At the same time as the Xiaomi Mi 10, there are also a number of mobile phone accessories, including the heat dissipation back clip, the black shark double -wing gamepad, the GAN charger, the mobile phone case, and so on.

This morning, Lei Jun announced on Weibo that Xiaomi 10/Xiaomi 10 PRO flip cover Xiaomi Mall has arrived, providing a variety of color matching of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, blue, black, blue, blue, black.The leather touch, there is still time to display the upper right corner after the cover is closed. Of course, the protection screen is the most important function.

小米10/10 Pro翻盖保护套到货:69元多彩色可选

And the flip cover protective cover Xiaomi 10/Xiaomi 10 Pro is common, the official price is 69 yuan.

小米10/10 Pro翻盖保护套到货:69元多彩色可选

In terms of other accessories, Xiaomi ice -sealing the heat dissipation back clamp is claimed to be a “mobile phone air conditioner” and supports active cooling. The official said that it can make the mobile phone cool up to 10 degrees, especially in the hot weather and environment. This peripheral can be avoidedThe processor reduces frequency, so that the mobile phone always keeps blood running at a price of 129 yuan.

Black Shark dual -wing gamepad supports 40 hours of long battery life, is plug and play, button is customized, supports mainstream Android games, priced at 299 yuan.