Today, I will share with you the practice of a canvas bundle port. First look at the finished product, you can do your shoulders or back.

Choose two canvas fabrics that you like to pattern, why choose two types, because this bag is double -sided. The most important thing for making bags by yourself is that you must choose the rare and beautiful fabrics on the street.

The four cloths are cut into rectangles of the same size, and they choose the size as needed. ↑

A few cloth strips are used later to wear ropes. ↑

Take out the two sides of it are opposed to the front, leaving a certain length to put the bag rope on the top, and press the dotted line stitching according to the figure ↑

Place the cloth strip as shown in the middle of the two fabrics, suture the red dotted line along the figure above

Sewing part of the rolled edge left above ↑ ↑

Sewing as shown in the figure above ↑

After the second set of cloth is processed, the two sets of cloth are opposed to the opposite side, and according to the position of the figure ↑

After alignment, press the blue dotted line to suture two pieces of cloth one circle ↑

Put the draws according to the picture of the picture. When you put it in, think about how to put it, don’t get wrong ↑

After the drawers are placed, suture the rolled on the top of the two cloth, and the bag will be done.

In turn, it is also a bag ↑

Front ↑

The drawing line backpack is shared here. In fact, a bag itself is not expensive. Everyone likes to make a bag by themselves. It must not save money. It just enjoys the process of making or on the street. In addition, carrying your own bag itself is also a kind of enjoyment! I hope everyone can make their favorite bags!