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Pseudo -faceted experience,

I have written šŸ‘‡

I arrived in Shanghai in the middle of the night yesterday. I ate a spicy pot at two o’clock, and then I started to pull my belly to cry.

Today, I have seen countless partners non -stop, accompanied by countless diarrhea

but! but! The point is, no matter how busy the work is, the cause of fighting for the beauty cannot be relaxed

Shoot the streamlined Routine of my hotel bedside table

Standard skin care 肤

Pseudo -plain face 颜 颜 颜

A lot of new entry, those who can recognize you are ruthless

Okay, let’s take a look today,

Why do female celebrities dare to boldly expose her face? There is no dead end in 360 degrees? Intersection Intersection

To be honest, in fact, every time I meet a non -work meeting, I really can’t recognize their makeup.

The skin is so good to glowing muscles, deep eyebrows, and selfies are good -looking. Do female stars bring their own special constitution?

How do you make yourself so good?

In fact, the royal makeup artists who have more than ten years of experience in the circle secretly told me secretly,

The best makeup technique is actually carefully modified pseudo -plain face.

It looks completely no trace, but it is 100 times better than the real skin state. The red blood and tiredness are invisible.

Let’s test the eye power first

Guess whether the following female stars have makeup?

In fact, these fairies have been carefully modified

It seems a bit complicated, but I have experienced it in person. As long as GET skills, focus, and familiar with the whole process, go out to get the same pseudo -plain face in the morning. In fact, it is 3 minutes. It’s so smooth

In the final analysis, the core of vitality is the core makeup!

Base makeup!

The base makeup is like making a house to fight the foundation. The foundation is not good, and the high -rise buildings will shake. Only when the cream muscles are made, it is possible to modify the exquisite and perfect pseudo face.

What are the key to pseudo -facial makeup?

1. base makeup


, Post it to no trace

2. The color of the base makeup


, Can’t two colors with the neck


Sense of transparency

There is no sense of loose powder, which can make the base makeup

No oil for a long time

, But you can’t have a very heavy powder texture

4, blush want

, You can’t have a puppet, you can’t see the dividing line



Can’t have aggressiveness, comfortable is the highest state

6, the whole face can’t see “


“, There is no trace of makeup too hard

7. See the color of the skin and the color and


Do not keep the skin’s texture covering, be sure to be shiny. If the skin’s own gloss is not beautiful, then you need to use it ingeniously


, Create the charming gloss of the girl Khanjin.

8. Don’t be confused

Isolation / makeup

Before makeup, it is not equal to coloring milk.

Good makeup cream, just like finding a balance before brushing the wall, brushing putty, treating the skin surfaces on the surface of the skin, and the foundation of the skin, and then upper the foundation.





, I am most afraid of modifying the liquid on the face like Mingcai Pen … severe dark circles, remember to change the color first, then concealer, otherwise it will be as terrible as if I use Meitu Xiuxiu to fix the bags under the eyes.

10. How to judge skin -raising foundation? Not after makeup remover

Red face

, No mottled, after more than 10 hours of makeup, do not dry, do not itch

According to the importance of pseudo -faceted face, let’s talk about foundation first


I have used the foundation:

CPB foundation cream, LP caviar foundation, By Terry brush foundation, essence foundation, LA MER liquid foundation, ZELENS youth series

The eliminated Armani and Dior will not say

Although the foundation cream and cream foundation are very strong, including my favorite LP caviar foundation, today’s theme is a fairy -like face, so these are not available.

If you want to look like no makeup, you can clearly see the skin’s healthy and natural luster and texture, then you can only choose a very water foundation,


More outstanding.

By Terry’s brush foundation,

Thicker, strong concealment, makeup feel

I wrote before, not in line with today’s theme.

Tell me, I am using it recently

By Terry cream muscle foundation

(The full name seems to be called three -dimensional firming silk liquid foundation?), Look at the texture šŸ‘‡

Squeeze a little on the back of the hand, apply the makeup egg evenly, the skin on the back of the hand becomes velvet cream muscle, which is whiter than the surrounding skin, but it will not be too white and natural.

Very texture

Clear, flow, water light.

Standard dried skin, you will like the texture of this bottle of foundation.

It will not feel like POLA Black BA Lotion on the face, especially smooth velvet texture!

Even before you put on makeup, your skin is smooth. On the upper layer of creamy muscle foundation, your skin will be smoother than before.

