5 new faces! MOTOGP 20122 Viewing Guide: Talking about 12 participating teams and 24 drivers

GP license: the conditions for participating in the MOTOGP Championship

As the driver participating in the F1 needs to have a FIA super driver’s license, the driver participating in the MotogP Championship also needs the “GP license” issued by FIM.

According to the FIM competition rules, the driver who wants to apply for and renews the GP license must be between 18-50 years (MOTO2 is 16-50 years old and MOTO3 is 16-28 years old. It must be reviewed by FIM’s qualifications.

Factory team and independent team

In FIM’s competitions and technical rules, there are two types of participating teams, namely “Factory Team” and “Independent Team”.

As the name suggests, the factory team is a team that directly operates and manage the car factory. Theoretically, the manufacturers can directly get the latest technology racing from the car manufacturer and the top engineering team; in the 2022 season, 6 participating in 6 companies including Yamaha, Dutcadi, Suzuki, Honda, KTM and Apulia participated in 6 participating competitions. The car manufacturers have set up fleets directly under the car manufacturer.

The independent team is the “Satellite Team” or the “Private Team”. These teams do not build racing by themselves. Instead, they sign contracts with the car manufacturers and participate in the car’s racing cars and related technologies (sometimes including drivers). According to the regulations in the contract, some teams can get competitiveness that is not far from the factory team.

The participating team and the driver change

将有史上最多21场大赛的2022年赛季将有12支车队与24位车手参加MotoGP级赛事,参赛车队里除了阿普利亚决定自组厂队、原本的合作对象格雷西尼车队决定成为杜Outside of the Caddy Customer Team, all VR46 teams of Valenano Rossi, a newly retired Hall of Fame, also decided to get the competition in the competition right held by the Avintia team.

In terms of runners, in the 2022, 4 Moto2 drivers led by Remy Gedner and 5 new faces with Dalin Binde, who jumped from MOTO3. It will also participate in the full season, and also sent Rossi, who decided to retire, and drivers who turned to other areas.

Introduction to the participating team and driver:

Factory team

Yamaha team

After ending the second cooperation with Valentino-Rossi, although the Yamaha team won the first championship since 2015, although the Yamaha team rely on the French young good player Quantraro to win the car factory since 2015, The broken relationship also caused the car manufacturer to be turbulent in the second half of the season.

NO.20 Quartraro (last year’s champion)

After coming to the top match in 2019, Quartraro, who continued to attract attention with excellent performance in 2021, won the first world champion of the French driver in the top match with a strong performance. The driver’s market has received better evaluation.

NO.21 Mobideli (No. 17 last year)

As the runner -up in 2020, Mobideli not only fell into a downturn, but also affected the combat power due to training accidents. Although Mobidley still got the opportunity to upgrade to the factory team, the competitiveness may still take a while to recover.

Dakadi Team

The Italian Red Army, which launched a strong counterattack in 2021, includes the throne of the team and the car manufacturer champion. In order to win the first driver’s world champion since 2007, Duccadi, who launched 5 new year cars in one breath, can be said to be sufficiently heavy. Book.

NO.63 Barnia (last year’s runner -up)

Baniaia, which was promoted to the top race in 2019, finally made a breakthrough in the third season and showed high -level combat power to compete for the world championship. After winning the extension of the car manufacturer Need to say more.

NO.43 Jack Miller (last year’s Temple Army)

Although the talent of Miller, the jumping student, was fully played in Dutcadi, and was harvested with a new troop army last year. Essence

Suzuki Team

Although the 7 -member team led by the vehicle manufacturer’s supervisor Sakihara tried to fill the vacancies after Brido’s departure, the Suzuki team still could not help returning to a state of victory, let Suzuki finally decide to hire the champion manager Livio Suppo to try to try Stabilize the combat power.

NO.36 Hu An-Mir (last year’s third place)

Although Mill still showed high stability on the field, the insufficient combat power of the car still allowed him to pass by with the defending, and let Suzuki spend more thoughts to have the opportunity to let the 2020 world champion nod.

NO.42 Link (No. 13 last year)

Although Link, who is in the 2020s, still has a podium performance, often turns down at a critical moment to become synonymous with his 2021 season. In the past, competitiveness had the opportunity to keep the seats.

Honda team

Under the mud, the Honda team can only rely on Marquis, who has returned to the team after a long period of recuperation in 2021. Can this year’s RC213V car get rid of the stereotypes that only M. Marquis can control?

NO.93 Marquis (7th place last year)

Although the injuries in 2020 were caused late and the season was ended in advance due to training accidents, M. Malans, who was still in a state of adjustment, still proved that his competitiveness was not proved to prove that his competitiveness was not proved to prove that his competitiveness did not have So loss.



Esta Gagaro (12th place last year)

Although Honda has a lot of expectations for the Spanish hand to help KTM’s combat power, P. Estpa Gagaro also fell into an adaptation problem in 2021, and it did not improve until the second half of the season.

KTM team

After 2021, the Austrian car manufacturer seemed to decide to change the route and changed to Management of Francesco Guidotti, the former Benn Team Manager Francesco Guidotti.

