Reveal the advantages and disadvantages of three types of back glue types for seamless wall cloth

Seamless wall cloth is becoming more and more common in the selection of young people’s home improvement. Compared with the traditional wallpaper wall cloth, the seamless wall cloth is a typical feature that the overall visual effect is more beautiful, so it is more favored by young people! There are two main types of paste in seamless wall cloth: one is traditional cold glue paste; the other is to use hot glue as paste. If the hot glue is used as a paste, there are two types, which are hot -melt glue film and hot -melt mesh. Let’s briefly compare the advantages and disadvantages of these three types of gels!

The controversy of cold gum and hot glue as a wall cloth has always existed, and it may be difficult to have a unified answer in a short time! Cold glue, as a traditional glue for wall adhesion, can be said to occupy a very large “advantage” status in the entire wall cloth industry. Of course, the advantage we mentioned here is that the cold glue has a long application time. The awareness is relatively high! The application of hot glue in the wall industry is not very common, so the public generally lacks understanding of hot glue.

Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of traditional cold glue:

Traditional cold glue is mainly glutinous rice gum, the main advantage is:

(1) Paste the technique of mature and less difficult operation;

(2) The cost is relatively low;

(3) Compared with the general universal glue, it is relatively environmentally friendly.

Its disadvantages are mainly:

(1) After the paste is pasted, it takes a long time to dry, otherwise it will be easy to remove;

(2) After a long time, it is more likely to have mildew;

(3) Although compared with ordinary universal glue, it is still easy to have odor and other harmful substances.

After chatting, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of hot glue. Because the hot -melt glue film and the hot -melt oscope belong to the hot glue, their advantages and disadvantages are basically similar, but we still introduce it separately:

Advantages of hot melt glue film:

(1) Compared with cold glue, more environmentally friendly;

(2) After a long time, there will be no mildew and dehydration;

Disadvantages of hot melt glue film:

(1) The difficulty of paste is more difficult than cold glue, which is relatively complicated. It needs to be used by the hot fan;

(2) The corner position of the wall cloth is not easy to handle;

(3) The cost of hot melt glue film is larger than cold glue.

Advantages of hot -melt ketic membrane:

(1) The environmental performance of hot -melt leather membranes is better than hot -melt glue film;

(2) The paste method is the same as the hot -melt glue film, but it is more convenient for the treatment of the corner than the hot melt glue film;

(3) The melting point temperature is lower than the hot -melt film, and the paste is stronger;

(4) Over time, there will still be no mildew and dehydration.

Disadvantages of hot -melt oms:

(1) The paste method of hot -melt oscope is still difficult to compare with cold glue, which is more difficult and complicated;

(2) The cost of hot -melt mesh is more expensive than cold glue.

The above is the main advantages and disadvantages of cold glue, hot -melt glue film, and hot -melt mesh. It may not be very detailed, but it is enough for everyone to understand this three -back glue!

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