This is the hand of our photographer girl šŸ‘‡

Sensitive muscle makeup is very afraid of removing makeup. The reason is that if the texture of the foundation is not good, the skin condition will be uncomfortable after makeup removal.

This bottle of foundation has 50%of skin care ingredients. It does not red face after removing, and it is not dry for a long time. The overall state of the skin is relatively stable.

Try so many bottles of foundation,

By Terry Essence Foundation

The skin condition after removing makeup, and

LP blue fish seed foundation


The concealer of this bottle of essence foundation is relatively weak, and deep acne marks need to be matched with concealer.

However, it is a good thing that it is still very thin after applying makeup. There will be no layer of thick and greasy feeling with ordinary liquid foundation.

The kyna in the jar also uses this bottle

The picture on the left is taken when I just put on makeup, and the time is 10 am.

The picture on the right is 3:30 in the afternoon. The makeup effect is about 5 to 6 hours. There is no problem with support for half a day.

The skin tone will be slightly dull and will not take off makeup and stuck.

In the case of no makeup, the makeup surface is relatively clean, and there is no mottled makeup surface.

I only painted isolation + foundation + blush + highlights today, and I did nā€™t turn my eye makeup. It ā€™s like I did nā€™t apply the foundation.

I am Ganmin skin. Many oily skin and oily skin in the forum are using this bottle of creamy muscle foundation. By Terry is not difficult to buy.

Of course, it is not enough to make the base makeup like the perfect skin in the sky.

Makeup skills:


If the skin is dehydrated and oil is severe, you can add a layer of hyaluronic acid essence before the foundation, or add a layer of skin care oil.

Recently, the skin is easier to make a temper, so I switched to the essence of simple ingredients. Recently, I used the essence of Hyaluronic acid with EVE LOM. Generally, I can use the entire face with 2 to 3 drops.

But to control the amount, some people use too much to rub the mud, and the mud is not rubbing the mud completely depends on your eight characters.

Put it on your hands, you feel

Afraid of rubbing the mud, you can use the essence oil to lined a layer,

I wrote it before

After the oil is put on the foundation, put the foundation after the cream, and the skin texture is better.

By Terry’s essence foundation may be slightly thinner in autumn and winter. Before applying makeup, I will aggravate the moisturizing routine in front.


Good makeup, be sure to use excellent primer

White bottle is pre -makeup milk, naked ones are foundation liquid šŸ‘†

This bottle of makeup has a strong emulsion and moisturizing capacity, and the lotion texture. After applying it, the skin automatically shows soft scorching sensation.

Moreover, it will not slip at all! Intersection Intersection

I have used many pre -makeup milk that mainly moisturizing. Indeed, the skin is much smooth, but it does not go to the makeup in half an hour.

The overall makeup shadow does not affect it. Do not say that the skin becomes the lack of water in the outer oil and internal dryness, and the sensitive muscles are really unable to carry it.

Comparison with foundation liquid texture 和

After using this bottle of moisturizing makeup, the milk skin will become very refreshing silk muscles, the skin is automatically scorched, and the makeup process is beautiful.

I have also used purple bottles of hyaluronic acid high moisturizing makeup. The texture is a little harder than Mousse. The matte white cream has a moisturizing face. After applying the skin, it is very fine and lubricated.

It will really be addicted to make makeup! Intersection Intersection

The effect of making makeup and base makeup is also very related. Some people like to use their hands, some people like to use brushes, and I like to use eggs.

Whether it is a beautiful makeup egg with a brush, a hand or a hand disabled party, the correct makeup method can add points to your base makeup degree.

Remember to make up a small amount, try to avoid rubbing back and forth as much as possible.

The reason is very simple. Fiction back and forth will destroy the original makeup surface, make the makeup surface unclean, and may also rub the mud and waste the foundation.

The fairy who likes to use brushes must choose a professional base makeup brush with soft hair and not tie face. You must clean and dry the brush before, otherwise it is easy to brush marks.

Like the picture on the right, the rotary -type application method is only applicable to the case of blush on the brush. Do not use the brush to apply the foundation with a brush, not only do you not be convinced, but also easily cause skin relaxation!

Like me, people who like to use makeup egg foundation, remember to wet the beauty eggs in advance!

Look at the moving picture below, squeeze the makeup eggs until the degree of dripping without water can you put on makeup.

When the base makeup on the whole face, first squeeze the foundation on the hand, dip the big head of the makeup egg, and then apply it on the face. In a small amount, apply it with the method of pressing, and the base makeup will be more convincing.

