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The happiness of home life is inseparable from the contribution of some smart home appliances, especially the small home appliances of some kitchen. Although it is a bit expensive when I buy it, I even think that it is a “IQ tax”. True incense “.

Next, I will share with you three kinds of kitchen appliances that I think are super easy to use. When buying, “distressed”, and the happiness after use doubles! See if your family has the same model?


Although the area of ​​the kitchen is small, some small appliances are indispensable, such as one of the oven. As a steamed electrical appliance for delicious ingredients, the oven can really improve happiness.

Sometimes I want to eat some spicy mixing and worry about being unclean outside. At this time, go to the supermarket to buy some vegetables, just mix some seasonings and throw it into the oven. Not only is it clean and hygienic, but the production process is very simple. If this is too lazy to operate, it doesn’t matter, just arrange a roasted sweet potato as fragrant!

The oven has now become the standard product of kitchen appliances, and the brand on the market is also a variety of. When choosing a oven, you actually need to consider these points to ensure that you do not turn over.

Choose with lighting lights to observe the status of the ingredients;

In the same price oven, you must choose a lot of heating pipes. The more heating pipes, the faster the roasting and heating;

Choose a double -layer glass door, the heat insulation effect is better;

The upper and lower temperature of the oven can be controlled independently;

It is best to choose enamel and stainless steel in the oven, which is easy to clean.


The “dispute after meal” really destroys the happiness between the two people, so the importance of “dishwasher” is self -evident. In fact, the current dishwasher industry is also rolled inside, so the price is no longer so high.

Many people think that the dishwasher is an IQ tax, and is afraid that the washing machine is not clean. In fact, the working principle of the dishwasher knows its cleanliness. Most of the dishwasher on the market adopts spray cleaning method. Its principle is to use high pressure to spray the water to achieve 360 ​​degrees without dead ends. After use clean.

Through the above principles, you can know how to choose a reliable dishwasher. For example, the larger the water pressure, the cleaner the cleaning, the higher the water temperature, the faster the oil decomposition. In addition, it is enough to consider the following points.

The dishwasher with hot air drying technology not only has good drying effect, but also has high cost performance;

Can intelligently identify oil pollution;

The best with vegetable and fruit washing function, cleaning vegetables and fruits to liberate hands and go to farm residue;

It has the best water softness function. Avoiding scale remains on the surface of the table after high temperature drying.

Wall -breaking machine

Many people do not understand the difference between the wall breaking machine and the soymilk machine. In simple terms, the function of the wall breaking machine is more comprehensive. There is a wall breaking machine at home, so there is no need to use a soymilk machine.

With the wall breaking machine, whether it is a health porridge or a fruit juice, it will become very simple and easy. And now many wall -breaking machines are intelligent operations. When designing before going to bed at night, you can eat directly after washing the next morning. After use, it will not be separated from it.

Although the wall breaking machine is a small kitchen appliance, it has to admit that its price is really expensive. Although there are also wall breaking machines within a thousand yuan on the market, most of the noise is too big, and many people will not use it once after starting. So noise is the key indicator of choosing a wall breaking machine.

In addition to noise, choosing a wall breaking machine also needs to consider the following points.

The power of the wall breaking machine is not bigger and better. The power is too expensive. On the contrary, the power is too small and the mixing function is weak. The power is about 1000W cost -effective;

The wall breaking machine with the same price must choose a high speed, because the higher the speed, the higher the efficiency;

Whether a mixing cup with different materials, such as plastic, glass and stainless steel (for grinding);

With automatic cleaning function and vacuum wall breakthroughs, priority options.

Written at the end:

Although the small appliances in the kitchen are a bit “distressed” when they buy it, their use can make life more convenient. So if there is a budget, it is recommended to arrange it. If the budget is insufficient, just buy it first. After all, a small appliance with poor quality not only cannot improve happiness, but will become asymatic. (Original text in this issue, picture source network, infringement contact delete)

These three kinds of kitchen appliances are “distressed” when buying, and “real incense” after use.