Honda Hornet 2.0 India’s launch is equipped with CB190 same engine

Honda, India, released a new model Hornet 2.0, priced at 1,26,921 Indian rupees, equivalent to about 12,000 yuan. Honda Hornet (Hornet) 2.0 is a motorcycle for younger generations and commuters, providing sports, fashionable, powerful but practical motorcycles.

In terms of styling, Honda Hornet 2.0 is equipped with a new stacked LED headlight with integrated position lights, LED steering indicators, X -shaped LED taillights, aerodynamic head design, pod -type full number negative liquid crystal LCD The instrument shows complete information, such as gear indicators, battery voltage meters, etc., with 5 gear adjustable brightness. The voltage -type split seat has a split handlebar with radical forward design, a solid fuel tank, and a new fuel tank with keys.

Honda Hornet 2.0 is also equipped with a short -range sound, aluminum alloy pedal and sports new alloy wheels. Based on the diamond framework, it is equipped with a gold inverted front fork suspension, and adjustable rear shock. The front brake and the rear are 276mm petals, and the rear brake is a 220mm petal plate. The front and rear brakes are equipped with ABS to ensure safety. The fuel tank capacity is 12L and the car weighs 142kg.

In terms of power, the 184CC single -cylinder air -cooled engine is equipped with the same Honda CB190 series, with a maximum torque of 16.1Nm/6,000 RPM, and a maximum horsepower of 17ps/8,500rpm, which is almost consistent with the CBF190R output data.

Honda Hornet 2.0 has 4 colors to choose from: bright black, bright red, matte gray and bright blue. Honda also provides the industry’s first special 6 -year -old repairs for Hornet 2.0 (the standard is 3 -year+ 3 -year optional expansion warranty).

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