At the moment, small parts such as the eyes, and the nose, apply the pointed dots of the makeup egg

I used dozens of beauty eggs of 711, and later I used the beauty eggs of Beauty Blender under the grass planting grass.

To be honest, it is true that BB’s beauty eggs are professional, and the texture is softer.

When applying makeup, it is also obvious that BB saves powder foundation, does not eat makeup, and has a better degree of base makeup.

Dozens of pieces of beauty eggs have been used for less than a month, and one of the small pink eggs of Beauty Blender is okay ~

My obsession with the eggs reached the point where the heavenly weeping ghosts and gods were really impossible to have no eggs. I even used the eggs to fight with the egg care procedures, and my face was thin and uniform.

The babies who are used to applying directly with their hands will give you a picture refer to the sequence and method of makeup with the makeup šŸ‘‡


If you want to be on the mirror, you can also consider using a spray gun to powder

I tried to spray the gun in Japan. Although it costs powder, the makeup surface is very uniform and delicate.

The makeup will be heavy, but the photos are extremely beautiful

Sprinkle the foundation and spray foundation. Put a bottle of foundation in a small bottle and press the air pump to make the foundation found on the face.

The density is very fine, and there is no grainy at all. The effect of the makeup surface is not comparable to the makeup with a brush.

It is particularly particularly uniform. It is definitely not possible to use a brush and hand, but it will look thicker, suitable for the mirror

For pseudo -face, it is also very important to set makeup! I used to use powder. Later, under the leadership of IDS big eye netizens, I bought the lustrous, thinner powder -free makeup, LAMER loose powder, By Terry’s flour, I am still watching.

The transparent powder, the upper face is very thin, the most important thing is that there will be no masses. By Terry’s things do well in lightness and nature. People who are obsessed with pseudo -plain face will eat this set.

See what brand they recommend ēœ‹ēœ‹

Xiu Xiu said that the makeup spray is very hot recently.

It is more convenient than loose powder, she bought a lot of Smashbox used by many beauty bloggers on the oil pipe, spray it before the upper makeup, spray it after finishing the makeup, save time, and can make up for it by the way. The makeup effect is good. But the degree of makeup is needed to be considered.

Did you learn?

You think the Tianxian pseudo -plain face is actually a perfectly served foundation liquid + T area, cheekbones, chin highlight + liquid blush + transparent loose powder

It sounds like it is not difficult. The key lies in the exquisiteness of the operation. The details must be taken into account. At the beginning, it is slower. After careful start, it is very fast after getting used to it. It will be done in three minutes.

Recently I bought a lot of makeup. I will fly to Paris next Tuesday to interview LG Chairman, go to L’Oreal Yaxiang Street Show, and go to By Terry to customize their foundation … Many Surprise

It’s going to be double 11 soon, what do you want to buy?

Let me tell me, what if it is true?

Honestusa Zhaoxin


Today’s notice

Yesterday, I got a new new one. The most unexpected thing was that Bai Nian toothpaste gift boxes walked so well?

To be honest, we have to try hundreds of brands of products in the company every day to decide which are eligible to enter big eyes. More than 90%of them do not meet our standards. Bai Nian is actually eliminated. ugly.

I have used all good word -of -mouth toothpastes on the market. From all the flavors of Marvis, Regnerate, Swiss Dent, Ahara, and Buly 1803

Bai Nian’s toothpaste is really angry, killing the siege! I didn’t expect it would be so much better than LEBON. Lebon was bought at Joyce. It was very disappointed when brushing

The brown left -hand incense on the right is better than the pineapple enzyme enzymes and the cleaning power is very powerful. After brushing, you will fall in love with licking your teeth. I know it after using it. Make me very patient with brushing, and rarely wants to brush my teeth.

If you use an electric toothbrush and grind the foam, the toothpaste is better than that of three or six or nine.

Bai Nian’s plant toothpaste has strong cleaning power, foam and experience exceeding expectations. The comprehensive score is second only to my old love Swiss Dent!

The smell is not aggressive, it will not be too sweet, nor will it be too cool.

I have so many toothpastes to choose big eyes. I did nā€™t choose Lebon, I did nā€™t choose Aihara, and I did nā€™t choose Regnerate. This time, I voted for the votes to pregnant women and children.

Gift box: pineapple enzyme + left -hand incense + experience installation 2

The luxurious GLOV makeup remover, a small amount of stock, the next wave is about to increase the price increase

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