The sweater and pants can be said to be the most classic match in winter. Whether it is single or overlap, the sweater+wide -leg pants can be said to be coexisted with temperature gospel, and at the same time create a effortless Easy Chic!

Sweater+denim wide -leg pants

The most in our wardrobe is probably the jeans. Use sweaters to match denim wide -leg pants. The soft sweater is a little more handsome, and the long wide -leg pants and high heels are more legs!

Black and white splicing wide -leg jeans are a bit elegant in leisure. It can be combined with goose yellow sweaters. Small children are particularly suitable for high -waist pants and waist lines!

There are also ultra -short style sweaters this year, and they are also loved by many friends, especially those who love sports, with high -waisted wide -leg jeans, the looming waist lines are particularly attractive!

The super short Polo shirt knitted sweater, more retro, with jeans shorts and then put on a coat is a group, super stylish combination ~

It is particularly suitable for stacking coats with sweater and waist jeans to expose the waistline. It is open and warm!

Sweater+checkered wide -leg pants

British Fan’er’s plaid element has always been the darling of the fashion industry. It is used with a large turtleneck sweater with 9 -point checkered wide -leg pants, and then put on fine heels.

A high -grade and texture of a brown, with checkered pants has a layered change, and it will not look dull ~

Loose and loose large sweaters are more suitable for wearing, with a casual checkered trousers Martin boots are cool and sweet!

The brown turtleneck sweater is paired with dark brown -grained wide -leg trousers. The design of the high waist is particularly long -legged and looks full of texture!

High -grade brown sweater with gray lattice wide -leg trousers, has a low -key gorgeous sense, a small partner must wear high heels to quietly help you grow 10 cm ~

Sweater+solid color wide -leg pants

It is the most simple every day with a sweater with solid -colored wide -leg pants. Choose the classic and basic color system ~

The smooth color system is more worry -free, not feuded, white sweater and white wide -leg trousers, elegant and aura fairy came ~

Blue and white stitching big sweater with black pants, the design of 9 points in trousers is particularly energetic and dynamic, especially with white sneakers, even more energetic!

The easiest way is to go smoothly. Due to the different materials, the gray is not so rigid. Coupled with sports shoes, it feels relaxed and energetic ~

With sweaters and stripe wide -leg pants, it can be said that it is more retro and walks on the street, as if returning to the 1980s!

Sweater+sports wide -leg pants

With the popularity of wide -leg pants, its elements have also been used in sports pants. Wide -leg sports pants have more diverse matching and characteristics, and the sweater is full of vitality!

The ultra -long sports wind and wide -leg trousers, with the striped design on the side and then put on the sweater, it will not look so high and cold with fur!

The eye -catching edge design optimizes the leg lines, and the sight of the legs is extended. With a sweater, it has a athlete -like long leg and a good figure!

The color of sweaters and pants can optimize the figure and reflect the integrity, especially suitable for small girls!

The more formal trousers are made of side -by -side trim, which becomes casual and vibrant. It will be more age -reducing with a sweater ~

Sweater+striped wide -leg pants

The stripe elements are particularly eye -catching, with their own artistic atmosphere, the slightly wide vertical stripes are even more detached. Choose a sweater with solid color.

Black and white stripes or two -color vertical stripes close to it are the most classic. The vertical stripes have its own function of lengthening leg lines. It is best to choose a sweater to echo the color ~

The pants are stitching horizontally and vertical stripes, and there are more layered jumps. The gentle sweater is more like an art student!

Ultra -wide and long fine stripes, plus thin and light fabrics, as if wearing a drag on a long skirt, with a large V -neck pavilion sweater elegant and attractive!

Use striped wide -leg pants to match the color -colored sweater. The design of the oblique shoulder is more charm, and it can be beautiful in winter ~

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