NO.33 Brad Binde (No. 6 last year)


NO.88 Olivilla (last year 14th)

Although the “dentist” Olvila, who won 2 wins in 2020, was performing in June, he was in a downturn at other times, making his future full of uncertainty.

Apolia Team

After the seven-year cooperation with the Greasini team, Apulia finally made up to make up in 2022, and hopes that Alex Enspagro and the newly joined Volosleus Make the team’s combat power higher.

NO.41 Alex Espagro (No. 8 last year)

After 5 years of hard work, A. Espagaro finally allowed the Apolian car to reach the top 10 combat power and obtained the return of the British GP awards. expect.

NO.12 Volosleus (10th place last year)

The long -term tight relationship between Volosleus and Yamaha finally announced the rupture of the summer vacation in 2021. Although the Spanish player quickly won the favor of Apulia, how long the honeymoon period of the two sides will be able to maintain it. Whether to continue to stay in the field.

Independent team group

Running Horse Faculty (Racing Supplier: Dutcadi)

The Benma team is not only the main partner of Dutcadi, but also excellent management capabilities also make them leaders in the independent team, and see if the new manager Claudio Calabresi can keep this momentum.

NO.5 Zarko (No. 5 last year, the driver champion of the independent team)

After turning to the Dutcadi camp, Zalko, who re -showed competitiveness in 2021, gave his career in 2021 and won the independent team driver championship again. This year’s goal will be the first victory of his career in the top match.

NO.89 Martin (9th place last year, newcomer king)

Although Martin was absent from 4 games due to the accident of Portuguese GP, and his overall performance after the team was not quite stable, he won the first victory in the Austrian doubles competition.

LCR team (racing supplier: Honda)

During this period, the LCR team, the main partner of Honda, was also affected by the ups and downs of the RC213V racing combat power. After a series of adjustments, the RCR team’s combat power can be stabilized.

NO.30 Zhong Shang Guijing (15th place last year)

In 2020, many masterpieces of masterpieces were in a bottleneck like other Honda drivers last year. In addition to strengthening their physical fitness, I also hope to let him regain his previous competitiveness through psychological counseling.

NO.72 Alex Marquis (No. 16 last year)

A. Marquis, who moved to the LCR team last year, still fell into the problem of dissatisfaction with soil and water, which also made his performance relatively dim. This year’s preset goal may be one of the key to whether he can renew the field.

VR46 team (racing supplier: Dutcadi)

After a series of operations, VR46 colleges, founded by Rossi, who have worked in the goalkeeper in the mid -level stadium for several years, finally entered the top in 2022, and became a competitor on the field through Ducati’s support.

NO.10 Malini (19th in last year)

Although Marini has excellent results in the first year, Martin and Bastinini are outstanding, there are also Austrian GP 5th place and Emilia-Rome’s GP. Whether he can support further development is worthy of attention.

NO.72 Bezerki (Rookie, Moto2 March last year)

Belize, who shows high -end competitiveness in MOTO2 for two consecutive years, has become a team partner with Marini again after evaluation. The benign competition of the two drivers will make the team better perform.

Greesini team (racing supplier: Ducati)

Although the founder Fosto Greesini died of the death, the Gresinini team still bravely took a new step and continued to play in the field as Dukadi’s customer team.

NO.23 Bastini (11th place last year)

Although the rookie is riding on the old car GP19, Bastini still stands on the podium in the two competitions of Mizano, making the newcomer king full of suspense, and after gaining better performance GP21, Pakistan Steini’s combat power will increase significantly.

No.49 Ji’annano (Rookie, 7th Moto 2 last year)

Ji’annano, who returned to the Greenni team last year, regained his competitiveness in Moto3, and also made him get the opportunity to promote the top match. Next, it depends on whether the momentum can continue.

RNF team (racing supplier: Yamaha)

Although the SRT team that lost Malaysia Petroleum has re -started with RNF after a series of reorganizations, there are still many uncertainty in the future of the team.

NO.04 Dozozo (Return to the field)

After a period of rest, Diveziozo, who returned to the field, replaced the retired Rossi as the oldest and senior driver, but the return of Dovizozo this time to re -show its competitiveness, or go towards and goes and goes and goes and goes. The results of similar results in Rossi remain to be observed.

NO.40 Dalin-Binde (Rookie, 7th Moto 3 last year)

The KTM master B. Binde’s younger brother D. Bingde, who became one of the topics of the field, became the first jump-class driver since Jack Miller in 2015. Whether this jumping level is determined by his performance correctly.

Tech3 team (racing supplier: KTM)

Although the TECH3, which was originally the Yamaha Satellite Team, was re -invested in the KTM camp in 2019, has changed to cultivate young drivers first, but this does not mean that it can underestimate the combat effectiveness of this French team.

NO.87 Remy-Cardner (Rookie, Moto2 champion last year)

As a famous general, Gardner won the MOTO2 championship in a stable and strong performance in 2021. Although Gardner accidentally injured his wrist due to training accidentally before the test was launched, he was still the first to the coming first. The top season is full of expectations.

No.25 Fernandez (Rookie, Moto2 runner -up last year)

The youngest Fernandez in the rookie is not only the driver who jumped to the top race in Moto2 after only Vevaslers and Mill, but also proved that his competitiveness was not a problem.

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