Master Zhang Tonglu was engaged in Jingtai Lan Art for half a century. He struggled more than 50 spring and autumn in the design and production field of Jingtai Lan, and created many appreciated treasures. Regarding the creation of “The Nine Days of Phoenix”, Master Zhang said: “Phoenix is ​​the king of hundred birds in ancient Chinese legend, and it is auspicious birds in people’s minds. When there is a Phoenix flying, I want to live auspicious wealth, love and happiness. So after determining the element of “Phoenix”, I repeatedly pondered the shape for a long time and found inspiration on the classic plum bottle in porcelain, but in order to highlight the shape, I trim the original plum bottle shoulder -shaped shoulder and harvest in the abdomen, which is more gentle and beautiful, and also takes into account the golden ratio. The long skirt came slowly, and it was like the moonlight, and the Feng Yu fan exhibited it.

Of course, if you look at the shape of this phoenix pattern, I have added my own design ideas. Phoenix showed wings, dancing and chasing each other around the king of hundreds of flowers, and a auspicious scene. The long tail of the Phoenix followed the wind, fluttered like a waterfall and colorful; this silk -shaped phoenix feathers layered layer by layer, on the brocade ground auspicious clouds, double -winged and one show, Zhanghe has a degree. The exhibitors are like clouds. If there is a trend of rising from the wind, the partial use of lotus pattern decoration symbolizes the prosperity of the national movement and the people’s blessings are endless. “


Master Zhang Tonglu’s “Nine Days of Phoenix” Jing Tai Lan, as the name suggests, national rituals are presented by the country, an important part of witnessing the national history of the country, and the symbol of glory. “The Nine Days of Phoenix” National Ritual Jingtai Lan not only witnessed Master Zhang Tonglu’s works play an important role in national affairs exchanges, but also with its irresistible artistic value. As a representative world of Chinese Cloisonne and even Chinese art, Zhang Tonglu has also become Zhang Tonglu One of the most influential works of the master.