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Hiking, off -road, climbing

When waiting for activities, why do we wear so many styles?

The answer is obvious: the demand for pants vary from person to person. We love different types of activities, so suitable pants are bound to be different. Choosing a suitable hiking trousers can be regarded as the first step in launching a wonderful adventure journey. Essence

The demand for outdoor activities varies from person to person, and the outdoor activities you want to do are different. Before choosing trousers, first ask yourself some basic questions, and you can easily choose the style that suits you. What activities do you want to engage in? What kind of weather form?

Consider factors such as comprehensive weather and outdoor environment. Choose pants can be divided into three categories:

Speed ​​trousers, assault pants and down pants


Let me introduce the above three types of pants in detail.

1. Assault pants


First introduce the classification of submachine pants. There are three types of assault pants: there are three types of types::

Posten pants, soft shell pants, hard shell pants

Ordinary outdoor

(Non -winter), if you wear a fat and large cotton ski pants, it seems unsuccessful, not only hindering action, but also too hot. At this time, the thin fast -drying pants (

Dried trousers

)More appropriate. Only Gore-TEX material is required for mountain climbing


Hard shell

General outdoor sports, four -way elasticity, and internal fleece soft shell pants are more almighty. The version, sports comfort, and breathability are better than the serious “assault pants”, which has both windproof and waterproof and warmth.

Skiing is best to wear special

Ski pants


Wind -proof skirt and shoe hook

The kind of waterproof and warmth is strong, but this kind of pants are very large and are not suitable for daily wear.

The submachine pants are actually a kind of clothing suitable for outdoor sports. Generally, it is half a long, single layer or thin clip (mostly


To. With various outdoor equipment, you can better enjoy outdoor fun in the wild. Whether



Still camping leisure.

When climbing, you should choose the fabric more abrasion -resistant


Three layer


, Suitable for a variety of harsh environments.

Compared with ordinary outdoor sports pants, assault pants are mostly designed and thickened on the knees and hips. It can effectively increase wear resistance while comfortable. Outdoor activities such as crossing, self -service travel or camping leisure.

If you go to a low cold and windy place, wear double -layer submachine pants (with mezzanine) and heavy assault pants with front and rear bellybands and straps. Such pants are better to keep warm and windproof.

If it is a place that is not too cold, bring ultra -light assault pants, put it in the bag, as a rain pants for use, only temporarily wear it when it needs rainproof, windshield, and cold. , Don’t be tired of this way.

1. The athletic bird Beta AR men’s charge pants (hard shell assault pants)

Although the Ariter Bird is the top outdoor brand, it is not all its product lines, but it is an absolute hegemon on the product line of the pants pants.

In the series of strap no charge, this one introduced today

Armaotor Beta AR men’s assault pants

That is

The strongest functional

of. This pants use medium thickness material, which can meet the use of most environments, thereby bringing high cost performance, which is the best choice suitable for autumn and winter.

Multiple black technology fabrics

The trousers are mainly adopted

GORE-Tex ® Pro fabric

It is a three-layer GORE-Tex fabric, and it is also in GORE-TEX


The most tough and durable

One of the fabrics is known for its extremely abrasion, long -lasting windproof and high breathability.

In addition, GORE-TEX ® Pro fabrics are

Extremely humid weather can provide good protection performance,

It is particularly suitable for professional outdoor people for a long time in extreme environments.

The front of the thigh is adopted

N40R-X tear-proof crack fabric

It can prevent the pants from being torn during strenuous exercise, very wear -resistant and comfortable. Highly abrasion areas adopted

N80p-x fabric


The characteristics of super strong and wear -resistant characteristics ensure the life of the pants.


Intimate details

The side of the pants is available at 3/4

Open tail zipper

This design is more convenient to wear and take off boots and ice.

Design at the foot of the trousers


Snow -proof

, Can prevent wind and prevent snow and water, so as to achieve a good warmth effect.


Feet back patch

It can provide comprehensive protection.

In addition, there is also the pants to connect the pants to the boots



This design can keep warm.

2. Kaile Stone soft shell pants Men’s pants autumn and winter models outdoor warm elastic windproof stunning pants plus pants kg510696 (soft shell assault pants)

Wind -proof and breathable KAilas KG510696 men’s casual pants, airproof and breathable, warmth and comfort, double -layer pants, breathable and comfortable, soft touch, high waist design, elastic fabric, library, very breathable and good windproof effect.

Kaile Stone Soft Shell Pants Men’s Pants 2021 Autumn and Winter Outdoor Warm Elastic Style Winds -proof Pants Add Pills KG510696

3. French Pelliot outdoor men’s assault pants removable fleece pellet waterproof and breathable mountaineering pants (soft shell submachine pants)

French Pelliot Outdoor Men’s Assault Pants removable fleece pansy waterproof and breathable hiking pants (green)

4. Pathfinder submachine pants men’s pants, waterproof windproof and velvet thickened (pants)

Pathfinder charge pants men’s pants, waterproof windproof and velvet thickened



In the down jacket brand, start a foundry

Polar Star, Tianshi, Huawei, Black Ice


Due to the high requirements of the foundry brand, outdoor users understand that the virtual standard cannot be mixed in this industry.

Therefore, it has become a clear stream of the down jacket industry. The down parameters are basically deficient, and the cost performance is very high. It is a conscience brand recognized by outdoor enthusiasts.


1. Blackice/Black Ice Aurora 200 down pants

Blackice/Black Ice Aurora 200 down pants

2. Junyu 18 winter model 103 grams of 800 pimple 90%goose down windproof snow -proof men and women thickened down pants

Junyu was founded in 1985 and has always been outdoor large-scale foundry down jackets such as Marmot/Turkish Mouse, Japan MONT-BELL. “Jun Yu” and “Polar Star Outdoor” are their own brands. Among them, “Jun Yu” positions fashion and “polar star” is positioned outdoor clothing. The polar star has a high altitude of more than 8000 meters, and the product line with polar down jackets and down sleeping bags. It was once the equipment of the China Antarctic Examination Team and the Chinese Mount Everest Re -Testing High Team.


Junyu 18 winter model 103 grams 800 pimple 90%goose down windproof men and women thickened down pants

Third, fast dry pants

As the name suggests, the pants that are faster. During outdoor activities, a large number of exercises make it easy for clothes to get wet, and the characteristics of fast -drying clothes are moisture absorption and fast drying, becoming the first choice for outdoor enthusiasts to conduct summer outdoor activities.

Speed ​​-up clothes can be scattered and warm, which is conducive to keeping the skin dry and refreshing. In particular, when outdoor sports, quick -drying pants can play a better role in windproof, rainproof, and humidification.

1. 20121 spring and summer new product Columbia Columbia outdoor sports women’s pants lightly breathable steaming trousers AR1463

2021 spring and summer new product Columbia Columbia outdoor sports women’s pants light breathable steaming trousers AR1463

2. Mammut 犸 s Softech travers pants men’s speed dry pants 1020-08311

Product information: Applicable: hiking, travel. Main features: 1. Mammut trademarks are printed; good windproof and waterproof; durable, elastic pants; equipped with two front bags with zipper, 1 rear bag, 2 trousers leg bags, small items can be placed.

Origin: Vietnam.

Mammut Softech Travers PANTS Men’s Speed ​​Dry Pants 1020-08311

For the above

How to choose submachine pants, quick -dried pants, down pants when outdoor hiking, off -road, mountaineering activities

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