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Recently, my circle of friends was brushed by a warm girl. Almost everyone raised her daughter to coax a female ticket in this game. Dressing and matching even became what straight men must do every day.

But in fact, changing the game in my eyes is rare, and I even feel that I have already watched the gorgeous model. I feel a little visual fatigue and lack a sense of impact.

Compared to the “change game” I favor, your daughter is slightly naive.

The “Squid Warm” costumes I play are ever -changing, or the casual hip -hop street punk, or sports fashion simple and simple.

In addition to “Squid Warm”, this game also has many other nicknames: Sprlantong, spraying, spraying beautiful girls … Strange names are not very enumerated, and the serious name is



Yes, “Splatoon” has not yet been formally translated in Chinese, because the title is an original vocabulary, and even a well -known folk translation.

It is one of the few first -party games that are not too Chinese on NS

But to say that, in fact, there are not many players playing this game around. In addition to language issues, NS exclusive and server unstable are also the main reasons for most domestic players to come into contact with this “Japan CF”.

Since it is known as “Japan CF”, I think you understand it. It is the gunfire of many primary school students in Japan.

Nintendo also specially held the “strongest elementary school legion” event for this game. The strength of this group of elementary school students should not be underestimated.

In the world of “Splatoon”, the most basic gameplay is the 4V4 landing mode. It is different from the realistic style and the real -gun real bombs of other FPS shooting games.

As the producer said, he hoped that “Splatoon” was

“Even children, female players and even the entire family are playing”

Shooting game.

It is precisely because of the casual style that the tide “replacement” has become a different scenery in the game.

Entering the main city map of “Splatoon 2”, the front is a huge electronic screen. Each time you enter the game, the two idol group members on the big screen will tell you what maps can be played at the current way. What is the content.

On the left side of the square is a store with hats, clothing and shoes. This is also a place where players must visit every day, because the clothing in the store is refreshed every day.

Selling a hat is a cute girl with a big hat, the jellyfish who sells clothes, and the shoes who sell shoes are countless high -footed crabs.

Jellyfish selling clothes

It is these NPCs that are at the forefront of the fashion industry. They lead the trend in the squid world, so that all players work without care, just want to put on beautiful clothes for their characters.

In the game, there are more than a dozen clothing brands, each brand’s clothing has its own characteristics, or street punk or fresh Harajuku. There is a seriously wearing black -frame glasses, and there are also Hua Po Poison to wear a anti -virus mask.

However, although the “warm -warm” squid players are very unexpected, in fact, these clothing brands are not just for good -looking and personality. Different brands of clothing will have different attribute bonuses.

Each piece of equipment in the game initially has an unknown attribute groove. The experience obtained through combat can unlock these slots, and each slot can get random attribute bonuses.

The clothing of different brands has a tendency to have different attributes. It is also a matter of looking at the face to want to brush out the appropriate attributes.

Therefore, even in the world of squid, if you want to buy your favorite clothes, you also need to work hard to “work” to make money (working is a common name of a model in the game).

The original brand ZEKKO in the game is a brand based on street punk style. Its attributes are related to strengthening the character’s jumping ability.

The characteristics of Forge are one of the military appearance with senior fashion, which is often easy to accelerate the attributes of moving.

Takoroka is mainly sports style, and young squid wants to sing the classic football song “OLE, OLE, OLE!”, Its attributes are mainly increased by defense.

Firefin’s brand logo is a puffer fish. Their costumes are often loose styles, with graffiti style, while attributes focus on the reduction of the cooling time.

If you observe it carefully, you will find that these clothing seems to be fabricated completely out of thin air, and there are always a few familiar.

For example, netizens on Reddit discovered that this Black Norimaki 750s shoes in the game are very similar to a certain model of the Yeezy series.

In reality, this coconut BOOST 750 is very difficult to buy, and it is often sold out at the moment when it is on the shelves. In “Splatoon 2”, this shoe is also expensive, up to 9,800 gold coins.

In addition, there are Yokosuke jackets in the game, which is a short embroidered jacket that represents the collision of East and West culture.

Yokosuka was originally a place name in Japan. After World War II, the U.S. military set up a military port here. Later, when the U.S. military evacuated, a U.S. military brought its own flight jacket to the tailor shop to show something to commemorate. The jacket, which is now a popular Hengxu congratulatory jacket.

A variety of similar -style jackets appear in “Splatoon 2”, whether it is the back or the sleeves full of details.

Others are both full of vision, such as Rothco’s camouflage hoodie.

Rothco’s Benny Hat.

Timberland’s boots.

Not only shoes and clothes, the headsets in the game also shuttle in three dimensions.

Digital brand HORI united “Splatoon 2” official, and re -engraved the headset called Squidfin Hook Cans in the game to reality.

In reality, this headset can even achieve the effect of Switch and mobile phone dual -line sounds through a semiper.

If clothing is a microcosm of real tide cards, the weapon of “Splatoon 2” is the specific application of toys in the game.

For example, this kind of spray gun is called Aerospray Mg in the game.

The classic small green gun SPLATERSHOT in the game is actually a manual air pressure toy water gun Super Soaker 50.

The umbrella gun that can block bullets and shoots is obviously paying tribute to the movie “Ace Agent”.

In fact, the word “tide” has been engraved in all corners of “Splatoon 2” as DNA. In addition to these appearances mentioned earlier, unique electronic music styles, the victory celebration of the hotspot, etc. Popularity.

As long as you play squid, you must be the most beautiful gamers on the street.

“Splatoon 2”, as the second-generation work of the series, was escorted in the early stage of Switch, and launched a limited machine with the squid color matching Joy-Con. Since then, the sales of this game in Japan have been singing all the way.

In March of this year, “Fami” magazine announced the sales volume of “Splatoon 2” exceeded 3 million. This atypical FPS game really became a Japanese national -level shooting game, championship, Jiaziyuan, the strongest elementary school students and other e -sports properties. The game also started one by one.

Last month, “Splatoon 2” held the final festival “Chaos & Order” in the game, and also updated the final version of the game Ver.5.0.0. Sexuality.

I think there must be many players like me. I look forward to more people to join the squid army, and I also look forward to seeing the style of Chinese squid.

You can experience this “squid warmth” that can not be experienced on the National Bank Switch.

In the gaming competition, I heard the screams of the squid player.


This article was first published in the WeChat public account “BB Ji” (Bibiji300)

It is not easy to create, please pay more attention if you like it ~