, food spoons, etc. These things usually use low frequency, zero -fragmented ones, and it is easy to find when it is used.

Especially porcelain

Tableware supporting meal spoons


It is really better to match a set of good -looking, or with the western knife and fork, Chinese food and western food are competent!


Don’t buy a large set of sets of tableware

, You can eat the number of dishes in peace regularly according to the number of own population.

In a set of tableware,

Freely match the number of plates and bowls.


Especially the Chinese people’s eating habits, frying and cooking, and cooking, stew, can reduce the number of shallow disks and flat disks.

Increase the number of deep disks appropriately, so that the dishes with soup and water are not afraid of overflowing.

Families who often eat noodles increase the number of noodles and soup bowls, and buy less rice bowls.

You can choose a few more sets


, Different dishes with different styles of tableware, each meal has a different visual experience, rotating,

It will not be tired after a long time.

Some bowls are hot when they are used. Most of them are too thin at the bottom of the bowl.

Choose a high -footed bowl, the heat insulation effect is good.

Learn to buy good tableware

There are three types of tableware we often use.


Porcelain tableware

The most commonly used and durable;


Beauty but requirements for ingredients;

Stainless steel cutlery

Everyone recognizes practical but difficult to set off the beauty of food.

Next, let’s talk about these three tableware.

Porcelain tableware see the place of origin

Porcelain tableware is the most commonly used on the Chinese dining table. In addition to the well -known Jingdezhen at home and abroad, there are also porcelain produced in many regions.

Dehua white porcelain is suitable for the basic model of the family.


Simple, versatile, sturdy and durable, will not take the focus of food.


Dehua County belongs to Quanzhou City, so

Buy white porcelain tableware to choose shops shipped in Quanzhou, Fujian.


Tangshan bone porcelain

, Exquisite and gorgeous, light and translucent, generally rich in glaze, partial palace European style.

Choose bone porcelain,

Pay attention to the content of bone meal

If the bone powder content is more than 40%, it can be regarded as the bone porcelain.


Picture source: red rose official website

Chinese style selection of Ling Ling glaze colorful

It originated from the official kiln in the late Qing Dynasty, with exquisite painters and elegant colors.


Picture source: Hongguan Kiln Tmall flagship store

Chaozhou porcelain is cost -effective, and daily tableware is the most cost -effective.

The reason is that the Chaozhou porcelain industry has developed prosperity in ancient times. It has also been highly mechanized in modern times, so it is naturally affordable.

There are also many styles, and cartoons and Japanese tableware can be bought.

Jingdezhen porcelain also has daily use

Except for art collection levels, locals are using it.

and also

Zibo, Huairen

Porcelain in the place is also reliable, and many of the designated national banquets are dedicated to the brand.

in addition,


Pay attention to using porcelain tableware

, Inability to enter the microwave oven and dishwasher with Phnom Penh, the microwave oven will be dangerous, and the pattern of the dishwasher will be washed off.

Picture source: Douyin screenshot


Glass tableware to see material ingredients


The glass tableware is clean and hygienic, especially suitable for the dishwasher.

It is used to set up light food, salad, fruits, etc., beautiful and durable.

Adding lead ingredients to ordinary glass can be made

Crystal glass tableware,

It looks like a crystal crystal.


But pay attention,

Crystal glass tableware contains lead

It is necessary to use less acidic foods, otherwise it will cause lead pollution and endanger human health.

Photo source: Xu Sancun’s Wonderful Moon Life Grocery


Glass tableware selection high temperature

I used to steam the egg custard with a glass bowl, and the egg custard cracked before the bowl.


Want to enter the dishwasher to choose

No printing, non -scrub

Waste the dishwasher when the printed and matte.


Stainless steel tableware depends on indicators


It is favored by anti -scalding, anti -falling, and easy to clean, because the value is not high, and it is more used in kitchen utensils.

There are fewer options


Therefore, this is the concept of stainless steel tableware.


With the improvement of the level of craftsmanship, the value of the face is also continuously improved. Looking at the figure below, the texture of metal brushes is much higher.


Meng Mengda stainless steel

Children’s tableware

It is the first choice for parents.

Stainless steel meal spoons and forks are excellent


It is a combination of porcelain and glass tableware.

When choosing stainless steel tableware, everyone knows that 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel are really not ignored, but

Not all tableware must choose 316 stainless steel.

31616 rust steel

Compared with 304 stainless steel, because it is mixed with molybdenum corrosion resistance,

The price is higher.

Therefore, when the chlorine -resistant ion (the most common salt water) is corroded and high -temperature resistance is not high,

304 stainless steel is completely enough


Salt water can corrode stainless steel tableware, so try to try

Do not use it for long -term pickled food.

Tableware makes the New Year full of New Year’s flavor

My mother is an adult, I have the habit of buying new tableware in the New Year,


Pay attention to renewal,

So the plate bowls in the home increased year by year.

The most interesting thing is that the new tableware bought one year was the same as that of the year.


This is almost the New Year. I recommend some daily tableware brands, food and beauty, and entertaining relatives and friends, and there are no face!


Half -room flagship store

Price: Starting from 9.9 yuan

The store recommended by fans, from the grocery store of the treasure, to the launch of the “romantic life aesthetics” home brand,

Half -room products can be girly, fresh, romantic and interesting.

In addition to tableware, baking appliances, seasoning bottle, flower ware and home storage supplies are also good.


It turned out to be mud

Price: Starting from 8 yuan

Original, hand -painted, retro, small fresh …

If you want the tableware at home to full personality, you can go to his house to see!

The safety of the underglaze color is also guaranteed.

Modern housewife


Price: Starting from 9 yuan

His family has more than 2 million fans on Taobao, a real online celebrity shop.

Main European and Japanese tableware,

There are dishes and sets. You can also buy it alone. The face value is great, the products are rich, and the tableware, kitchenware, tea cups, storage, etc. are all available.

It also launched the New Year series for the Year of the Tiger.



Mainly simple Japanese style


, Such as the name of the device, make the food utensils become the beauty of life.


Price: starting at 6.66 yuan

The tableware of Shelijia has a variety of styles

, Japanese, European, simple, fancy, common features are

The face value is very high

What style do you like, you can always pick a suitable for you in his house.

Lowe Ceramics


Price: Starting from 15 yuan

Although Luo Wei is a new brand, his predecessor is the old workshop in Jingdezhen


In recent years, the introduction of top designers, the designed works focus on the national tide, blue and white, and European -style light luxury lines, which are popular with users.


It has become one of the best brands in JD.com for several years.

Ya Chengde

Price: starting at 4.91 yuan

Very affordable domestic brand is a common brand of supermarket shelves, with good quality.

If the above brand is called the daily tableware, then


Magon Special, Qianfeng Yue Porcelain, Huaguang Guo Porcelain, Yongfengyuan


Wait, they have undertaken the mission of porcelain for the national banquet, as well as collectible products.

They also produce a daily series, but the price is generally high, and those who like high -end tables can be referred to.

Picture source: Living Fan’er self -made



Corning, well -known brands, microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, dishwashers are applicable,

Cold resistance, heat, acid and alkali resistance


The price is higher than ordinary glass tableware.




Steel glass tableware preferred

The shape is very similar to white porcelain. It has the characteristics of bone porcelain transparent, delicate, and easy to clean.

It does not contain harmful substances such as lead and chromium, and is 2-3 times stronger than ordinary glass tableware, durable.

Duralex (Duralex)

Volkswagen glass tableware brand in France,

Inventor and creator of Glass Himite Available.

Amber tableware is full of exotic mood, and the real thing is more textured and more beautiful.


Single, sets, children’s tableware, kitchen accessories, more options.

“China on the Tip of the Tongue” described this,

The food is charm, and the device is versatile due to food.


Good -looking tableware can enhance the happiness of life and make the taste of the year stronger ~ [




It is said that

North and South New Year customs


Different, I want to ask what you eat for your New Year? Let’s go, the comment area is ~ ~

Picture source: Taobao


Stainless steel cutlery

Price: Starting from 9.9 yuan